Our 2019 SEMA Predictions!

Our 2019 SEMA Predictions!

– What’s goin’ on guys?
Fuller here from Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV
on YouTube with…
– Shawn with Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV
on the YouTube.
– I’m glad we made that
intro as awkward as possible.
So to kick things off, we
are doing Sema Predictions
for 2019, so by the
time this video goes up,
I believe we’re probably
leaving tomorrow to go there.
So we’ll follow it up and tell you
what actually happened, but this is what
we think’s going on.
Keaton’s got a couple
questions he’s gonna ask us.
We’re gonna go rapid fire round first off.
– We’re going to Sema tomorrow?
– Yeah, when this video gets
posted it’ll be tomorrow.
– Whoa, so this is like Space Balls.
So not now-now, but then-now.
– Yes.
– [Keaton] What will be the
most popular wheel at Sema?
– Don’t write an essay,
did you write an essay?
– I did a short essay.
– Okay.
All right so we’re gonna flip ‘them,
and then we’re gonna explain why.
– Three, two, one.
– American Force.
– Oh dude, Forces are done.
– Okay so here’s the thing.
I made the video about Forces being done,
but I feel like every year at Sema,
there’s still so many
American Force Wheels.
– Did you know American
Force isn’t doing a booth
at Sema this year?
– No.
– That’s what I was told.
– Oh.
– (laughing) And these
didn’t come with an eraser.
We’ll see if that’s true.
That’s the rumor is that,
’cause you know they’ve been purchased.
– [Fuller] Yup, there’s a lot of change
in the wheel industry this
year from various companies.
– And I think the other problem is that,
the other problem is that Forged
Wheels used to be a thing,
now people don’t wanna polish ‘them.
They’re not the only directional anymore
because of Arkon and all
those that are following.
And if you make them
black, so many companies
have gotten such a flat
face with a big lip.
– I know, they don’t
– That cast.
– Even look any different.
– What’s the point?
Why would you spend the money?
I don’t know what wheel.
I feel like Hostile is gonna come out
with something awesome, they always do.
They already came out
with a couple designs.
I don’t know if they’re saving some,
or if they’re just letting
them all out before then.
– [Fuller] They already
hinted at what they’re doing.
– But they keep going flat face.
I noticed now they’re going
with the endless barrel,
much like Arkon.
I know that they’re going directional,
much like Arkon just gained.
Love you Hostile, but
definitely see some rollover.
Arkon because I know what’s coming out,
so cheat there.
– [Fuller] You really think
that they’re gonna take
– Like the triumph?
– [Fuller] Yeah.
– [Shawn] So the off road look.
I know that Fuel just came out
with an off road-looking one
and I’ve seen it around
here, I don’t know where
but I think it’s pretty hot.
The show truck not even
looking like an off road wheel,
I think that’s gonna go away now
and it’s gonna be all about
true off road-looking,
I’ve been saying it for two years
and I think this’ll be the year.
– So this was the conversation
– The Black Rhino.
– that I wanted to get
into further in this video
but we’re gonna just have it now
because I said it in the
beginning of this year
after going to Sema last year,
that so many people are moving
towards off road styling
and that overland look,
all that kind of stuff
and I think this year
we’re really gonna see
a large prevalence of that.
At the event I was just at in California,
almost every vehicle
had Black Rhino wheels
and they were all the very
rugged, tough off road look
even though some of them were
the 20 by 12 sizing with massive lips,
they were still very
industrial, off road-looking.
– And I think they started it,
or they were the first
ones to take the leap
and they were a couple years early.
But I think this year is gonna kick it off
in the entire, even the
show truck industry.
– When Black Rhino came out,
I think we even made a video about it
and Jarrod was quite mean
to them about their styling.
– [Shawn] He’s not ready.
– [Fuller] Yeah and
now they’re taking off.
– [Shawn] He wasn’t right.
– We don’t have erasers.
So we’ll back it up here because,
since Custom Offsets is a wheel company,
we’re all wheel guys, going
back to what Hostile’s doing,
is it just because of the finish
quality and their new LRD,
the left-right directional
thing that’s coming out,
is that why they’re gonna be
the next big top wheel at Sema?
