14 Replies to “Operating Robots with Virtual Reality”

  1. idiots ! why are you creating ????
    are you that stupid ? purely stopping you to use multiple monitor and threat management in the form of buttons and levers ?

  2. So… what's the point of this vs just using a regular monitor with a HOTAS for controlling the arms?

    If the camera view was full 360 degrees, 3d, and you controlled the arms by physically moving a 3d model of the robot, or by the robot emulating your own movements, then I could see the appeal, but this… what's the point?

  3. imagine 10-20 years down the road when we´ll be looking back at this footage with a smile on our faces. great job guys!

  4. I like to say nice job because NOBODY do much beter right now.RobotDK have just start using VR and you can not doing beter (even less) with any software on the market.Congratulation !!stay busy

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