Plastic Radiator Repair – Fix Radiator Leak

Plastic Radiator Repair – Fix Radiator Leak

Many do-it-yourselfers replace their radiators because of tiny cracks and pin holes in the plastic radiator tanks.
These can be repaired easily with the radiator
repair kit from Polyvance.
If you have a heat gun, you can speed up the
repair by pre-heating and softening the plastic.
Heat the plastic slowly so that the heat penetrates
all the way through instead of just heating the surface.
Use the edge of the welding tip to melt a
v-groove along the crack line.
Melt about two-thirds into the thickness of the plastic.
Melt the nylon rod into the v-groove with
the plastic welder.
The rod should come out melted and a little
bit brown, but not discolored too badly.
While the melted rod is still hot, use the
tip of the welder to stir together the new plastic
with the melted plastic of the radiator tank.
Keep mixing until the plastic is all one color.
You need a good mix of the new plastic and the
existing plastic for maximum strength.
Allow time for the plastic to cool and solidify
completely before handling the radiator.
Here is another example of a repair to a cracked
plastic radiator tank.

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  1. amigo me podrías hablar en castellano y saber si eso es silicona simple o es otro tipo de silicona especial por favor le agradeceré bastante

  2. My radiator connector(as shown on your video) broke clean off .I try to save the broken bit in the hose but couldn't .So basically i can't connect the hose,does this mean i have to replace the whole radiator ?.Can you replace only the top plastic part?……..

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