New Dacia DUSTER 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Cheapest SUV

New Dacia DUSTER 2019 Review Interior Exterior l Cheapest SUV

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video today I’m right here at Galliker in Switzerland
in and talking in nineteen when doctor I
was usually about the new Dacia Duster I hope
you will enjoy it so let’s do it
and then at the end also I like to fact
that this car right here as village
entrance so for example I just have to
have the key in my pocket and car a
little bit farther from the car will be
automatic so anyway let’s do do and then
happy and so first time we will start
with the exterior of the car very
journals superior in my opinion it’s not
so much different from the previous
model but the exterior is super nice and
also discover in other colors for life
but they look like LED lights in super
night with increasing and the design
it’s very nice relate the design of it
and also the blinkers they look super
nice also in the middle they are right
in the middle and the
going up here it’s pretty simple you
don’t have any brake light up here is
just a normal boiler and just this water
thing but the great light is you know in
very of the car I’m not going to but in
the interior of the car right on the
windows you can see the brake light
inside the glass there although I like
the way is writing a duster here also as
a bad camera of 1550 we have a normal
bow plug from the number plate but I
like the fact that it has the best
camera and also a front camera okay
we have six parking handles in the box
with the impressive you can see it here
and also down here we have the problem
we have a just partly the diffuser with
AEDPA down there that looks pretty
interesting also on the other side we
have the reverse light right here in the
bumper and we have a place for ground
clearance so you can go offload the deep
part this part right here is for real
grass video and for off road trip also
here we have this difficult to open it
from the interior also later also let’s
go on the other side up here you have a
rope so you can add some extra luggage
it is very very helpful
I’ve seen many people focus far forward
into the space and for the practicality
so this car is very practical and such a
great price so I really recommend it we
have good song file actually don’t feel
are very economical when what 17 inch
ice making on the car the links top 20
beautiful mighty
very much also I like the fact that they
add some plastic down here protect it
down for
the cars although secure very useful
very also I like the big windows great
visibility outside as well also the
handles are pretty simple you know are
also kids they have a to die are
yeah kind of inside the interior of the
body so we think very well I think they
are thinking very well about that the
mirrors are pretty simple
we have blind spot technology was doing
the corner of this 50 and they also
handle mine on grain the grain quality
pretty nice
also here we have 2 for me was logo from
plastic and the blinkers are right here
they are not on the newer blinkers the
church sitting here and on the mirror
you got youtube channel because on this
car have 360 degrees camera around the
car I will show you a little bit later
when I go inside and I like that very
also this car comes with in the front
with six four contenders like I tell me
before we have wonder and I want down
thank you and also from camera like the
logo look almost the same in my opinion
is very beautiful and also we have any
like daylight here energy daylight here
in the front but otherwise the other
life from the i-beam and all that stuff
are with normal both lines also have the
doctor logo out there but I like the
design the design of you also front
lights the front meal with LED with all
that things looking pretty good in my
opinion the design of the car is my
opinion and also the Basia logo there
down here we have the program and also
another grill down here that get the
fair insider to pull the engine and also
have the tentative shape
that’s a terrible down the dryer thank
another thing that I liked it very much
it’s the hood sweep look at the lines of
the hood look how cool they make those
lines I like the lines very much I think
the lines on the hood make the car look
much much better in my opinion you can
see how cool the lines out there and I
wish I can see this on many many toys as
well they try to change a little bit
don’t simple line but let’s go side now
picture the space in the interior guys
right now so you button also camera also
see before manually flip gate at the
entrance so the space in the front
pretty big as I told you and something
that I like very much that we have a
flat and link in the top right gtp-bound
also we can take this out without any
problem very very long term so then we
can change longer out and without any
problem let’s take it out for a moment
and let’s show you the space in the back
now guys I take it out for you
