Odi Hits James Deane & Matt Drives His S14 for the Last Time – FD FINAL | Frenemies EP8: Irwindale

Odi Hits James Deane & Matt Drives His S14 for the Last Time – FD FINAL | Frenemies EP8: Irwindale

(car engines)
– So hopefully, Dai takes out Vaughn.
Then we get to clinch third
place in the championship.
Which we’ve been fighting
for for several years.
(car engines)
(hard rock music)
(quiet car engines with background music)
– Drink all the beer and
wave all the American flags.
(car engines with rock music)
– We’re at Irwindale, for the last time.
It’s time for me to
step up and throw down.
Had a rough year.
I just kinda gotta relax
and have some fun maybe.
Don’t really take that approach to often.
Coming out for FP, but it’s all good baby.
Let’s roll out.
– [Announcer] Matt Field.
Woo, look at that big gloom
of smoke coming off the back.
Triple seven, the falcon tires
we’re gonna watch the videos Frenemies.
A fun drive to watch.
Last year for Matt Field strut.
Back to back wins.
Where is Matt Field gonna land?
(loud car engine)
– 88 for Matt field.
(fun upbeat music)
(loud car engine)
Odi Bakchis coming in third.
Can’t stand it.
Froze it down on the bottom
of tires of Jeff’s wheels.
S14 now looking really rock solid.
An 87 for Odi Bakchis
putting him in third.
– Pineapple does not belong on pizza.
(rock music)
– Track is grippin’
up, we’re super stoked.
Tire wear’s gettin’ better,
cars are gettin’ faster.
Can’t wait for tomorrow.
– There’s a chance to follow Matt,
so I let some people pass.
That was a lot of fun.
Stupid things happen when
we tangle with one another.
(car engine revving and rock music)
– Well Odi’s going to follow
Matt so hopefully Matt like
gets off the brakes
and we can actually
have a pretty cool run.
– We’ll see who’s got what.
I’ll let it speak for itself right now.
(rock music with car engines)
– I’ll give Matt the big bang.
– Looks like a pretty good gap.
(rock music with car engines)
– My fitting came loose and it happens
to be high pressure heel fittings.
So fuel was just spraying
everywhere in my hood.
We’re very fortunate and very lucky
that it did not catch fire.
But it’s like hard to breath
inside the car after the run
so I knew there was a big problem.
Just shut it down, let it
coast all the way over here
and hopefully that’s done with.
(rock music and car engines)
– It was pretty close
for Odi in qualifying.
He threw it into the inner
bank, got into the wall,
front end started coming
around, and for a second
I thought he was going in.
But I saw, he had it, it was pretty solid.
But I don’t know where we
qualify, better than him,
it’s all happening.
– So how does it feel to
qualify better than me?
– Took me long enough.
(upbeat music)
– You know, I just woke
up for yoga this morning
at 4:30am.
I just knew it was going
to be a beautiful day.
– I got some cupcakes.
Avi made some.
They’re teal and blue.
They have the Falken Azenis
615K plus tire tread on them.
I know it’s Ripper’s birthday,
so I gave Matt a cupcake too.
So let’s go drop these off.
(rock music)
– What is this a trick?
– No it’s not a trick.
It’s a 615K plus.
– You need a cupcake for breakfast?
– Hopefully I don’t have a blowout.
Thanks Odi.
– Ripper likes to be honest.
– I’m 30, dirty 30.
(rock music)
– See this guy eating chicken nuggets.
No joke.
One bite each nugget.
(evil laugh)
(exciting music)
– So Odi’s working on his car
because maybe he doesn’t like
100 percent trust us or
something, I don’t know.
I think he wants that last
little Odi touch on it.
Make sure it gets across the line.
(car engines)
– [Announcer] Matt Field off run.
Kimber More in the chase position.
In that second outer zone the beast is…
hey, look Kimber More gaining ground.
Matt Field advances on, Falken Tires.
(car engines)
Pass that front clip,
poppin’ a very shallow angle.
And a chase position
Coplin goes into the wall.
Coplin hard on the wall comes to a halt.
Bakchis continues on through the course.
– Everyone down, already claiming victims.
Tracks no joke man.
– [Announcer] With that Odi
Bakchis is in the top 16
and still fighting for a top three finish
in the 2017 season.
(drum beat)
– So you guys got this all wrong.
This is not the first top 16
we’ve been in together, okay.
It’s been awhile.
– Have you guys seen two teal
and blue cars top 16 ceremony.
– It’s just been awhile.
– It looks new to me.
It looks very new to me.
– But still you’ve got
no girls on your car.
– Not yet, not yet.
– I got four now!
(fireworks crackling)
– [Announcer] The beast
from the bay, Matt Field.
– [Announcer 2] In that Falken
Tire drips wheel escort team,
it is Odi Bakchis.
(car engines and heavy rock music)
And Odi Bakchis gets
the win and advances on.
(car engines with heavy rock music)
Let’s go to the judges.
A slide of left for Field,
right for Justin Pawlak.
And Justin Pawlak
unanimously gets the victory.
– You know it’s craziness out here.
From here it looked like he had it.
Cause I see his car’s just faster.
But it turns out Matt didn’t get the win.
It’s a bummer.
It’s not over, battling
for that third place spot
overall in the season.
And all these other guys
are hungry for it as well.
– [Announcer] JB high on the bank.
Odi Bakchis dropping down a little bit.
Oh we got contact!
Dean and Odi both going into the wall.
(rock music)
– I need a seventeen.
(rock music)
Oh dude, thank you dude.
(heavy rock music)
– [Announcer] Looks like
James Deane will get the victory
by default.
Really only have one battle
left in the final four,
and that is Vaughn Gittin
Jr and Dai Yoshihara.
– So hopefully Dai takes out Von.
Then we get to clench third
place in the championship,
which we’ve been fighting
for for several years.
– [Announcer] Vaughn with a big bang,
Dai Yoshihara right there.
Transition, oh Dai.
Dai getting close proximity
too, that front clip.
Dai Yoshihara, amazing angle.
Vaughn Gittin Jr getting
a little sketchy there
using all the track.
Vaughn gets into the wall.
Three wheel motion of a different kind.
Daijiro Yoshihara going to the finals.
(rock music)
– Overall third place in
the season which is amazing.
We’ve had that goal for awhile.
I’ve been bouncing fourth, fifth, fourth
for like three years.
Happy to get that out of the way.
Now it’s time to work on a championship.
(heavy rock music)
Thank you all for watching Frenemies.
It was a blast.
(loud car engines)
– There’s some crazy stuff
that happened this year.
(heavy rock music with car engines)
– Let us know what you
want to see more of.
– So like, comment, share and let us know.
Some behind the scene,
some action, some crashes,
some banter, it’s all there.
Let us know guys.
Hopefully we’ll be back for season two.
(hard rock music)

