Plywood Wheel Powerslides: Will it Work??

Plywood Wheel Powerslides: Will it Work??

– [Host] Today on Scumbag
Labs, we test wheels
made out of wood.
(engine running)
– [Hert] Yeah!
Sawdust baby!
– Your favorite scumbags are
back at Irwindale Speedway
for another wooden wheels test.
Last time we did wooden wheels,
goes on Brad’s favorite F2.
(engine running)
I think we did fourth gear
burnouts in that bad boy.
But this time, we’ve got
an Audi 200 all wheel drive
five cylinder turbo
with four wooden wheels.
(mellow music with slow beat)
Brad, would you like to
tell us how you managed
to make four wooden wheels,
and what looks like you have bead locks,
but there’s no beads, so
– Yeah, so I, you know,
down in the hood again,
were now specializing in
these 621 series wheels.
– [Hert] Oh!
– Yes, and they come with the
optional bead lock package
in 24 inch diameter.
– [Hert] Oh!
– So, now they are 24 by four.
They do offer quite the
grip and sliding ability
for all you F-D pros.
You will have to make special orders
because we are back-ordered
months and months and months behind.
– [Hert] Are these going to explode on us?
– Allegedly.
– Labcoat Brad!
– Welcome back to Scumbag Labs.
Tires, do they matter?
Doesn’t seem so to us.
We’re killing them off all the time.
But what if we were to replace tires,
with wood?
How much does this really
effect your precision driving?
So we’re gonna put our finest gibronies
through our scientific obstacle course.
Will wood work well?
Will wood work terribly?
Could a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Maybe it’s gonna smell like
the Home Depo lumber section,
I hope so.
Love that smell.
Either way, we’re gonna see
if this should be a gadget
in the Grand Tour Game.
There is only one way to find out,
at Irwindale Speedway.
– [Hert] Predictions.
– I’m crashing.
– My prediction is, you
were suppose to be driving,
you just suckered Zac into it again.
– No no, I want everyone
to give a little piece.
So Zac is going to handle
the start and stop box,
since Dan is the most precise driver here
we’ve got him on the proximity point.
And your boy’s gonna
smash the doughnut box.
– If we make it to the proximity box–
– [Hert] Yeah.
So start and stop first,
doughnut box second,
proximity third.
And if all goes well,
then we’ll just let Brad
finish the wheels off.
– Yes!
(mellow music with slow beat)
– First things first,
you got to get a couple
of control laps in, so
we’re gonna throw some
O-G wheels and tires on this.
We’re gonna go through all
the tests, see what it does,
and then we’re gonna start smashing.
– [Hert] Smash!
(mellow music with slow beat)
– Where do I stop, those flags?
– Yeah those flags.
So you’re going to go full
spin from this here start
to those cones.
Lock ’em full up.
These are good tires,
you’re gonna be fine.
All right, so Zac is out
and in there for his first
of the control.
I think it’s gonna start really well.
(mellow music with slow beat)
(car starting up)
(braking sound)
– Yeah!
Well this is a pretty good stop.
– [Hert] Yeah, it’s not bad.
– [Dan] Yeah, we know it stopped.
– This thing stopped pretty quick.
– (random people) Next!
– [Hert] Oh it’s me.
– [Dan] Doughnut man.
– [Hert] Let me grab my helmet.
(mellow music with slow beat)
– Three, two, one!
(engine revs up)
– [Zac] There goes the headlights!
– [Dan] That’s what we’re talking about.
First try.
– [Hert] Like I said, this
car (fast forward sound)
the tires. We’re on wooden wheels.
– [Dan] You are a wonder.
I had to prove a point!
With these wooden wheels.
– All right, so Dan is
about to do his dry run now
with the proximity.
– Bosan.
– Bosan.
– Bosan.
(mellow music with slow beat)
– So Dan basically thinks
speed is the answer,
which makes sense, go fast,
weight transfer, send it.
(engine sounds)
– Yeah!
– That was it!
– [Brad] Nicely done, sir.
– [Hert] Yeah, that’s proximity.
You definitely got the proximity.
All right, so let’s get
some wooden wheels on it.
(mellow music with slow beat)
(pneumatic drilling)
– It’s time, wood wheel test.
Zac’s gonna send it.
(engine revs up)
– Ahhh!
– Ahhh!
Through the wall!
– Yes!
He’s got mad speed.
– [Dan] Look how scared he is right now.
Listen to those flat tires.
You’ve got a flat spot on it.
– Smells really good.
– Look at that flat spot.
(engine revs up)
– Look out man!
– [Zac] Petty (mumbles).
– [Dan] Hey man.
Solid commitment.
Are you got a camp fire
going on here buddy?
How does it feel?
– Real shaky right out of
there, right out of the gate.
Brakes, non-existent.
– I can’t believe how fast we went.
Once you hit third gear
it was just like shoo!
– [Dan] All right Hert, send her!
(mellow music with slow beat)
(engine revs up)
– [Dan] And now you’re pumped?
– Oh yeah, we’re gonna do a doughnut.
– [Dan] Your predictions just changed.
– I’m gonna do a doughnut, step on it.
– Are you ready?
– [Dan] Are you ready to run?
– Go!
(engine droning)
(sideline cheering)
(sideline cheering)
– [Dan] Yes, that’s scary!
Ohh, yeah!
– That’s it baby!
– [Dan] Yeah, she’s on the roller.
Hey, the brakes worked.
– I’m covered in saw dust.
– [Dan] Bring us spare tires please!
Wait, I thought he said this
was the only set of 621s.
– Oh, I might have one extra.
– Okay, okay.
For this purpose here.
That was solid commitment.
– That was second gear–
– [Dan] That was terrifying.
– I had to put it in second
gear for it to have traction–
– [Dan] You see us all
running like scared–
– Yeah!
I was scared too.
I saw some big fly-off.
– [Dan] Yeah, part of
the bead lock came off.
– Oh my goodness.
– [Dan] It was amazing.
Come on out man, you’ve done your job.
(mellow music with slow beat)
– [Hert] Hey Dan, what
are we about to test?
– For robust, it says proximity.
On wooden wheels,
and I don’t believe it
is going to work at all.
– [Zac] I think it’s gonna work great.
– I hope it does, I really hope,
I think it’s gonna be fun, regardless.
– [Hert] It’s definitely fun.
– [Zac] All right, let’s count him down!
– Three, two, one, go!
(engine revs up)
(sideline cheering)
– [Zac] Yo!
– Oh, look at the wheel, it’s over–
– [Zac] Two wheels!
– [Zac] Yeah!
You did, you slumped the Audi.
– I thought he had it man.
Dan, I thought he had it.
I thought you had it.
It was so good.
– I had that, and the–
– [Hert] You scared the (fast
forward sound) out of us–
– Yeah.
– [Hert] And then it
came around perfectly.
– You have to throw the flick.
(driving sound)
I wish I could have more speed out of it–
– [Hert] What’s that bigger like?
– So close to the wall.
It felt really weird.
(slow clapping)
We’ve put a lot of
(mumbles) in this corner,
I’ll tell you right now.
– [Hert] I don’t even understand this.
Oh, it’s spacers.
– [Dan] Those are your
spacers, yours by the way–
– Thanks guys, appreciate it.
– Dan’s run actually
looked quite exquisite.
Up until the wheels fell off.
– The wheels fell off.
Everything was there,
until the wheels fell off.
– Did you have fun?
– Great, it was way more fun.
– Yeah, way more fun with wooden wheels.
– It actually had a better
initiation into the slide
than it did with the others.
It felt perfect until the wheels fell off.
– This car is not dead, so
we’ll definitely be back
with more wooden wheels
tests at some point.
But for now, I think it’s a solid confirm.
– So on that note, three, two, one,
(in unison} That’s a rap!
– It takes a couple of
geniuses to find that out.
Anyway, let us know if this
should be the next gadget
in the Grand Tour Game.
Turning wheels into wood in
the middle of a heated race.
Be interesting to see.
Also, join us on Mondays on Twitch,
where we take some of these
scientific lab rats together
on stuff like that.
Join Brad and us all and
a whole lot of danger
to see what the next
scientific vehicle’s gonna be.
(loud thump)
(engine start)

