New Super Glue System to Fix Your Car

New Super Glue System to Fix Your Car

one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel
today I’m going to show you how you can
use a third-generation super glue system
to fix many things on your car now I met
a guy named Don who runs tech bond he’s
been working 16 years on great ways to
use new kinds of super glue to glue
things together
and here’s what he taught me if you’re
gluing rubber parts together you have
this activator and you spray it on one
end and then let it dry doesn’t take
that long to dry but I like being
conservative so I wait a couple of
minutes then I use the s-1 superglue
blue it’s the medium-range one and I put
it on the opposite end of the rubber
then you hold both ends together
if you notice I’m using gloves I wear them
a lot when I’m working on cars but you
don’t want to get super glue on your
fingers have them stick together so wear
gloves if the gloves stick together you
can just rip them off and throw them
away you don’t want to rip your skin off
and throw that away although if you do
mess up the kit comes with a de-binder
and you can put that on to get the glue
to come apart
there’s the rubber pieces and I glue
together and look, I’m pulling as
hard as I can, and I can’t rip it
it’s tough votes pretty strong it does
take 24 hours or so to completely dry up
but look I can’t pull it apart after 2
minutes because the activator
accelerator really makes the bond strong
here’s where the seam is and if you
look closely as I pull you can see the
rubber is actually stretching and
getting thinner but the bond is not
coming apart I guess my dentist should have glued the fake tooth in with this
stuff instead of whatever he used I’m
waiting for the screw in part to be done
when the bone heals in my head so then
I’m just going to wait until he screws
the new one in
now Don has four different kinds of super
there’s green blue, brown, and black
they’re all basically the same stuff
it’s just that each one is thicker the
blue is medium which is 100 rating and
the black is really high rating it’s
thick, the black is the thickest, it’s rated
at 1500 so you can use it on vertical
things that you’re gluing if you don’t
want to take something apart that’s
hanging up you can put it vertically
because it won’t drip and Don told me a
lot of Funeral Homes use it because it’s
good with more moisture so they actually
use it on people before they put them in
a casket to put them back together again
so they look better, now I’m not gluing
people back together but it is good for
all kinds of users on cars now works
really well on plastic parts that are
broken they’re a little more complicated
so you have to do these steps you get
the poly prep spray and you spray both
sides of the crack saturate them then
let them dry then you get the activator
accelerator and spray only one side
and then let that dry then you get a
hairdryer and heat both sides for 30-40
seconds to make them more pliable then
you get the SI blue and put it on the
opposite side to the one you put the
activator on, cover it all up then push
it together and hold it for about 30
seconds, then wipe off any excess, then heat it up
with hairdryer another 30 seconds and
then here we go I can’t pull it apart
baby’s on there and I’ll tell you one of
my big problems with super glue is if
you keep them awhile it gets hard to
bottle on it’s useless so Don told me
the secret store the stuff in your
fridge I store mine here next to the
welding rods it drives my wife nuts
Don guarantees it’s going to last for
two years if you store it in the fridge it
won’t get hard when you want to use it
six months later and you get mad and Don
at tech bond sounds like an honest guy to
me he said if you buy it and you’re not
satisfied he’ll return your money you
can’t beat that, he’s just an American
with a small company in Ohio that’s
trying to make a better mousetrap so I
wish him all the luck in the world, so if
you want to try the new third generation
of super glue when I give tech bond to
try and remember if you have any car
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer
channel and I’ll answer them as soon as
I’m done recycling myself.

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  1. Good tip with the fridge….Thanks. Scotty, I don't mean to criticize, but do you think you could buff out the dried wax with a toothbrush or a cloth around your "Stingray" logo?…..It's driving me CRAZY dude 😉 Cheers mate.

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  3. Question. Would this work on a radiator leak where the plastic tank on the side meets the metal on the bottom left

  4. Loctite showed a commercial before I started this video. This glue you're showing must be good if Loctite is worried. Lol.

  5. I hate glues as most just have no grip in reality because of the design of the flimsy flanges that usually break. I do have to say though that your rubber gasket pull test truly amazed me. I’m gonna have to get some of this stuff and keep it handy.

  6. SUGGESTION (for "better mouse trap"):
    Unless you are using the stuff every other day….buy the single use. It's better to spend a few pennies more for the same amount, than to store opened bottles in a fridge.

  7. There is something else you can do with superglue. mixed with baking soda, it can fill all kinds of things. Ya have to move quick tho, it dries almost instantly when you add the baking soda. They use this method to repair dings in carbon fiber helicopter blades. Myself, I've made things out of it where part of something was missing, Yes, you can grind or sand it smooth. it's hard so it's not going to be easy, but that's what you want. The thinnest glue works best for this application. thicker doesn't mix as well.