and look at the space in the back it’s a
huge space here
I’m really impressed on myspace at this
part also have a normal book life here
yeah cooked for the smoking you want a
plural work up here pretty useful also v
belt up here for the middle passenger
will be awesome
we have a storage space a lot of space
down here and also hooks here and there
books I like the fact that they speak a
lot of things here in the car also under
here you have a lot of space he has this
big tire spare tire and a lot of pain to
the left in the right you can also take
it out if you have the insurance with
fond help and he can put your stuff
there so if you have this insurance that
will help you when you have a problem
with your tires then you can take it out
and put a lot of stuff right here the
brake light is also going in fine I like
the quality of the doors so cool
I like that very much and also the
infant in the car it’s pretty big in
mind but anyway I just want to show you
let’s fold this down pull this down and
then now down there we have some space
for let’s go down the street also here I
think I like the fact that there is the
lethal effect is not to be set back in
other car you can stay in the middle
without problem as well so look at the
huge from
huge space very much Carly
superstar people hello there so great
job to that yeah with this new duster
you did a great job really profitable
SUV I don’t think you find it cheaper as
you do with so much space and so much
technology anyway I like until here I
like that I like it they do a great job
let’s go on the other side now that’s
also very simple to put back the seats
in one second you feedback
oh I don’t you can adjust his address
without any problem I like that very
very much
I like the proper attitude and yeah
until now I have nothing to complain
about inside this car so it’s pretty
good let’s go here on the door show you
a little bit the window is pretty big
and I guess you have great visibility we
will go now inside also the goals here
have some plastic and also all over the
drawer is plastic but to design it’s
nice actually it’s a nice design like
the way they designed it work look it’s
nice we have plastic but it’s nice the
price is also great so you cannot
complain about the plastic and also the
seats we don’t have leather seats we
have just public what I wrote it but it
have type support they have some white
stitches here and there you can see it
also in the middle no center armrest but
we have been they look like a solid bond
exact I like the way it’s here when
closed we don’t like to hear that also
in the back of the front seat we have a
choice and you have soft Nicole I like
that soft material better than plastic
in the middle also the fit the little
step 1
yep gear up since last week and see hub
holders and storage there’s like a penis
also on the loop here and like normal
life normally he like just normal life
and we have candles all over the yeah
pretty cool going inside the car now
let’s see the space inside the car I
have plenty of leg space quite impressed
on stage and ever let’s go to door
plenty of space in my legs quite
interest you can also break my legs onto
the front see quite inclusive well I can
spread my legs and I have think you have
to take also on my head here I have five
fingers maybe more a lot of space on my
I can also just needs to know all this I
have great difficulty as I told you on
the window would you believe it keep
position here in the back row position
also a tactics windows lightning inside
the client come more air and reading
drawing in the middle now guys here in
the middle as well a lot of space on
that means no phone no phone that’s
facing the new budget duster it is
perfect I like the space I like the
interior it’s very practical car also
three people in the back that is good my
leg my hand sir just with my hand and I
think three people can stay here without
problem even for long trips and it’s
even stopped since this motel down here
because it’s public whatever is not
usually leather really type but this is
like a sofa and it’s like staying three
people on a sofa
not so bad wow great job three people no
problem I tell you I like that car
electric The Bachelor I think they make
it move
I think this car maybe no man you can
write me in the comment and tell me for
I like how to end on that well yeah so
nice and the part you close the door
it’s not so bad at all
I like in the front of the window how
big is the window it’s quite big window
and you have a great visibility also
here we have left it on the birth
control but not all over we have only
the upper side because here we have a
leather so leather of Matteo also he’ll
have another one which is quite
interesting I like to design it from
design here with beautiful people down
here and a 4-inch 13 not that Wow
not bad at all and also the buttons
simple buttons right and there you have
well if you have to touch it but they
are manually adjustable yeah yeah
we have the Duster from that yeah dr.
