President Donald Trump Asks Me a Car Question

President Donald Trump Asks Me a Car Question

rev up your engines,
President Donald J Trump says, Scotty
I’m looking at a 2009 Ford Explorer with
33,000 miles what do you think about
buying a nine-year-old car with low
mileage, I’ve already test driven it, nothing
if they can prove that that’s the real
mileage, now realize it’s actually a
ten-year-old car, because it’s 2009, 2019s are out now, so it’s a ten-year-old
car and don’t pay all that much because
it’s an older car, but it can be a very
good car, if they can prove that’s the
real mileage, you want receipts, you want
to look at the record on the Internet of
if they have state inspections in your
area, every year they do the inspections
and it has the mileage on it and if you
know that doesn’t jive, don’t buy because
they’re lying to you, but it could be a
great car, you don’t pay too much
because it’s a ten-year-old car and you
see what you can get it for and it could
be a great car with that kind of mileage
on it, generally those things didn’t have
transmission problems so they get 140-
150 thousand miles on it, Bill says what do you
think of the new European Mustangs that
cost sixty thousand euros are they worth
okay well you know they’re pushing it
because they never really imported them
into Europe and now they do, it depends
on what you want, I know a lot of the
ones there are using that four-cylinder
EcoBoost engine that puts out 325
horsepower or whatevver and they are fun to
drive if you do want to get one, my
advice is get the standard transmission
they’re much more fun, I had one for
a week with the automatic and it was a
fun car but it would have been a whole
bunch more fun if it would have been a
standard transmission, so if you want to
get one of those, definitely get the
standard transmission they’re a lot more
fun to drive, and since they never really
sold them in Europe and now they are, you can
have more of an unique car to drive
around in, it’s gonna turn heads, Ten says Scotty I have
a 99 Toyota, the steering wheel has
some play in it, any ideas
okay what you do is, just jack the front
of your car up, I have a video for how to find
suspension problems on your own car
watch that, but the gist is, you jack it
up and then you pull on the wheels,
you hold onto each wheel in the front
and about nine o’clock and 3 o’clock, see
if there’s any play and then at 6
o’clock and 12 o’clock and see if there’s any play, and if there is play look for
the worn parts, on those a lot of times
it’s just a worn tie rod, the outer tie
rods wear or the inner tie rod you can
check that very
easily, it could also be worn ball joints, worn
shocks or struts, lots of things can be
but check it yourself first, now if you
do all that and you don’t have any play
going here or there, then take it to a
front-end shop, most honest front end
shops give free quotes and they’ll give
you a good quote on what it is and if
you don’t want them to do it you don’t
owe them anything, but a lot of times
they have to be loan tested if you can’t
fix it or find it yourself and only
mechanics now how to really load test them
correctly, Daniel, is it ok to
switch from halogen bulb to LED bulbs,
yes you can
you know, you’d want to check to get a quality LED bulb because you know
there’s a lot of junk out there, but the
newer ones are quality made and work
perfectly fine, the only thing is, some
cars are set up by computers and they
won’t work right when you go from
halogen to LEDs, especially if you have
daylight running lamps, because see a lot
of daylight running lamps in cars, when
you’re driving around in the daytime,
those lights on most of the cars they’re
only running at like 5 volts,
they’re not running at the full 12 volts
and if you put an LED bulb in there, your
daylight running lights won’t work
anymore, I tried that on some cars and it
wouldn’t work, now if you don’t have
daylight running lights, that will probably
work perfectly fine, but if you do the
LEDs won’t work then because they’re
made to work at 12 volts and if they get
six votes they won’t they won’t light up,
so you might want to check that first,
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell!

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  2. Trump is American made all the way:
    Supporting :
    American companies-
    After all it’s not just about you when purchasing your car:
    It’s about supporting your friends neighbors American companies and America !!!-
    Sure : all those foriegners want is your JOB and your MONEY !!!
    It’s your choice whether to give it to them !!!-

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  4. I can hear it now. "Trump watches YouTube. He's so immature and unfit to be president ". Says all the liberals on YouTube comments while tweeting and eating McDonald's.

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  9. Hahah wrong again Scotty….. LEDs will work DRLs or not u just need to buy an anti flicker harness … it converts the power from the car to what the LEDs need …. look it up if you don’t believe me …

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  11. Is a soft brake pedal a sign the master cylinder is going? I'm a parts changer. I'll change every part untill I find the problem.

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  15. Another issue switching to LEDs from Halogen: The light output pattern of many LEDs are vastly different than the generally universal direction of Halogen. The lamp enclosure is designed to distribute the light pattern from a Halogen bulb, the LED output may be distributed in a less-than-ideal pattern.

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