Pawlik Automotive – How Reliable are BMW X3s?

Pawlik Automotive – How Reliable are BMW X3s?

Mark: Hi it’s Mark from Top Local, we’re
here with Bernie Pawlik and we’re talking
How’re you doing Bernie?
Bernie: Doing very well.
Mark: So we’ll get right to it, how reliable
are BMW X3’s?
Bernie: Well, they’re pretty reliable vehicles
but there are a few issues that these vehicles
have that are worth noting.
Mark: A number of things, what are they?
Bernie: Well, a lot of it is around the engine,
the engine area of the vehicle I’d say are
probably the largest areas of concern.
So as the vehicles get on with age and we’re
talking up around 100,000 kilometre range,
oil leaks will develop, valve cover gaskets
are common, sometimes the oil pan will leak
perhaps a little further perhaps on in the
life of the vehicle, the oil filter adapter
housing will leak, there are seals there,
so this are the kind of common areas of leakage.
Also performance issues, ignition coil failures
are pretty common on these vehicles, so the
engine will misfire, the check engine light
will come on.
That’s sort of a common symptom of that.
There are also a lot of plastic parts in these
vehicles, the radiators, the cooling system,
thermostat housing, these kinds of things,
there will be failures in these items too.
So the plastic will crack and need to be replaced.
So those are kind of the areas, oh and one
other thing too, that over time the crankcase
breather valve will fail and that can cause
the check engine light to come on.
It can also cause the engine to use a lot
of oil, blow blue smoke, so there’s a number
of things that can happen around that area
So that’s a pretty common failure.
This vehicle is basically, it’s a BMW 3
Series but converted into a SUV that’s called,
it’s the crossover category so it’s kind
of an enlarged 3 Series.
So you have the same types of engines and
same drivetrain, they’re an all wheel drive
So a lot of the problems that are experienced
in the 3 Series vehicle, you’ll get in the
Mark: So that seems like a lot and you’ve
only touched on the engine.
What else can go wrong with this vehicle?
Bernie: Well, so let’s go to the drivetrains,
the transmission, differentials, transfer
Generally these are all really reliable.
We’ve run into a few transfer case issues
but these are usually with real high mile
vehicles, you know way over the 200,000 kilometre
So generally, the drivetrain in the vehicle
is quite reliable.
Never seen a transmission problem with one,
not to say they don’t exist, but they’re
generally very reliable.
So the drivetrain is good.
Mark: How about brakes, steering, suspension?
Bernie: Again those areas of the vehicle are
We’ve had a couple with ABS issues, like
the ABS modules gone bad, we’ve had one
with several wheel speed sensors which is
not uncommon to any vehicle.
Brakes last to the 50 to 70,000 kilometre
range so they’re, it’s about average for
a vehicle like this and you always have to
change the pads and rotors, it’s the way
European cars wear.
But yeah, generally I mean that’s sort of
normal brake life for a vehicle like this.
And the suspension, not a lot of issues, they’re
pretty good.
Again if you get into the really high mileage
area, 2 to 300,000 kilometres, things, like
struts will start to wear out, but other than
that, they’re really reliable.
Mark: How about electronics?
Bernie: You know, there are a few issues with
electronics, little fiddly things and I can’t
think of any specific thing off the top of
my head, but generally things like windows,
most of the power things work well but I know
that owners of these vehicles will experience
some problems with certain electronic items
but generally they’re quite reliable in
that area.
Mark: Any last thoughts on the BMW X3?
Bernie: I mean overall, it’s a pretty good
You will spend more money maintaining this
vehicle than you will on some comparable items,
say like a Japanese equivalent and you know,
there’s a number of American vehicles, there’s
Jeeps in this category too, but the BMW’s
of course, are a much classier, nicer vehicle,
so you get more for your dollar.
You pay more, you get more but you know, there
is more maintenance that will be required
on this vehicle than you would on a lot of
other brands.
Mark: So there you go, if you’ve got an
X3 and you’re looking for reliability, performance
and ongoing use of your vehicle, the guys
to see in Vancouver are Pawlik Automotive.
You should check them out at 604-327-7112
or their website
Thanks Bernie
Bernie: Thanks Mark

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  1. To what X3 are you talking about…4 or 6 cyl. I have owned 325, 525, 540, X3, X5 Z3, Z4 and haven't had the issues you refer to. Regarding maintenance…What planet do you reside in?. Try owning a Toyota or lexus and experience the high cost of maintenance.

  2. What are your thoughts on a 2006 530xi wagon? Looking for a reliable daily.. came across this ad. What are some of the main components that I should ask the owner about with regards to maintenance/replacement. From my research N52 was more of the reliable motor BMW made correct. More concerned with reliability than power. What would a fair offer be in your opinion if everything checks out? Thank you.

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