logo here also beautiful each side
support same as in the back they are
really comfortable and really soft even
here we have side support to be nice I
like that I like the fact that they make
this side supports quite good
the seats are quite quite nice anyway
the pedals are normal here we have the
fuse box behind here also the light
right here you can adjust the light from
there can adjust the angle from here
manually also we have the blind for
technology field button because we don’t
see the new and adjustable but 16.9
other ones the dashboard is a dashboard
in plastic but it was in mind is line
also the joined by beautiful it’s grandi
right there adjustable anyway they don’t
be like super good quality but yeah and
I just the way you wanted to their truck
and this is a good thing because this
common people buy this fabulous very
from people who have a harmless charity
made it not so fancy but it is I mean it
is there manually handbrake I will
really wish to have a name if you can
get it out of all also down there you
have four-wheel drive option you will
look for wheel and all that stuff of the
monkey and also the cruise control
buttons alright there you can also see
the center console looks pretty simple
really simple with this big high
logistical active from design on sick –
pretty nice and yeah but otherwise very
simple also cup holder and space down
there as well more forth you can see it
normally but i want you the front of the
car and then you tell me know what you
think about because the price is
fantastic we have that said after 1.3
same prestige four-wheel drive if you
ask me and then we have 130 1 horse
power a lot of power you have the color
and all that sub-national right here and
all the option as well you can see what
kind of options it has the 1550 found
you can move the camera oh they’re so
cheap 2015 we have a fixed camera and
you have 360 degree camera quite good
right and also the total price of the
five twenty three thousand two hundred
twenty dollars twenty thousand euro Wow
furnace heat in Baltimore of crazy great
price 1400 pillow hero 6 the last
emission 145 your 2020 I like the front
twenty two thousand twenty thousand you
are for an SUV with so much space what
I’m talking about
with it for three people I don’t think
and chief or SUV on the market with this
price today I’m really sure about that
also going forward here that’s really
the dramatic system right yeah it’s
pretty pretty nice I love the climatic
system is the same chromatic system as
on the new Clio
I’m the new Clio on the new you find the
same chromatic system and I like it very
much with those touch screens here and
work perfectly
yeah it sure is the way one have it with
the awesome and then you go to maximum
it’s really strong really practical just
like that
fantastic I love it anyway let’s close
it now I like that those buttons here
different option HD and all that stuff
also we have the button here for four
years back when you go down here this is
like a coupon so also stop the engine
Eco mode so we want to drive it stay
there on the screen the screen and the
display actually simple we have the
status 200 meter and domitor
and also in the middle of a little bit
of digital this language can have some
information about the car it’s quite
simple nothing fancy but it is what it
is from this price it will be good also
for 400° camera just push this button
here here are defenders push this button
and then you have 400° camera so you can
see on the side you can see what we like
to see beautiful okay 400 degrees
camera guys think about that fantastic
fantastic you don’t find this on the
other coast really impressive and also
the screen here it’s pretty nice good I
like that
there dashboard okay so the backward as
I told you have a speaker there we have
left but it’s nice design I like to
design I like also
man yeah – elective to them you know go
grab some storage space up here and also
here blasting the blog oh yeah it’s
quite cool very practical as well and
yeah we’ve got some chrome designed you
have the audio and all that stuff
well did you call this is the cruise
control or not here telephones and
storms and all that stuff from there and
that’s 52 no audio and all that stuff on
the telephone right here in the back
quite influency and here we got the
cruise control on this thing well and
also if you have to display on the
information about the car the steering
we’ll talk about that because it could
quality design I feel good the grip is
good the design is not bad we have to
duck see our logo here in the middle and
it’s look nice you can see it in the
drive in front of me is pretty good
also the visibility and I like the way
this has been you know here’s a fancy is
the mirror in the glass
super fancy good visibility on the
window baby baby also in the back you
have great visibility because don’t
windows you have almost no blindfold in
the back also the skips floor and 54 to
the light the fact that we have a
capability here long normal right
nothing fancy like it very much
we like now I want to show you here the
information very simple multimedia
system nothing fancy don’t expect to do
something super tense you have been
have information about the car the way
you budget for me above that’s good
so you have the Eco Drive you know that
stuff very often you can see how it’s
positive I just wish attendance might
hear the change because I think the
language amended radio media standpoint
than to hear quite responsive it has a
little bit of lag as you can see but you
don’t care about the lag because for
example if you want to go if I want to
go you go okay and then you can see it’s
really fast it’s talking really fast and
actually when you are driving you don’t
care about touching the screen you all
in all you care to have a great is
building and from here I tend to have a
great digital they have a very good
visibility there on the screen
and the color is terrible so I like it
very much
then you had before this right here in
Philadelphia for this year so very
useful also for 2008 so I guess that one
do that to the car I really like the car
I like the price also let’s close the
also I think the car is very practical
and the price is fantastic
I like the technology as well a lot of
tangos a lot of cameras here and there
great space in the back that seats are
pretty good than the position of driving
food four wheel drive SUV 20000 EUR Wow
you want a practical car you don’t want
to be mega fancy and spend money for
nothing for for bling ring’s and stop
any the practical SUV this is the
perfect car to do so I like the new 20
split in the mirror
anyway thank you for watching guys
subscribe to my channel check out my
other videos from Frankfurt this year I
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also than you would on a 93 and thank
you for watching my channel I see you
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for watching have a nice day see you
soon and stay safe

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