Project GTI: Paintless Dent Removal

Project GTI: Paintless Dent Removal

hello and welcome to another episode of
project GTI today we’re going to
repair this dent
we made our dent and now we have to fix it
so weve come down to the the experts
so we’re here with Morris and the DentPro pro team and
they want to fix the car for us.
While Dentpro offers full body shop
services paintless dent repair or PDR
is their bread butter.In a nutshell
just process involves gently pushing, pulling
and massage dents out of the cars body
without the expense of filling and painting
assuming the original paint job hasn’t
been damaged
it’s a quick but effective process
the lads fixed our dent so fast the ended up
tackling a few others just so we could get just enough footage
so as you can see the guys have repaired our parking dent so we
decided to set them guys a challenge so
what we have here is a 2015 Seat Ibiza
traditionally a body shop would have to
replace this panel but we challenged the guys to
see if we get this back to original
Morris was keen to point out that is an extreme
example of what will be fixed with PDR
but he reckoned the team could do it
we asked them to give us an overview of
the process that they use at Dent Pro
Morris: each dent is different so we have no
predetermined steps in order to
repair the dent it’s all judged on their own merits
it will look at how are we going to
access to the rear of the panel and all
that we can use the selection tools at
our disposal they are can be bespoke
tools many PR technicians and
manufacturing the wrong tools to measure
modifying it he’ll for the specific jobs
can take one of the existing tools and change the
angle,bend it, modify it, grind it
whatever you need to do and so we may
use be able to access to the panel
massage the metal back to its original
shape other dents particularly we don’t
have good access to the rear or dent is
a smooth we will use gule pulling
techniques that we use special hot glue
to adhere pulling tabs on to the damage
on the damaged area of the vehicle The
tabs will come in a variety of shapes
and sizes again will be determined on
the time to which is the most suitable
then use the slide hammers or other
lifting devices called mini lifters
and other tools we will pull portions of
the dent out to try and restore it to
its original profile many dents will be
repaired using a combination of these
two methods the massage from the rear and
the dent pulling so among the most important
of the tools any PDR technician uses
is the light and there are various types
available we favor LED light the
techincan will place this on the
far side of the dent from himself so he’s
looking at the dent with his eyes
the alignment with the light. At various
points you will also see the technician
will be using a knockdown tool and a hammer
or sometimes a blending hammer
directly on the paintwork which tends to make customers
really nervous when they see us
hammering directly on the paint work of their car
but it is a necessary part of the
process. You think of a stone
dropping in a pond and you get a ripple
going out, you have a depression we also have a
high point associated good further away
from the dent other people realize that
so it’s not just pushing out we also
have to push in
well it was a challenge but we set our best
guys on us took over 6 man hours of
labor we weren’t sure we would get it out
but i have to say the end results is what we
will consider atleast a
95% repair and that we are very pleased
and thanks for the challenge guy’s
Marty: No Problem at all
So Thanks to the lads at Dent Pro for
taking on our challenge as you can see the
wings in perfect condition.You can follow
MicksGarage and DentPro on facebook
twitter instagram and youtube

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  1. very impresive i didnt relise amazing skills like this were possible these guys are worth their weight in gold i thought that was impossible..big respect guys

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