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Parul | Sep 9 2008

Votronic is offering BlueBike system which is a Modular Communication System. The system allows the rider to be in touch with the outside world whilst riding. The helmets have Bluetooth and can be tuned as per the necessities.

The two basic helmet versions are capable of communicating with each other and everybody (rider & pillion rider) and the good thing, they can phone with their own Bluetooth mobile.

The BlueBike Solo is a tiny device that can be used together with an MP3-Player or with a tuner as well as a walkie-talkie. Furthermore, it can be used with the phone.

The BlueBike Premium version consists of a basic control unit, which is resolutely installed at the bike. This enables the biker to hook onto external audio sources like tuners and MP3s, the voice output of the navigation device, even to a mobile which does not have Bluetooth and for a walkie-talkie.

The battery on all the three systems last for at least 20 hours. Votronic’s BlueBike system comes along a price tag starting at €350 or $481 and could elevate depending upon the options chosen.

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Parul | Sep 9 2008

Go green! Do we have an option though especially when we know the world is altering for the pits? Green, the word is conquering all with a vehemence which should be recognized as a norm, not an achievement; the need of the hour bears the answer. Yet, when a technology as that incorporated in the Enertia emerges, it deserves appreciation for it ain’t just a green machine.

This ‘Plug-in’ two wheeler is absolute fun with efficiency guaranteed. Clearly not a typical motorcycle, the Enertia has no fuel tank and no internal-combustion engine. From a jaded (as the color green) fascia, it can reduce a commuter’s carbon footprint by 92 percent.

It lacks many of the characters that traditionally guide people away from a two-wheeled, mechanized ride. Almost silent, it has no exhaust and doesn’t get hot. Furthermore, it has no clutch or gearbox. It is light and slim, and practically maintenance-free.

When I read it first I thought this is some geeky machine good enough to replace a bicycle, but then, the credentials made me tight lipped.

The Enertia is a clean-sheet design with its central structure made of carbon fiber which serves as both the motorcycle’s chassis and its battery tray.

Unlike typical bikes, the engine is an alternator sized electric motor mounted at the bottom of the chassis just ahead of the rear wheel. The motor is directly attached to the rear wheel through a chain and sprocket.

For fuel storage, it consists of six 12 volt lithium-phosphate battery packs. These modules, which are about half the size of a traditional car battery, are accumulated inside the upper and lower channels of the H-shaped carbon fiber chassis; three on top, three below.

In contrast to lithium-ion or lithium-cobalt batteries, the application of the lithium-phosphate cells is remarkably resistant to combustion, even if the batteries are impacted or punctured. It can be charged from any regular 110-volt electrical outlet and gets wholly recharged in just three hours which puts even the most hi-fi doodads to shame, for its fast mate! No, then its bike you prick!

The power level of the Enertia is user selectable from 40 to 100 percent which decides how fast you draw current from the batteries. The Enertia’s power ratings (12-25 horsepower, 17-34 lb-ft of torque) make it analogous to a Kawasaki Ninja 250 in terms of horsepower, but the electric drivetrain provides double the amount of torque, in a package 30 pounds lighter. At the 100-percent power setting, Brammo claims a 0-30 mph time of 3.8 seconds but at a top speed of only 50 mph.

Hmmm! think they should do something about that speed, but then I simultaneously feel, if a person looks for a high adrenalin driver, Enertia should be an alien name to him , atleast the one with an ‘E’, although the one with an ‘I’ is all that you need to define this call it whatever.

Image : Ecobiker

Check Video

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Munish | Sep 9 2008

Here is some more good news for all you adrenaline junkies trying to catch every bit of exhilaration whenever possible; Can-Am Spyder Roadster from BRP is set to get you all on the road with a style statement.

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Munish | Sep 9 2008

Michael Sturtz along with his team of environmentally conscious vehicle enthusiasts has developed a custom built performance diesel motorcycle at the Crucible, an innovative industrial arts education facility at Oakland, California. The motorcycle is capable to run on diesel, bio diesel, or on straight vegetable oil fuels and is named Die Moto which is out to prove the practicability of alternative fuel technology in the every day use vehicles.

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Parul | Sep 9 2008

You don’t doubt a Harleys’ caliber be it in any aspect. Someone said safety, my answer would be nothing courteous than ‘Damn you’, you still be on the offensive dubbing the Harley brakes as risky, although they surely aren’t, I would say the new ABS will rout you.

You wonder ABS! The makers of classic American motorcycles are all set to roll their antilock brakes system as an option on ten new 2008 models. The proclamation, along with unveiling of the three new models, concurred with the motorcycle maker’s annual dealer meeting, held this year in Nashville, Tennessee.

It began when the Milwaukee-based motorcycle maker launched an antilock braking system on two Swat cruiser bikes in 2005. It will be for the first time, the average costumers can outfit a ride with the system common in many cars.

The US$795 add-on is available on three models of V-Rod bikes and seven new Touring bikes, the superior and the most popular type of Harley-Davidson. ABS also will be standard on three new models, including the Screamin’ Eagle Road King

The customers have recognized how thorny it can be to react to emergencies when there’s bad weather or road conditions.

