Nissan Highlights at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan Highlights at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

These are transformational times
for the auto industry and a new era is opening up for Nissan It’s an honor to be here today
and represent the hard work new platforms and technologies our teams have been working on
for the last three years The Nissan Ariya and the IMk concepts The Ariya Concept is transformational It represents an entirely
new design direction for Nissan It’s the real first example
of the new vision of design language we call Timeless Japanese Futurism The Ariya Concept also features
an all-new EV platform The dual electric motors in the front
and rear with all-wheel drive power provides a new level of
driving comfort and confidence The IMk is our vision for every day every moment and every
millimeter of life in Japan The IMk shows how Nissan
is taking it into the future meeting new customer needs
in this chic package The IMk’s all new powertrain
and a low center of gravity with the battery position
underneath the floor totally redefine the kei
car driving performance The Ariya Concept and the IMk
may be two different vehicles But together, they tell one story about
our design language for the era of electrification I am very proud to tell you that
this is where Nissan is going These two concept cars represent
the next level of Nissan Intelligent Mobility

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