Nissan’s New Electric-Motor Powered Drivetrain: e-POWER

Nissan’s New Electric-Motor Powered Drivetrain: e-POWER

Nissan’s new series hybrid system,
e-POWER makes driving cleaner and more efficient while offering the acceleration and quietness of an electric vehicle. e-POWER technology is our newest form of
electric-motor driven powertrain under Nissan Intelligent Mobility. e-POWER is Nissan’s new Intelligent Power offering in moving forward its electrification strategy. Built at the Oppama plant in Japan, NOTE e-POWER is the first mass produced compact car
to feature this new powertrain. Similar to an EV, the wheels are completely driven by
the electric motor. But the main difference is how electricity is produced. It’s not using the electricity
from the charged batteries but it uses the electricity
generated by the engine. The system decides when to use the engine
to produce electricity and increase efficiency. Energy management is key to the
EV-like driving experience of the new e-POWER. In conventional hybrids, a low-output
electric motor is mated to a gasoline engine, powering the wheels when the battery is low. But in the e-POWER system,
the engine simply charges the battery. Compared to LEAF,
the batteries are 1/20th the size and made to fit under the front seats
without having to sacrifice interior space. e-POWER allows drivers to enjoy the benefits of EV without having to worry about charging the battery. An electric motor-run car gives the best torque
in stop-and-go situations, and you also get good response
and smooth acceleration. You can have so much fun with this car! e-POWER technology aims to provide
customers a gateway to 100% electric cars and further Nissan’s pursuit of a zero-emission society.

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  1. سيارة جميلة اتمنى له التوفيق، لكن متى يتم إطلاق نسيان ميكره في أسواق العلمية

  2. I feel like I just got dumber by watching this. This is like a Chevy Volt without the ability to use cheap electricity from your garage. It's got a battery as small as that from an 10-year-old Toyota Prius. Nothing about this is an advancement.

  3. Seems like a step backward to produce a hybrid car and not have it at least be a plug-in hybrid or range-extended electric vehicle

  4. Hello ALL, this hybrid powertrain its just an introduction, a step before for the near future fuel cell SOFC that run on etanol

  5. Maybe I'm missing something, but what fuels the engine in order to charge the battery? And why did they get the guy who speaks Japanese to explain that workout subtitles?

  6. they should change the ICE engine in this for a small turbine. the fuel efficiency may go even higher since the idling would be minimized. for all the haters talking smack about the car, it gets almost 85MPG thats very close to the gold 100MPGe that electric cars pull

  7. If its 0 emission, then what is this in the "Electric engine" shown then? 2:29
    100%? The Leaf yes, but this new one, no.

  8. Be honest Nissan. this is not a green car, it is a smart move to provide the lower fuel costs and torque of a diesel car using a petrol motor. The death knell has been sounded for diesel cars.
    If however you had provided a plug and enough range for a daily commute that would have been something else!

  9. totally backward step, I do not want a poisonous fuel to power my mobility, just give us cheaper, higher energy density batteries…

  10. So… no external charge capability… then what´s the point? Doesn´t matter the mileage if you are depending on oil anyway. If you can charge and have, say at least, 30 miles or more range on EV only, that would allow most people to daily commute for days without refilling petrol. That would be a great option

  11. A small, optimized gasoline engine charges the battery pack, and only the electronic motor runs the wheels.

    Due to small battery size can fit under the front seats, cargo space, vehicle weight or price won't be affected.

    Most importantly, it doesn't require charging infrastructure at all.

    Nissan note is already the best selling car in this segment in the month of January, 2017 in Japan.

    Nissan's e-power is a great system toward low or no-emission vehicles in the future.
    Just like Toyota Prius. One step a time.

  12. I get it. So cars engine is only running 30-50% of the time instead of the usual 100% of the time. It's the perfect solution for people who cannot depend on a electric charging infrastructure that don't exist in any given region. Do I like this system. No. It's a cop out for doing the right thing. At least their thinking about the right thing. Nissan Leaf is proof of that.

  13. Before at list 10 years when I saw the first hybrid car I was wonder:why they don't do this a small engine to charge the batterys: and they prefer so complicated thinks? …And now they build it. …😞…Agelos from Greece

  14. Like a gateway drug to Electric Vehicles. lolz

    Nissan this is exactly what India needs RIGHT NOW! Before India and many similar third world countries set ups infrastructure for Tesla type full EVs we need this type of serial hybrids(range extenders).

    This car's petrol engine merely charges the electric battery giving you close to 37kmpl!

    Instant Electric Torque-Fun without Range Anxiety!

  15. Though many people are ranting about this car, in Japan however, this car is a massive hit. Even the best selling 5 number minivan Serena, adopted this system.

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