Pano maglinis ng motor : Tips and Tricks Step by step tutorial : motorcycle washing

Pano maglinis ng motor : Tips and Tricks Step by step tutorial : motorcycle washing

Good Day guys and welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me RM. This episode is all about tips on how to clean your motorbike.. We will also include the step by step on how we clean our motorbike. Do you want to know? Lets go!!! Before we continue let me introduce to you our Master Cleaner I will flash his whole name on the screen. If you can read it in one try you’re my idol… Hi I’m JR.. I will teach you how to clean your motorbike. Let begin with the tips on how to clean the motor bike. Number 1.. Dust, mud and small stones on paint can scratch your motor bike and even cars. Always remember to keep your cleaning materials / equipment clean. Before you start your car wash make sure to rinse with water first to remove the dirt.. Number 2. Be careful not to wet the electronics such as spark plugs, electrical wires… The screen, motor battery, battery and also the muffler… Make sure to not let any water come inside the muffler.. Number 3. Try to avoid water or soap drying off on the body of the motor bike. If it drys it’ll form white spots and it doesn’t look good.. So avoid water drying off. So if the water is about to dry just wet it again to avoid the water from drying out. Another tip would be if you are slow in washing the car is by doing it part by part. For example start with the front then move to the middle then to the back, that what you can do.. Number 4. Avoid the sunlight… This is to avoid the water and soap quily drying up. Number 5. Use the right equipment. What we recommend is not to use just any type of soap… Use the soap that’s meant for the car wash. We can also recommend that you use micro fiber cloth to avoid scratching the vehicle… Also its a lot faster to dry the vehicle… Also use a blower so that you can dry off areas in those crevices that are hard to reach….. Just use the blower.. Number 6. Just go slowly because you might injure your hand. Unlike a car its mostly flat surfaces… With a motorbike. There are areas that are sharp. Like that area. Those areas are sharp so go slowly to avoid injuries.. Before we continue with this video please like subscribe and comment. Okay! Now lets go to the step by step… The first thing we are going to do is wash the lower half of the motor bike because that is where the dirt is.. The dirtiest part is the bottom.. Well start with the wheels, there and underneath that.. We’re going to show you now.. Here it is… So now we are finished rinsing.. Now its time for the soap… So as you can see we will soap the bottom parts first before we go to the top. We will do that separately. Now while he’s cleaning the wheel… Let do some shout outs!!! Thank you for watching…. So wet it with water if its starting to dry out.. Number 2. What we are going to do is rinse the whole motor bike. Whats included is the areas that we applied soap earlier and also the top. This is so that we can remove the dust from the top so that we don’t scratch the paint. Okay!!! GAME!! So now step 3.. Foam wash…The whole thing… Okay.. Game… So for this you can use any soap but for us we use foam wash but it you want to use soap in a pail thats ok also. No as you can wee what we use to soap with is micro fiber. This is better to avoid scratches. If you have additional comments or suggestions, type it in the comments.. So we know what you have in mind.. So Number 4, we soaped it pretty well. Now its time to rinse it with water. Now what we will use first is a dipper (tabo) to remove the soap and anything left we will use the power spray. So now that its clean, lets dry it off since its really wet… Another thing, I would like to invite you to our Motorcycle wash.. Only Motorcycle, we don’t do cars.. We are located at: HSS Medical and Dental building Sunny Brooke 1 Brgy San Franciso Gen Trias Cavite So come on over. Lets meet one another… Another thing, are Motorcycle wash only cost 70 pesos… So come on over.. You might have noticed we use 2 different cloths to dry off the motor bike… Shammy for the bottom and micro fiber for the top. This is to avoid any scratches just in case there are small stones or dirt that might have been left behind. Number 6. What were going to do is use the blower (air) to make sure everything is nice and dry.. So what we are going to do is continue drying it off to make sure that its really dry… Then we will put on some paint protection, wax or whatever you prefer for that shiny look. Now with the 70 pesos you will be paying all of that is already included. Which is why it is well worth it so come on over.. This is the next thing being done.. Now we will be applying tire black.. After this then we are ok.. Just remember when applying tire block do not apply it underneath the tire only apply on the sides. Well I hope you learned something new. Bye Bye!! See you next time.

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  1. Sir napanood ko po ung video nyo sa YouTube kung paano maglinis ng motor… eh sabi nyo po na iwasan ung pagbabasa ng electronic parts pero nakita ko din po na binasa nyo ng buo ung motor nyo. medyo naguguluhan po kase ako. maraming salamat mo ka tandem!

  2. boss pano makuha yung white na nag form sa motor fairings ko . parang dahil sa dust at sa ulan eh . d matanggal .

  3. Sa carwash ko 60 pesos lang kasama na armourall, tire black at glass cleaning pati degreaser along ortigas ext GSIS road punta na!

  4. sa wakas nakahanap din ako ng matino wash dito sa cavite yun lang sa motor lang kamo papi…..sayo ko na dadalhin ang motor ko..sayang meron ka narin sana para sa kotse…kasi mas indi ko na naasikaso kotse ko dahil sa motor ko eh…

  5. Paps normal lng ba ung natapos kona paliguan tas nung natuyo na lumalabas ung lupa at alikabok ulit pano kaya to resolbahan paps

  6. Sir paano maiiwasan yung mga di dapat mabasa medyo natatakot kasi ako baka may mabasa akong hindi dapat lalo na pag babanlaw.

  7. Bossing great content!
    baka pwede ako magpa guide kung paano mag start ng motorwash business. Dito po sa pangasinan boss maganda ang market. [email protected] email ko boss. Thank you in advans bossing! More videos pa po

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