– Well they’ve always been
one of the best designers,
the best looks, I’ve
been in love with Hostile
for the seven years that
I’ve been doing this.
And I think that’s about how old they are,
the Hostile hammer when
they came out in the…
What’s amazing is they’re
releasing them now.
– Which is strange to me.
– We already have them
on the website so you guys
could probably drop a link
down below.
– Yeah we’ll put it
in the bottom.
– Yeah so they can already buy them
and they’re actually
in stock and available,
which it used to be
eight months after Sema
if they released them, you
would be begging for them.
Sometimes the Sprocket and the Exo were
two years!
– It took forever.
It took forever!
– Because they were selling them
as fast as they could get them.
This time I think they’re
trying to change that.
And they’re up in front of it.
We’re seeing the same thing
with BDS were putting that,
I believe it’s an eight inch
on the Arkon Super Duty,
that wasn’t a kit that existed.
– [Fuller] Right, ’cause
when we built that truck,
we had to kinda piece it together
and now they’re offering it as a kit
and we’ve already got
the add on this site too,
plus some of their other new stuff.
It is interesting to see
that these companies are now
releasing things pre-Sema,
which kinda does affect the hype like we–
– [Shawn] Which I love,
’cause when you first see it
you wanna go buy it,
you don’t wanna wait six to eight months.
– Yeah, so if you guys want that stuff
we’ll put the links down in the bottom
so you can get those too.
– [Keaton] What will be the
most popular truck at Sema?
Three two one.
– Did you cheat?
– No, I was thinking,
I wasn’t even looking.
– Jeep Gladiator.
– Oh crap, that will
a popular one, my bad.
– And then I put in
parentheses, “Is that a truck?”
– (laughs) I mean it is.
– Yeah, because I’ve
seen all over Instagram,
everybody’s scooping up
these Jeep Gladiators.
Couple big YouTubers,
Stradman has a Jeep Gladiator
that’s now on 40s.
He had a Hellephant swap.
I think it’s gonna be really popular,
especially going with that off road look
that a lot of people are going for.
– I know Arkon is
sponsoring a Jeep Gladiator
that’s gonna be there.
Super Duty’s still gonna be
the most popular I think,
the most prevalent, the truck
you’re gonna see the most.
And then I think there’s
gonna be some people
trying to make that ugly
Silverado 2500, the 2020.
– I thought about that last night
when I was thinking about this.
The 2020 Jeep seat.
– It won’t be the most popular
I just wanna put that out there
that I’m still mad at how it looks.
The new GMC’ll the 2020
GMC’ll see some of those.
I think that’ll look sexy,
I kinda am looking forward
to seeing one of those in
person with a full build on it.
That poor Silverado.
– That’s one of those trucks,
too, the 2020 GMC HD trucks
where those ones, I feel like,
we’re not gonna see as
much of the off road style.
Those are gonna be, it’s gonna be
the 12 inch lips.
– It’s too luxury.
They’re gonna have to be
pretty boy trucks.
– 24 inch, 26 inch wheels.
It’s gonna be huge.
– I love me a mall-crawler,
so I don’t mind saying that.
– [Keaton] What will be the
most popular tire at Sema?
Three two one.
– Fury.
– Oh crap.
(Fuller laughs)
I feel so out of touch with reality.
– Fury’s been huge at Sema
the last couple years.
I think they still will
be, even with people moving
towards an off road-y type look.
People are still going with
Fury tires because they’re…
The Nitto Ridge Grappler is
gonna be–
– I said Fury. (laughs)
– Because it’s an affordable
tire, people like it.
– Good sizes.
– They have the sizes that people need.
– [Shawn] And it’s affordable.
– [Fuller] And they do a
lot of sponsorships too
and I think they’re just really trying
to push their name out there.
– [Shawn] And I think they’re
gonna come with more sizes
and they’re still gonna be affordable.
I still think the Ridge Grap
is gonna win overall market
but at Sema, yeah.
– That’s the thing.
What are you guys that’re
watching this gonna buy?
Nitto Ridge Grappler–
– They’re gonna buy this one.
Well, half.
