Parker’s Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) Spotlight from Brammo

Parker’s Global Vehicle Motor (GVM) Spotlight from Brammo

when we first started with the Empulse
are we have had this vision that we wanted to create the world’s fastest production electric motorcycles system off are running parliament kiki
with our first lecture more powerful motor option to compete
committee tiki pti north american so started collaborating with Parker on
developing the motor that is currently the dpm so was how we got started
between Parker and Brammo stimulant great brings to mind flooded problem-solving on me and ended up not only winning the north americans came in second 2011 and 2012 who were able to to move the technology on
each other’s years and get the bikes going faster and faster are expected heidi fleiss seventy-five mean your spouse and now we’re seeing here at the time
and it makes under fifty-five or star about three times your help it’s been a while who removed the engineering team handball mesa this
technology that we can enhancements and new approaches to a commercial product reinforce or needed motor that was three power dance because we had a very
small space on his motorcycle stuff it bahar train into and flexibility variable stack wants handwritten
solutions a lot less to design program concert magnetic sections that’s stock price once you started integrating them
nine minutes worked closely to make sure that we had the proper cooling system water
consortium august one that works in the form in comparison to what strictly often
commercially from the fishes in sandpoint and from clinton while carpeting whittled away mutually by politician dot dot electrified like pattern all over an hour and parker gave
it to get this back and my dad but profit and the head

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  1. no longer selling motors ? we are a startup trying to build a electric Motorcycle for the masses and looking for partners who can help us with the Motor

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