Our Latest Luxury RV (1314). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.145

Our Latest Luxury RV (1314). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.145

Good morning, everyone!
Welcome to Marathon Mondays with Mal. Today we’re looking at a brand new Marathon Coach. #1314. Let’s go take a look. First, let’s head this way.
I’m a big fan of looking at the exterior. Of course, that’s that first impression.
Take a look at that. Got the… you can see the lighting on the inside through the sides.
You can see those curio cabinets. If you take a look right here, it’s really pretty
at night when you can look inside and see that the accent lighting
coming through those cabinets. Lots of natural light, of course. The backside of 1314. Hope everyone had
a good weekend. Getting closer to Christmas… …and there is the patio side –
the curb side – of 1314. All right, double slide H3. You want to know about the X3
– it’s going to be coming soon. we got one X3, the X3 update,
coming off the production floor soon. But we also have an X3 shell here, so the X3 –
excited to show you kind of updated X3 stuff. Let’s go inside! All right! Take a look at this cockpit here. As soon as you walk in, good colors throughout on this coach.
We’re just gonna do a really quick tour here. We are in the salon, you got the two chairs,
a fireplace, a sleeper sofa – it’s actually a jackknife sofa, excuse me.
One of the things I want to show you here that we’re doing… you know, you’ve got
these two chairs here on this side? Well, if you’re sitting here and you
got a TV over the cockpit, and you’ve got a TV here, you want to make sure that
that TV can come out. Just with this little handle, the TV can pivot out to
accommodate you sitting over here. I’m a big fan of that
All right, into the galley here. Take a look at this. I really like how this was done. And then of course the art door – also
known as the Appliance Dream Center. The light goes out when you open it.
You can either open it by voice command or you can open it with the push of a button to reveal,
as you guys well know, the three appliances: the espresso machine,
the steam convection oven and of course, the wine cooler with storage above the
entire art door, and then when you push “Art Door,” it’s gonna close again.
Well, there it goes. Take a look at that. And I love how it can be
lit or not lit. We’re gonna turn that light on. Refrigerator – good storage throughout.
Also, here’s the latest from Brenda, Alan and Daryl in our design suite: Marathon Coach logoed and labeled locally made soap. And if you look,
you can really see the detail there in this soap. Isn’t that pretty? Just the little details
when it comes to finishing off… Armand, take a look at that sink,
isn’t that pretty? And then here we are in the bedroom – half bath back here. Lots of room, good storage all throughout this coach. And as we move out of
the coach, I want you to take a good look at the floor, because the floor
moves from a tile floor into hard woods. And this shower feature is really pretty,
because this tile work is just phenomenal here. Isn’t that pretty?
Okay well that’s 1314, everybody. Hope everyone’s doing well.
These quick shows are designed to give you a quick snippet of what’s the latest
from Marathon or what Marathon is doing here. You know how we do it. I want you
to reach out to me – if you’re looking to upgrade, if you’re looking to get into a Marathon: [email protected] It’s what – the 10th of–? It’s the 10th of
December, we got a lot going on. Christmas is coming up, the new year is coming up.
That means, for a lot of you on the west coast, you’re gonna be headed down south.
So there’s a lot going on from Marathon down in the Indio area, whether you be at
Outdoor Resorts Indio, Desert Shores or, of course, Motorcoach Country Club, or
wherever you’re gonna be, reach out to me, let me know. Don’t forget about Test
Drive Thursdays from January to early April: Every Thursday you’re gonna be
able to test drive a Marathon down in the Indio/Palm Springs area.
[email protected] Don’t forget to be yourself and do good things. This is coach 1314, a beautiful coach. I’m looking forward to showing you some
other coaches coming up… including we’re gonna be doing an update on 1318 –
very custom quad slide, 1318. We’ll check in on that pretty soon. Take care, everybody.
Have a good week.

8 Replies to “Our Latest Luxury RV (1314). Marathon Mondays w/Mal Ep.145”

  1. Hey mal is there a reason all coaches are not quad slide since that gives the most room or is it just personal preference?

  2. This coach is exceptionally beautiful. That shower looks larger, too! The colors are rich, warm and inviting. Great job on this handsome coach, Marathon!

  3. Nice coach, colors are nice, but not for me. My latest fave us 1308 and I dont normally care for bunk coaches but I just loved 1308, except i would swap the booth dinette for the same as what's in this coach. Nice job Mal.
    MARATHON is the gold standard that the rest strive to be.
    Question, is MARATHON using the lithium batteries now for the power bank, or still using standard batteries?

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