Paul James, director of product communication cited:

It’s more peace of mind when you have that ABS system

The braking system isn’t noticeable on the outside as it was on the two police cruiser models. Instead, speed sensors are entrenched in the wheel bearings. The sensors scrutinize how quickly the wheel is turning and the ABS responds to reduce brake pressure so that the tires don’t lock.

Harley also announced three new 2008 models, including the Dyna Fat Bob, a new model with dual headlights and a first in the Dyna family with a thicker front tire. The company also revealed two new Softails, the Rocker and Rocker C, which feature a floating rear fender that moves with the tire.

Additionally, the fuel tank on the cruisers will now hold nearly four more liters of gas for a total of 63 liters. The 2008 models will be available in 15 new colour combinations and 14 models will be available in a limited edition colouring of copper and black.

The company plans to rejoice its 105th anniversary next year, along with the 25th anniversary of the Harley Owner’s Group. It will establish 105 starting points around the United States so that Harley riders can join for a trip to Milwaukee. The group will merge into 25 major routes and arrive on Aug. 28, for four days of the event. The new Harley-Davidson Museum will be open in time for the anniversary


Images: Policeone,

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Munish | Sep 9 2008

After three decades of silicon innovations Intel wants to celebrate, but it is doing it in the weirdest way, the company is getting together with the orange county choppers for creating a custom made computer based chopper. Confused that what a company which is known for its bond worthy gadgetry is going to do collaborating with orange county choppers, well, this is because of the company’s desire to demonstrate the performance potential of embedded technology and since motor bike is the most mobile, exposed to rugged operating conditions it offers a great opportunity to show case it and also demonstrate its ultra low voltage Intel processor.

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Atul | Sep 9 2008

For a company that came into existence as an airplane manufacturer and would still have been one, lest the Treaty of Versailles and then came into re-existence as a motorcycle manufacturer and has given the world an impeccable range of refined motorcycles since; being absent from the competitive road racing circuit for five decades is indigestible .

Whatever may have been the reason for this long absence is unknown to me but the fact that BMW are reentering this competition zone is definitely a thing to cheer about. It will not only add another brand name to the competitive road racing world, it will also make the competition more intense.

BMW will begin its rejuvenation by participating in the ‘24 heures moto’ more famously known as the Le Mans endurance race, on the 21st of this month. The team will be christened ‘BMW Motorrad Motorsport‘ a dubbing which BMW used in their appearances before this astounding gap.

The machine to be used in this competition and a few others to follow (4 in all) will be a boxer, closely based on the BMW R 1200 S(pictured). Its heavy duty 1200 cc will enable it to compete in the Open Category.

The race at Le Mans is just a whiff away and I already know whom to vouch for but this surprise reentry has just made my choice a little dubious owing to BMW’s great bike manufacturing history.

Image Credit : Motorcyclespecs
Courtesy : Gizmag

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Atul | Sep 9 2008

Ever since childhood Dad never use to allow me ride a bike for reasons acknowledged, but then that spark of youth in you never allows to follow what you are told until you find yourself pummeling down some valley with wounds worst than those of Shakespeare’s Caliban . Ask me who it is and I would call it a felony for when I saw myself in a mirror after my first encounter with the do not’s, It was like, ‘that’s me’

Until recently my biking craze was like Mount Fujiyama, all rearing to erupt and it was this Motocross madness Video which saw my dads voice getting smothered by the hot lava and now I know that the rescue teams wont arrive before the do not part II happens again. Therefore, there is a sincere request to all you buffs, if you had it once and do not want to happen it to you again, sincerely, ignore this Video!

Credit : Grindtv

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Harshpaul | Sep 9 2008

Inflatable Jackets have been in the market for a long time now, and many would wonder if they are of any use at all, or that’s just 500 dollars gone down the drain. The idea of airbag-like protection seems appealing, and apparently, it does work well.

A Baltimore man got involved in an accident and was thrown nearly 100 feet from his motorcycle, thanks to the inflatable jacket, any serious injury was prevented. He did get sore ribs and a broken thumb, but you can well imagine the consequences after being thrown 100 feet from a motorcycle; let’s say inflatable jacket saved the day for him.

[Via: Kicking Tires]

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Atul | Sep 9 2008

We’ve spoken about them all, from the Ducatis to the Moto Guzzis or the Harleys or for that matter even the ones, which don’t humm on gasoline. I thought the last option was attractive not in terms of the looks usually, but the way they gel with a youngsters pocket...hmmm! Very economical.

Science has always ensured that nothing is static, for otherwise the word wouldn’t exist. I deemed that the electric powered bikes was the last way a bike would run though I was aware of the upgradations to follow but then I never knew that even this form of power conversion into motion would be bettered.

Although I am late on this one, still no issues for it defeated my last thought and this is how it goes. Moto Solar Urbana is a bike that runs purely on solar energy, no grids, no gasoline pumps; just a bright sunny day and you are guaranteed a 20-mile ride.

Want to know how it looks!

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