– Well I think we’re gonna see
(marker taps)
– Three quarters.
Half, and then a quarter
are gonna buy the Atturos
and the Federals and then a
quarter are gonna buy the Fury
’cause they’ve got the big show wheels.
– Well I think that’s it actually
for white board questions.
(white board clatters)
– Yeet.
– Did you just yeet
that whiteboard?
– Yeet! (laughs)
Been dying to do that in a video.
Can we talk about Sema in general?
It’s just eating me up.
I’m past 40 now, I think we disclosed that
in a previous video,
someone kept saying that.
Hence why you guys see so
much Fuller and so less Shawn
because I’m getting to the
age where I’m not connected,
I don’t live my life on Truckrice.
I don’t give a (beep) what
Winston Cave is doing.
Here’s what I’m really worried about.
The show truck industry,
the Sema truck industry,
has become infatuated
with this dude, Winston,
instead of talking about what’s new.
I see everybody building the
same trucks they did last year.
The suspensions are crazier
but they’re trailering everything there,
nothing can be driven anymore,
all the kids building
don’t have any intention
of driving these trucks,
including our Arkon truck
which Banker refuses to let me drive
’cause he just keeps taking
apart, putting stuff on,
taking apart, putting stuff,
and it’s totally drifting away
from anything anybody would drive.
And they’re all going there on trailers
and nothing is really different.
And the Team Stance kids tell me
that they’re coming out with a 34 by 16.
If you guys don’t know
what Team Stance is,
it’s our truck club.
We got about 150 members.
And so I asked them
– 34?
– [Shawn] Before this, yeah and they said
that they’re coming out with a 34 by 16,
which can’t be driven.
That’s not a usable wheel.
– [Fuller] No, and I’m sure one
person makes a set of tires.
That’s gonna be
the only one ever.
– And you’ll pay $4,000
for tires so you don’t wanna use them
’cause you probably won’t
be able to align it,
so you don’t wanna scrub your
tires so you can’t drive it
so to go on a trailer, get off at Sema.
I’ve been frustrated all morning
’cause I asked the guys–
– I didn’t realize
how mad (laughs) you were about this.
– [Shawn] Because I was
talking to Hunter Smith
with Killerwaxx on Facebook the other day
openly in the public so I
don’t mind mentioning it,
but we’re like, “What
happened to the Sema hype?”
And you know what Team Stance thinks?
That it’s gonna take
one of these nosedives
and it’s gonna kinda almost vanish
and then it’s gonna recycle and come back.
And here’s how I think
it’s gonna come back,
and I don’t know how long
the cycle’s gonna take.
It’s gonna come back off road.
So right now, working with branded title,
first of all I think
Sema’s gonna be taken over
by the bagged C10s again.
It’s gonna be taken over by the–
– [Fuller] And it used to be like that.
It used to be lowered vehicles,
used to be a lot of cars.
– [Shawn] Full custom, true builds.
I’m finally okay being told
my stuff’s not a real build,
it’s all bolt-on.
But I keep asking them,
“What do you call it?
“A bolt-on, not a build?”
So I call it a build because I don’t know
what another word is.
Give me another word and I’ll use it.
– [Fuller] Yeah then it
switched to all these trucks
and now so much of the
stuff is bolt-on stuff.
Most of the lift kits you see
are just bolt-on lift kits.
It’s the standard wheels
that everybody can get.
– You know what I’m excited to go see?
Wide body Ferraris with GT3 kits
and all these racked vehicle channels
that’re buying smashed up stuff.
But the problem is now
that’s becoming saturated
so the market on that is
going through the rough.
You can’t, you have to pay
retail for a smashed up Ferrari.
So I think that that’s gonna
kinda take over the truck thing.
And I think a lotta
people are gonna shift,
and they’re just gonna basically go back
to daily driving a more realistic,
I see people putting four
inch lifts, 10 wides,
24 by 12s are becoming really popular
because they wanna just tuck them back in
so the cops will leave them alone.
– Yeah, I was following Jeremy
this morning in his Silverado
and I literally was looking
at it and I was like,
“No wonder why he gets pulled over.”
– It’s so aggressive.
– It’s so wide.
