No Airbags Toyota Tacoma? | DIY Mods | Truck Tour

No Airbags Toyota Tacoma? | DIY Mods | Truck Tour

how you doing everybody Randy Richard in
the shop this is my son Travis smile say
hi hi so we have Travis’s truck here
behind us and we’re going to do a
walk-around on his truck and you know
I’ll show you what he’s done now Travis
has built the whole truck pretty much
over little past five years I think just
hacking and chopping and welding stuff
to it
not much truck left I think the doors
are the only thing that haven’t been
modified or altered yeah it’s about it
so he built it all himself
and designed all of it pretty much
designed all the suspension all the
everything everything so we’re gonna do
that walk around and I’ve had a lot of
requests to show everybody to the truck
so we’re finally gonna do it now the
sun’s really bright out here so we’ll
try to make it look pretty good so
anyway let’s walk around
so the side rear fenders here all come
off and they’re just a few bolts to
remove on that wheels are what size
wheels are those draft seventeen
seventeen by eight
these are 17 by up they’re like 32
inches tall 37 inches tall so they’re
pretty big wheels tires
I keep getting corrected and you have
split rims
that’s what rim a bead lock outer be
done bolts the inner beads like a
factory car powder bead comes off locks
tire tire can’t basically can’t can’t
pop off
okay so tell us about the shocks King
obviously the front is a hole the front
is a two-and-a-half-inch body 16 inch
travel remote reservoir dual jewelry
coil over and then the other shock with
all the tubes on it it’s called a bypass
it’s a three inch body fork tube so
you’ve got two compression adjustments
and to rebound adjustments on it and
then you got here Oh other little guy
here this one here yeah that’s an air
bump stop Fox shocks and a sway bar made
by TK 1 racing out of Lincoln California
that’s the black bar 2.2 that’s that’s
at that thing yeah yeah keeps a roll and
body roll sway and everything under
control now you made these a little bit
um panel and all the panel these are all
loose fasteners Zeus tabs some of the
panels are off these are just kind of
like dress pieces there’s not really
just keep that dirt out of places and
stuff and it kind of looks nicer I guess
yeah and then you got the fuel to itself
yes with the red gallon Jeep speed fuel
cell made the plate and everything so it
adapts to a factory Toyota powers the
time power-steering sorry fuel pump and
sending unit this is your Jack handle
it’s in a little spring-loaded
deal so it comes out and oh yeah you
have a floor jack rounded here yeah and
these are gas tank these are rose max
fuel cans the red ones of fuel this is
mixed gas that’s just no gas and the
white one is water and then in here is a
tow strap and some recovery equipment
the mixed-gas is for this sucker
it’s not anything right now but it’s a
chainsaw amount chainsaw goes in here
because it’s California all the trees
are falling down so any time you go out
usually and we have a custom gas cap
yeah right the gas cap dad made that one
graved it and everything he made he made
these sway bar end caps oh well we got
fire extinguisher
spare tire and the whole tailgate
alright we open the tailgate and flipped
up the trunk lid okay and that’s like oh
that’s just of a support you put in that
support just to hold it okay it has
shock tight mount circle so when you use
was an air shock over there were like
rock collars and and whatnot to support
the legs the lid weighs gosh yeah it’s a
lot 200 pounds yeah nurse there’s like
there’s lighting here little LED
lighting yeah so like you’d have your
barbecue chicken stuff and whatever
yelled it up because the idea still be
able to take this thing camping even
though it’s more race car than anything
the bead rolled panels made all this
those all’s are on Zeus fasteners
there’s a battery under that one then
you can access the rear differential
through the middle they’re just gonna be
a dual battery on the other side but
haven’t done that yet
yeah a little-little b-roll from Dale
dairies ideas there came out good
Rosco’s watching yeah and you can see
down the side here on this this is the
right side of the truck over here behind
that between the fender and the frame
you built your own taillights
Oh a little beyond taillights cuz the
stock ones the mounts every time you
drive it they hit enough bumps and they
just shatter and fall off so I built
these ones which
from your ear this is the rear axle
housing is it’s a three and a half inch
to 3/8 wall do em to be made by rough
stuff specialties in Loomis California
they’ll sell you a better bear housing
and then you weld all your own mounts
and brackets and break tabs all that
stuff on there it’s a Ford nine-inch
Center section with a Yukon Grizzly
Locker for 88 gears and it’s 35 spline
axles made by Korea enterprises and
they’re in Southern California somewhere
it’s a full float axle there’s no flange
deal or anything like that the hub
carries all the way the wheel there
Chevy 3/4 ton front brakes like off I
don’t know whatever they’re deep
you can buy them at Napa for like 40
bucks the whole thing then limit straps
for obvious when the truck droops out
all the way the axle weighs a lot and
you’d break the shocks and all that if
they grouped out and the shocks were
hanging so that’s what these straps are
for it’s a whole all the weight when
it’s fully extended so you don’t break
nothing there’s still factory wiring
stuff that I’m gonna retain the rear
view camera and I’m gonna put a trailer
plug in because I still have I still put
up ya receiver hitch so a carry dirt
bike or whatever trailer I’m trying to
still make it somewhat practical I guess
oh you opened up the doors and this is