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  2. Odi needs to ditch the old S Chassis like Matt and get a modern car. High key tired of seeing 90s hero cars in pro drift. I love them, but it's really disappointing growing up realizing they are still used well over a decade when pro drift first started and many of us were still kids. Give some new cars the chance for development to gain tuning support to build a legacy of great cars of this generation like the 90s were.

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  4. Killer Series! So fun! It’d be rad to see more of what goes into prepping for these races. How you train, practice, where the crew comes from. Also it’d be dope to see more of the camera crew! What they’re shooting with and how they plan out these videos. That’s just what I’d love to see more of. But I’ll be watching either way!!! Thanks guys! Thanks Donut media!

  5. It would be cool to see how each of the drivers get ready leading up to an event. A little more personal maybe a week before until the event itself. how they compare to each other. Probably not cost effective for them having donut media doing this but maybe even a vlog style added to a video like this.

  6. great show! I hope y'all do a season two next season, you should do a behind the scenes and off season practice sessions and whatnot.

  7. I feel like what this is missing is little more commentary from Odi and Field about the weekend. Like 30-45 seconds of them explaining how the event went for them would be nice.

  8. The subtitles make me wanna puke. Who the hell is Kimber More? It's Cameron Moore! And it's not Coplin. It's Matt COFFMAN! And it's JAMES DEANE, not JB! VAUGHN, not Von! CLINCH, not clench!

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