New Seat El-Born 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Nicer ID3 Brother

New Seat El-Born 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Nicer ID3 Brother

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I have right here with me
the new SEAT El-Born full electric 2019
this is the brother or the cousin from
the boss wagon id3 is the same same car
only it has a better design in my
opinion this el-born has a better design
exterior design as the postbag and ID
free so I like it more I like the front
much more and the interior actually I
like it a little bit more also the L
born have a better interior and I will
show you in a moment what I’m talking
for example the doors are not such a big
difference not such a big difference but
the dashboard the multimedia system I
will show you in the moment the doors
look also super nice and interesting and
it has some touchscreen buttons here up
for the mirrors as you can see a lot of
space here in the glovebox
this nice speaker also looks super nice
also here we have some chrome design at
the entrance in the car electric seats
here also the sports seats look super
cool with leather the glass roof is the
same as on the id3
I like the uncon Terra on the roof I
didn’t see on the ID 3d Alcantara but
maybe maybe I D free you can order
Alcantara but this Seattle won’t come
with Alcantara on the roof the same like
Tesla for example something that I like
it very much like also the steering
wheel affair you can see the steering
wheel it’s all leather and it has the
same colors as on the seats the same
steering wheel you can see you can
adjust it with the head-up displays the
same as on the id3 also those button
here are the are the same as on the the
id3 but a little bit of changing design
soft material the dashboard also LED
light up here I like it more on this on
this car then the ID free and also I
like the multimedia system much more and
the center console as well I like it
I like that head armrest here it’s much
much cooler and you have a lot of space
down here also to a USBC
and huge space here and I like it much
more practical than in the id3 in my
opinion and also you have a lot of space
in the front here look how big it is
this space where you can put your stuff
and even down there in the front I like
it very much really I like it much more
than the id3 and this is the same you
see already my video with ID feel not to
check it out
but the multimedia system the vents are
also the same and the dashboard it’s
kind of yeah a little bit different
design here on the airborne here I
cannot open the glovebox they lock it so
we cannot see it there but the screen
this multimedia screen it’s a little bit
bigger and look much nicer than on the
id3 and you can see how complex our toes
software here it’s pretty cool the
software I like all the information I
like the way they lay out there but in
in in in in general are the same cars
with little change here and there they
have the same platform maybe this is the
new platform from 11a maybe they build
all the electric cars these days and in
the future they will come on the same
platform but only the body and the
interior will be a little bit different
so that will be all the difference
inside the cars
I like the colors I like that it’s very
responsive this screen here you have all
kind of options and settings and map and
all that stuff you cannot adjust it here
I’m not sure why because it’s not out
there at the moment they are not
finished the car we have the same
visibility on the windows as on the id3
you can see there are a little bit of
blind spot here in my opinion I’m not
I have to drive this car on the street
to tell you for sure I like the glass
roof look identically same same as on
id3 the glass roof there it’s beautiful
and down here we have the start/stop
button also the same on the id3 it’s in
the same space in the same place right
the copied I think I’m not sure it’s not
working on this car but it should be the
same as on the ID free so if you want to
see the cockpit check out my other video
with the Volkswagen ad free this
design from the exterior it’s fabulous
it’s um it’s much much beautiful than
the id3 it’s more serious and more angry
also the doors here are interesting
design the same as on the front not a
big difference and the space in the back
also a huge identically with the ID free
you see you have a flat floor like
electric cars perfect here two USB ports
down there touch screen on this on the
rule here touchscreen touchscreen button
touchscreen light I can say also the
seats are very good we have two cup
holders here in the middle also you can
open it to carry skis or long items very
practical I like it and the space here
in the car it’s pretty good I have a
total position actually it’s not so tall
but my knee will be a little bit upper
than the normal combustion engine car so
you can see here how the legs will stay
a little bit up the same as on the id3
but the head space it’s it’s huge spare
head space here no problem at all with
the head space also the quality of
visibility outside very good the same as
on the id3 visibility it’s fantastic
also in this glass roof there it’s
beautiful make you feel good inside this
plenty of space no complaining at all
also on my head here for Finn
no problem even for free people I think
they can stay here in the back without
any problem and there is the dashboard
you already see it before also this will
be I think the premium car from Seattle
born this will be the max I think that
you can buy inside the par with
Alcantara with leather and all that
stuff also 20 inch rims here those are
the maximum option that you can order
see at lighting logo also beautiful
design on LED lights in the back
I like the shapes that they design it
also look how cool it’s looking this
light reflector there they have some
rooms here down in the middle we have
the reverse light it looks so sporty ER
the car look look fantastic I will
definitely order this car if I have to
choice from this one with I’d agree I
like this much more look here it has a
hole had helped the car to stay on the
on the road better this upper spoiler
look gorgeous gorgeous beautiful design
I don’t know who is designer of this new
Seattle born but he did a great great
job with this car I think I will see on
the street a lot of this cars also the
trunk is the same design as on the id3
the id3 has also a beautiful back but I
don’t like so much the front of the car
anyway the trunk is identically with id3
the same trunk same space left right
forward everything it’s it’s same this
is the same and under the floor also I
cannot open it because they lock it they
don’t all of us to open it but the car
is identically I have to tell you that
so beautiful car my opinion yeah I
definitely choice this if I have to
choose from a one of these two cars the
same meb platform even this design here
on the
it’s much more beautiful then on the id3
look how cool they makin it look much
better with these rims the lines the
front of the cards look so angry like a
Lamborghini or something like that
look at this LED lights they look like
ice there it’s like like her eyes inside
there and I like them so much so much I
like so much this car I really want to
order this car it was a 1l on the market
maybe will be my next car electric I
don’t know but I like the design I like
the way they did this card this front
spoiler down there the lines everything
on this car looks so so good that’s my
opinion guys I’m really curious what do
you think about this car what car would
you choice I’d agree or Seat El-born
please write me send me your feedbacks
and tell me I’m really curious about
that anyway I guess that was the review
with the new hellborn electric please
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are now on the screen thank you again
for watching to all of you and stay safe
guys see you soon on the next video

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  1. love this car, my favourite part of was the spoiler, the only negative is there was no cup holders for the front passengers, yet on the ID3 i am sure there was 2 of them.

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