on the driver’s side the inside the
cockpit I think yeah only fits of two
people tried to fit in the third seat in
there just kind of wouldn’t work out
with too many tubes in the way it’s all
inch and 3/4 120 wall do em tubing PRP
racing seats
you got a kalian Momo steering wheel
sweet disconnect comes off comes ah
makes it easier and get in and out
what’s the big black handle there the
big black handle is a will wood
handbrake for the rear brakes kind of
helps you with turning on tight corners
if you’re kind of driving fast and
whatnot kind of helps you get around
some of the corners and then the two
knobs down here is your four wheel drive
and your high and low range I converted
it from the normal stock electronic
transfer case because they’re unreliable
at best so put also you may not say you
made a manual yeah put a whole manual
transportation yeah and we have all
sorts of other tubes here what’s the
same so made these little ducks that
cover that go over when your AC vents
and then these are typically for an air
pump system in a race car but these go
on instead since I still have a window
don’t need a air pump and this will hook
to a helmet and give you a nice cool air
or warm air shirt whatever
keep cool and then you have a so the the
full cage in inside the cab correct all
towed all tubular frame through the
floorboards to the frame and multiple
points everything is triangulated trying
to keep it safe so when you when you
drive this thing the way it’s supposed
to be driven you need all and I think I
did Bruce sign the brute signed it yeah
Bruce I need your truck side right there
Thunder from Down Under Bruce got a ride
yeah yeah it has a intercom system this
is to transmit over the radio here and
then copilot has a push-to-talk wish to
talk button as well
and then there’s a fire extinguisher
inside and when you’re not wearing a
helmet you just kind of leave early
driving it around it’s really noisy
since basically there’s
no interior left yeah and no insulation
and all the tubes are going through
everything so it transmits all the noise
through everything
yeah and this is in between your legs or
oh there’s a this is a line locks
basically like a hydraulic park break
and then this is your rear brake bias
adjuster so you can dial in more or less
rear brake power according to there’s a
shot of what he was just talking about
there there that’s all good
say something Bruce I got it sure I’m
not sure where that covers this loss
knowing the Travis is gonna get come
back to pick up his steel it means like
he’s gonna bring me back okay there you
go off for riding the truck didn’t hear
a thing okay
what channel you guys on Samedi seven
like fr7 are seven okay
this is up here at the front now the
front bumper and has panels in the front
now he’s already taken off the one panel
so because we’re gonna show that yeah
it’s completely well to the frame it’s
not coming off at all ever a TIG welded
no no 99% of it and then these frame
tubes go into the hole engine cage so
everything’s tied in and all that and
you can actually bump other trucks with
the bumper bar and then my dad kind of
retrofitted and fixed these we made my
old hood and made new ones and engraved
them ok so here’s here’s the engine
engines in there contact in there my
buddy max helped me in friend Mitch as
well he helped me do the pike cuts and
did all the stainless TIG welding cuz
that’s kind of his profession so max
Plowman max welded built industries
built industries welded yes together and
then Mitch fries he did the pie cuts and
all that cuz he was showing me how pie
cuts are done and this is kind of what
we came up with it’s a um P air filter
which they’re real common for these kind
of applications it’s essentially an air
filter off a bulldozer yeah yeah yeah
what’s this tank here oh that tank is
your windshield wiper fluid okay we have
another tank and this is your power
steering okay fluid and then it’s and
it’s got a relief valve like a 3 psi
relief valve in case you over pressurize
the system tell us what what these tubes
are here and the black ones in the bath
all this is all an engine cage so all
this tubing that goes everywhere it goes
through the firewall and meets the roll
cage under the wind
and everything so everything is
essentially bumper-to-bumper one solid
piece yeah all the weight transfer load
transfer all goes in there
this one comes out so you can get the
engine out my dad and I we made an
adapter bracket to adapt a factory
Toyota vacuum brake booster to a Wilwood
master cylinder to get a little more
cheese out of the brakes and that seems
to work pretty good these are your air
boom stops the valves for the shocks s
pod they do all the accessory all the
accessory lighting and all that stuff
they make a pretty nice little kit
everything’s circuit breakers
well not circuit breakers fuses relays
yeah and all you got to do is power
ground and it has a whole harness in the
cab for all your switches really nice
setup really makes wiring things a lot
is the front right passenger side this
is the suspension kit that I designed
completely on the computer use fusion
using to the 360 yeah in between time at
work it runs a similar to the back but
they’re just a little smaller it’s a
king two and a half ten inch travel with
a dual coil and a king two and a half
inch double bypass and of course your
air bump stops these are your remote
reservoirs for the shocks and then yeah
it fits in there kind of like Swiss
locks it’s still four wheel drive
Porsche 930 CV diff adapter from our CV
and then Currie enterprises made the
dana 44 half shaft custom spline for
that and it runs out ER dana 44 hub
assemblies so it’s all manual hubs and
kind of the old-school way things but a
lot more solid everything yeah