– But it’s so beautiful.
However, the police keep
cracking down on it,
especially I know in Wisconsin and Maine
and all those states
they’ve been ridiculous.
I think what’s happening is
Sema has become so ridiculous
with the 16 and 20 inch airbag lifts
that you try to ask the guy how it drives
and he’s never driven it
because they can’t get
the leveling to work out or something.
And it’s gotten so absurd
that you can’t go there
and actually see something
that you’re excited to buy.
Now you just are like, “Neat, art.”
It’s becoming kinda like an art form,
which I thought Sema was the
after-market release of new,
the release of new after-market stuff
that you wanna build.
– That’s what it definitely
used to be is, “Okay
here’s all the products
“that’re going to come to market.
“You get a sneak peak
and then in the spring
“you can start buying them.”
But now 70% of what you see at Sema
doesn’t actually make it to market.
– [Shawn] Or they put,
even on some of the cars
it’s such an aggressive
setup that they admit
that you can’t drive with that
and what you really can buy,
instead of being this
concave is this concave.
And it looks terrible
when you actually put it on the vehicle.
I just hope that what happens,
here’s what I predict.
I am with Branded Title Co.
We bought a wrecked Toyota Tacoma.
I am so excited to do a
wide body, some suspension,
some bumpers, some
winches, some spare tires,
and then find out where you can go
and actually drive a truck like that
and my biggest fear is that
that doesn’t exist anymore
’cause they’ve shut down
a lot of our pipeline
and a lot of that.
But I predict, especially in the desert,
and I think you were just out in Cali.
– [Fuller] I was just out in Cali driving
a long travel Tacoma and it was–
– Those guys have the desert.
So I think that’s gonna take over
and then tracks are gonna
start opening up around here
for people to go spend the weekend
and play around with these vehicles.
‘Cause I think people are sick
of just cleaning them and looking at them,
cleaning them, looking at them.
– I think when you pay
so much for something,
you wanna be able to use it.
Versus just sit in the
garage and look at it
and take it to the shows and whatnot.
– It’s gonna be interesting I think.
And that’s just my take on Sema.
I feel like there’s still
a really strong truck meet
and truck show market and I think
that that’s gonna stick
around for a couple years.
The trouble is, there’s nothing new.
I don’t see anything new.
I’m not hyped about,
I used to go there dying
to see the new wheels,
There’d be so many wheels now.
– We have a list of things
we wanna do.
– Yeah and there’s so
many wheels out there now
that it’s like, “I mean there’s
a billion awesome wheels.
“Just pick one.”
I think that we’re seeing a bigger spread
of what people are buying.
And there’s a bigger variety
because there are so many
cool wheels out there
but I think it is gonna be all
about directional cast wheels.
I see a ton of companies
following Arkon’s lead on that.
I think it’s gonna be all
about a lot of big flat face
or push through spoke
where there’s no ring around the barrel.
To give that Forged look.
And then I think Forged is (whistles).
– Yeah Forges are definitely coming down.
That’s for sure.
– [Shawn] I think that
was a dangerous choice
with American Force.
– [Fuller] Still, they
end up on so many vehicles
’cause it’s still a name
that everybody knows.
That’s the thing.
– [Shawn] Not if they don’t show up.
– [Fuller] We’ll see.
We’ll be there.
Probably tomorrow by the
time this video comes out.
– So are we, we’re gonna do a follow-up
and let them know what we saw?
– We’re gonna
actually show them what we did find
and then see if our predictions
are true and accurate.
– So you and I’ll come back, sit down,
and either hold our heads
down ’cause we totally blew it
and I realize that I’m not not up hip
with what’s cool anymore.
– Yeah, although if you
guys have predictions
of what you think you’re
going to see at Sema
you can drop those in the comments below.
If you’re at Sema and
you see us, come say hi.
We love to meet people,
shake hands, take photos,
do the whole shebang.
I love to meet everybody and
learn about your builds too.
– I like that yeah.
I’m gonna read every
single one of the comments
because I’m super curious of
where this market is going
and you guys are that market
so it’s gonna be really cool to hear that.
– Yeah, let us know.
– Peace.
(upbeat music)

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