100 Replies to “Plywood Wheel Powerslides: Will it Work??”

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  2. All magnesium wheels, no tires could be interesting but expensive. So, sh*t, just big all steel wheels. Should slide & wear well.

  3. I thought for a second this was that weird russian car channel dubbed to english where they do a bunch of slav things to Ladas and whatever.

  4. My favorite part is when the split screen comparison comes up and with tires or wood, both look like a car accident. Well done.

  5. What if, you weld a ton of rims together, kind of like how a dually looks except.. Just weld the rims together instead of having special rims that flip around. I bet you can get four on each side of the back of the car. No tires. Just rims.

  6. When he hit those brakes hard on those wooden wheels and he started sliding which what looked like would be forever and a day, I literally lost it. I laughed so hard!! Great video. I would of at least had a metal plate holding on the wheels on the outside though.

  7. Results for just about every episode. Scumbags drive better with every possible hindrance known to car kind. I love this show 😀

  8. Watched this with my father, he said Hurt is a good driver… I said you ain't seen nothing yet! I'm gonna show him some gymkhana next

  9. Can I get a set of these for my big rig and trailer? Maybe Teak or red oak…… but I need 8 built like the 22.5" Lo Pro Michelin X One. Warranty & Price? LOL

  10. Boys who love cars never grow up to be adults…secret youth potion…if you dont die being a hoon you might live as a kid forever..the kid in me is enjoying it anyways despite my old foginess..

  11. They should say "Send it" WAY more. Totally out of context, maybe a whole video where they say send it.

  12. fill the tyres with water instead of air do a burnout and record the time diff between when the air tyres blow up and when the water tyres blow up youll be surprized

  13. Damn Brad! Those are nice burn and turn wheels there. Hert did way better with the wood! Maybe that sap set in LOL! AND as always Hert finds the limit.

  14. You guys are really getting dangerous, now. Not content with explosive wooden wheels you decided to add shrapnel to the mix. Honestly, though, the proximity test was pretty risky… This guy was impaled in the face with a fence post when he crashed into it… I think he was conscious the entire time and at the hospital, they had to carry the post around in his face.

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