Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit

Nintendo Labo – Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit

[Nintendo Switch Snap] Right out of the box,
Nintendo Labo offers many cardboard sheets,
and the game software! With these sheets,
you can make your own cardboard toy controllers. Toy-Con creations come in
a variety of shapes, with different activities
to enjoy. But the Toy-Con Robot is
the most advanced of them all. The Toy-Con Robot suit… is wearable. First, wear the visor
on your head, strap the main body
on your back… and your feet slide into
the Robot Shoes. Then grip the Robot Arms, and you’re ready to roll! Extend your arm to PUNCH! Stomp your feet to walk. And tilt your body left or
right to change direction. Pilot the robot?
No, become the robot, to wreck buildings, cars, and… spaceships? Demolish EVERYTHING
and go for a high score! Spread your arms
to enter Flight Mode! As you fly through the sky,
your enhanced view may lead you to some
new discoveries. And, if you crouch, you will
turn into a tank! You can even shoot beams! Lower the visor
to enter first-person mode. where buildings crumble
before your eyes! Huh?
What’s that pose? Giant fighting robot, anyone? Learn new moves,
and freely control the robot! With the Charge Punch,
you can build up energy to release a long-range attack
in one big blast! Lift one leg while descending, to perform a Drill Kick
that rockets downward. While in Tank Mode,
spread your arms to enter Flight Mode
and fly freely through the sky. Now for the big one: lower the visor, aim,
and thrust both arms forward… to unleash a Special Beam! As you clear missions,
your power will grow! In the Hangar, you can change the Robot’s
colors by inserting tools. Looking pretty sweet already! In “Robo-Studio” mode, you can place your
Nintendo Switch console
inside the Toy-Con Robot…[Stomp][Dragon roar]And make sounds as you move!
[Record scratch]
Imagine the possibilities!
[Glitter and burst]
If you make two Toy-Con Robots, you and a friend can battle! Who built the better bot? There’s only one way
to find out! Enjoy YOUR Toy-Con Robot
to the fullest. Every mode. Every moment. Make, Play, Discover.

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  1. Круто хоть я из России где вы не популярны но вы крутые

  2. It took me 10 hours to assemble all of the variety kit models, I think this will take about 4 hours to assemble,

  3. Why does the toy con robot have to be a trophy. Is it because he only has one game. Because what about inkling girl/boy, she/he has only two games, does that make a difference. What about bayonetta, she only has two games.does that make a difference.

  4. When the guy puts the visor on in the beginning it reminds me of David Bowie. Ground control to major Tom, anybody, also they made an iron hulk

  5. This is really cool but Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are better
    Besides games with high scores only are kinda boring

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