PWM Controller Fan Motor Hookup

PWM Controller Fan Motor Hookup

PWM 60 Amp Cooling Fan Hook up…
The PWM Bi Directional Controller has two
outputs, a high current, and a low voltage
trigger. Here, we will show you how to connect,
the high current 60 Amp, output to a fan blower
motor. The idea is to actuate the motor to
prove its operation.
In automobiles today, the cooling fan motor
operation can be of two different types. It
can be triggered directly, or it can be triggered
by a separate module. The PWM Bi Directional
controller can do both, control the fan directly,
or control trigger the module to prove both.
We start by disconnecting the cooling fan
Here, we can see that this cooling fan motor
has 4 wires going to it. Why four wires, when
all you basically need are two wires?
The answer is, this motor has the control
module built into the radiator fan motor plastic
shroud. In this case, the ECM is the one controlling
the motor, depending on need. This is a lot
more efficient. Why is it more efficient?
Simply because the motor does not run all
the time, therefore lasting longer. And, the
car’s electrical system is not stressed
as much.
How is the cooling fan motor then controlled
by the ECM? Well, exactly with a PWM duty
cycle signal. The same signal produced by
the PWM Bi Directional Controller. The
controller can do both, the high power 60
Amp output, and the low power trigger control
signal. Next, we will show you how to connect
the low power control signal. Enjoy…

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