but you built the lower upper lower
upper and the spindle yellow and the
spindle mount a arms built every design
yourself yeah yeah cool and then we have
this is the tie rod for the steering
correct right and then we just got done
doing a kind of a new mod for these
trucks put a rack and pinion assembly
from a 2007 tundra and the rack is
slightly modified and here we’re doing
another video on that yeah they’re gonna
be a separate video on the modification
of the rack and pinion steering here
yeah so that’s where it’s mounted the
you point point where that this is their
this is the new rack assembly well will
show a picture and video of what a stock
one is compared to this one this one is
much bigger and can actually handle the
size of the tires because the old one it
has a stamped piece
it would snap off just about every time
we drive away you can ask Bruce about
that took it for a ride and broke the
rap opinion so he knows about that this
is a return
power-steering cooler and the lines go
all the way back up into the frame rail
to where there’s a remote filter with
power steering you can’t have enough
cooling or enough fluid in the system to
make it run longer a lot more reliable
so you don’t cook the fluid it runs
about half a gallon of power steering
fluid where a stock system runs pint a
be like maybe a cork tops so yeah it’s
not a double yeah and it barely fits in
there barely fit but it fits but it fits
the shirt it’s this is the left side the
steering link on the left side yeah
okay we’re at the rear end of the truck
third member is there’s a rough stuff
Specialties pinion guard bolted to it
and that what you’re looking at is the
upper wishbone link this is called a
three link wishbone setup it’s real
similar to a traditional four link
system but the top two bars are kind of
morphed into one big wishbone looking
thing a friend designed the trailing
arms and built those I’ve got them all
cut out bent and I love them all
together added some skid protection for
the bottom because it is four-wheel
drive and do trail stuff that’s the
trailing arm right there trailing arm
and yeah it’s all bolted and boxed in
so here’s the tailpipe not very big
muffler pretty loud might end up going
with a bigger muffler down the road here
if I could fit it it’s a three inch
v-band clamp holding it on so you don’t
really have to worry about gaskets or
any of that kind of stuff and then this
guy now this all stainless is all
stainless blade sauce I won’t leave it
here I believe it’s two and a quarter
it’s all equal length another Toyota
enthusiast started making these out of
his garage and I was one of the I think
I was like eighth guy to get one of his
systems and it works pretty good now you
have this skid plate off yeah all the
skid plates are off normally although
all of this stuff is covered all the way
from the transfer case forward
everything is in those trailer that’s
the transfer transfer case yeah and
there’s a couple wires hanging down but
yeah there aints off oh and there’s
Rosco the shop dog he loves trucks
oh there’s a quick little tour of the
truck and mostly four-wheel drive
driving it
no it’s often half nowadays but it’s
mostly off-road driven mostly mostly
offroad and mileage oh it mileage okay
well surprisingly it’s a v6 right you
think you’d get pretty good gas mileage
but it’s almost gallons per mile
it’s joke I would say when you’re really
driving it it gets about five six miles
per gallon I think you’re putting the
six-cylinder to the test here so yeah
yeah so you don’t do this for fuel
economy no but I bullied I’ve only
driven it once and I must say the ride
is incredible 50 60 miles an hour here –
what 12 inch bump Oh easy 12 inch
pothole 2 foot hole you don’t even feel
you won’t even spill your coffee no it
is unbelievable smooth and and it
actually it’s very fun to drive because
because of how smooth the ride is
especially on the rough roads
and when you’re kind of zooming along a
little more than the 25 mile an hour
speed limit on the dirt road yes yes
so alleged buddy allegedly yeah those
are close of course places that we go
and yeah yeah
don’t try this at home right but anyway
it’s a fun vehicle and I he’s done an
actually fantastic job we’ve had to do a
few repairs few repairs but you know
that’s that’s part of learning and it’s
uh really is a pretty fun vehicle to
have a ride in and drive in so thanks to
thank strap for showing us your check
truck anytime tribe doesn’t do videos no
you post pictures on Instagram yeah like
that so what are you what are you on
Instagram basic Oh basic biker basic
with K Instagram follow me there it’s
mostly truck pictures and that kind of
place your some stuff from work yeah
place where you go and then it Travis is
the helicopter mechanic Siller I got one
of the short side tiller helicopters
right so he’s the one who provides the
videos from the helicopter not me Travis
provides those videos when he can and
maybe we’ll get some more in the shop in
their in their shop the videos I need to
make a visit back up there one of these
days and we can add tree around and take
some uh some shop videos there they’re
pretty fun we’ll do that next winter
because right now they’re all out on
fire duty right yep yeah well one of
your helicopters just did a lift in the
park oh well they’re sixty ones did a
lift for the park service here at
Yosemite so we’ll catch you in the next
one thanks you guys thanks for thanks
for subscribing and please click that
notification bell so you can get an
notified of a new video we’ll talk to
you later
you can’t go
the old boy can come with me
pretty quiet
yesterday it was really cool water we
fought against we had
here we had a really good time

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