  8. Used to use a similar product at my old job.. had the activator spray. Maybe it was a loc tite product, not sure… but whooo weee, it was insane strong! Good stuff!

  9. does he mean funeral homes????? he said nursing homes!! they glue grandpa and grandma up and make them look real good for when you come to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I didn´t learn shtt: that´s N O T how you test the gluing on that hubcap!

    You test it by twisting it; not by fake pulling it straight…

    Crazy glue is very brittle, once cured, i would have to run my own tests,unfortunately

  11. How the hell did you get into that garbage can? I either keep knocking it over or I have to crawl in and can't get it to stand up again. I always wanted to hide in there to scare the wife. Kinda had to give up on the idea.

  12. Great review and I learned that all glues are not the same. Where can I purchase the Glue mentioned? You had no links end the description s

  13. Scotty, do you think the super glue can put Nancy Pelosi together again, she's been un-glued for years. If you can't nobody can.

  14. Hah as soon as you said you put it in the fridge I figured the wife wouldn't like that then you said it drives her nuts. 🙂

  15. I bought the Last Glue kit from a seller at the LB Motorcycle Show and it is equally amazing. Doesn't need an activator as once the air/oxygen is removed by pressing two parts together, that thing is on for good. Similarly, the seller told me to store it in the fridge and make sure not to squeeze the air out of the bottle. It is still usable after more than 2 years.

  16. You can also store super glue in a sealed container with a moisture absorbing packet. Most super glue is technically a very quick reacting epoxy, the activator component being water. So moisture in the atmosphere causes it to harden. It's why it sticks to our hands immediately, because they are ever so slightly moist. In some anti-poetic way, it's being wet that makes it 'dry'.

  17. Acetone works well to unstick. It's cheap and, also good for a number of uses. Including for cleaning parts(most especially Aluminium.) for TIG welding. You can buy a big cheap assed bottle in the Nail polish/ hygiene aisle, of most groceries etc. The plain variety, store brand is best, and usually cheapest.

  18. What about torsion and shear/peel tests on the bond? Pulling it only tests tensile bonding. Can you still snap the bond?

  19. About 10 or 15 years ago I ran into some stuff similar to this at HamVention in Dayton Ohio and I think it may be from this same company. The demonstration was similar as well except they would put the glue on the rubber hose, press it together and then spray the activator on it and the bond would be complete instantly, no 24 hour wait. It was amazing.

  20. The neighbors must love his burn outs for the videos .I really enjoy these videos a lot of good tips and real common sense repairs .

  21. Scotty Kilmer, you're the best. That tip for the super-glue was worth watching the video all by itself, without even the rest of the very interesting info that I doubt I would have heard about elsewhere, at least not for quite awhile. Thanks!

  22. I used to have a booth at the flea market selling car audio and for fun I used to super glue a quarter to the floor in front of my booth. Man did people get pissed when they bent over to pick up the wind fall they thought they had. lol One old guy went to the tool guy and bought a cheap screw driver to come back and chisel up the quarter.

  23. I use superglue to fix cuts I receive, been doing it for years I think it was developed for medical use in the Vietnam war.

  24. Cheap super glue gel with with baking soda(instant catalyst) sprinkled over it will instantly bond plastics,hard rubber,wood,porcelain,glass,and even metal.

  25. Scottie I bought the techbond si black from diamond usa but didn't buy the activator will it work without the activator ?

  26. HAHAHA GOOD ONE at the end there ! actually the whole video and all of your videos are very entertaining. reminds me of one time i had no place to sleep so i slept in a dumpster reminding my self somehow to please wake up before it got emptied. there was a lot of plastic and cardboard in there so it was quite warm and comfortable. when one of the early employees and his helper came out to empty their trash and saw me pop out of there he about lost his lunch… well breakfast it would have been. i apologized and walked away so they could go about their day.

  27. Scotty you are hilarious. Never stop what you are doing. I love your videos and the endless help and confidence they give me.

  28. Would you reccomend this on a vw golf mk7 bumper. I replaced the bumper bracket, however on the bumper you have the small holes where the the clips from the bracket attaches itself to is broken off. I still have the little piece that broke off from the bumper, should I use this glue to put it back together or would it better if I used like mesh or some plastic bonding on top of the glue? Since I replaced the broken bumper bracket the bumper is safe and secure but it is not lined up with the side bumper.

  29. Scotty not only are you knowledgeable about cars and tricks
    But very funny man your a riot
    Q _ locktite with baking soda
    Hear that works well ?

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