Never Go to This Auto Parts Store

Never Go to This Auto Parts Store

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about autozone versus O’Reilly where
should you buy auto parts, everybody
wants to save money buying auto parts
but they don’t want to get something
doesn’t work or junk that falls apart
fast, now autozone started in the 1970s
they originally called Auto Shack but
they were sued by
RadioShack, well they’re not even around
anymore so they changed the name to
autozone, it’s got a better ring to it
anyway, and they currently have over
6,000 stores, now O’Reilly was founded by
the O’Reilly family in 1957 and they now
have about 5200 stores in 47 states of
the United States, now more so than
autozone the O’Reilly company
assimilates other stores for example the
Charlie’s high/lo that was started in
Houston, their hundred and eighty
something stores were bought by O’Reilly
and merged into the O’Reilly chain, where
a lot of autozone stores they’re just
stores that the company built and they
built up a big infrastructure themselves
well since they’re in direct competition
there are very similar infrastructures
and they have very similar warranties,
for example if you buy a gold
top-of-the-line Duralast better it comes
with a three-year replacement free, same
thing at O’Reilly, but I do have to give
autozone the edge in batteries because
they’re always selling their own brand
Duralast, of course they don’t make them
there’s only like three manufacturers of
batteries left in the United States of
any size, but for my personal experience
of buying batteries I mainly buy all my
customers batteries now at an autozone
because I tried Oreilly’s in the past and
since they were lower than everybody
else including the autozone one, I bought
quite a few of them years ago but most
of them bit me in the rear end almost
every single one I bought came back
within a year or year and a half and these
are three year warranty batteries, now
they were good on warranties they gave
me new free batteries but what an
inconvenience for the customer they get
stranded somewhere with a bad battery
when they only bought one about a year year
and a half before, and take both O’Reilly
and autozone they have lifetime
warranties on quite a few things, but
again if the quality isn’t good you’re
gonna be annoyed by a life
warrantee on some things, for example few
years back I had a customer with a
Nissan Maxima the alternator went bad so
I went to Oreilly and I bought an
alternator, now it did have the lifetime
warranty but in the next six months that
car went through five of their rebuilt
alternators, I had to keep swapping it out
I’m an honest guy I swapped them out to
free for the customer I didn’t charge him
anything, but after the fifth one went
bad, obviously they had a batch of bad
alternators wherever they were buying
from, personally I’ve never had that same
experience with an autozone, every once
in a while I get one that doesn’t work
out of the box, but I never had one that
I had to replace five times and then
finally give up, now both O’Reilly and
autozones have to loaning services, they
check your batteries free things like
that, it’s just if one does it the
other is going to do it, because they’re
competing against each other, and they
both have rewards programs where for
every dollar you spend, you get a certain
percentage credit on a little card and
it builds up and you can spend it, so
there’s really no difference between the
two of them there, they call it rewards
program, basically they want you to keep
coming back to that store thinking, oh
I’m saving money so I’ll keep going to
that store and build it up, but here’s
what I’m gonna warn you about any
discount auto parts store just because
it’s a discount auto parts store, don’t
assume you’re gonna get the best price
there of something you’re buying, oil
their brands are in bottles wherever
you buy it it doesn’t matter, the same
brand the same bottle you’re getting the
same oil, so always check prices because
I’ve seen these discount auto parts
store and for a quart of oil they might
want six dollars and forty cents, I get
the same thing for three dollars in 10
cents at the Walmart down the street,
I now buy a lot of stuff online I got
Amazon Prime shipping cost me nothing
and I find the best prices that I can
and buy it there, and even there every
time I’m getting my supply I checked
through to see who’s got the best price,
those things are always changing, I had
to put a starter on a 350 v8 Chevy
pickup truck it was bad and back in
those days I did mobile mechanics, I went
out so the
nearest place
was an O’Reilly store, so I take the
starter off bring in and say give me a
new starter, they gave me a rebuilt
starter I put it on it didn’t work so I
went back to the store and said you sold
me a bum starter so they got out
the jumper cables, and hooked it up
to the starter on the table and it went
whoo and it was spinning they said, oh no
look this thing works well that was the
counter man, I said look it’s a bad start
I said give me your manager, so the
manager comes out does the same test and
says well look it works and I said I’ve
been a mechanic for a long time now it
was only 30 years back then, not 51 but
still 30 years of experience is still a
reasonable amount, use your noggin okay
you hooked up a battery to the starter
sitting on a table here and it spins, so
it spins in the air there’s no
resistance it’s just spinning in the air
well after about 20 minutes of arguing
back and forth he finally gives me
another starter it worked, and the
customer paid me I went away, but let me
tell you that’s the last time I ever
went to that particular store, and
experience can differ in different areas,
I’ve met people that absolutely hate
Auto zones because they had a bad
experience with people working there, it
can cut both ways, just in my own
personal experience I had the worst ones
at O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, when I was
young the auto parts stores were often
manned by ex mechanics that maybe they
had their arm broken or they were
couldn’t do it anymore they were just
worn out, but they knew a lot about cars
and cars were simpler then, and they
could give some great advice and stuff
on cars, but today let’s face it with the
lower wages that a lot of the people are
paid you’re not gonna get ex mechanics
working now I mean that just doesn’t
happen anymore, so basically you want a
store that’s friendly and that has a
liberal or return policy if you got
something didn’t work you don’t want it
find a place that will take it back and
give you your money back, here’s a story
that shows you how far sometimes they
will go, I was at the Auto Zone down the
street years ago and a guy was coming in
to return these car ramps where you drive
your car up on the ramp to change oil
and stuff, well the manager refused to
give the guy any money because he did
not have a receipt for that ramp guys
other stores the other managers were
telling these guys are pulling a scam
there was some big store that has having
a sale on these ramps for like 59.99 an
autozone sold them for $99 so it was
obvious that some guys were going and
buying them at the cheap place and then
trying to return them to Autozone
without a receipt and pocket the cash
differential, well the manager was wise
for that and he didn’t want to give their
money back, but the customer was
insistent made him call the regional
manager for autozone, and that guy said
give him his money, he gave the guy
money for those ramps that probably they
didn’t even buy them at an autozone store,
bought them somewhere else, but the regional
manager wanted to make people happy so
they do have a rather good return
policy at autozone in my experience, now
one thing a lot of people wonder as well
where you gonna find quality parts,
truthfully if you look at the majority
of parts these days sold in the United
States they either come from China or
Mexico that’s just the way that the
economy has gone, you’re gonna find this
is true at autozone and O’Reilly it
really don’t make all that much
difference there’s little differences
here and there, maybe once in a while
one has some American supplied
thing and the other will have a Chinese
supply thing, but all in all they’re
pretty much selling the same type of
stuff other than the price that you’re
gonna pay, so of course always comparison
shop, I mean a lot of them of a price
match if you say, hey look you’re in an
autozone O’Reilly sells the same exact
thing cheaper don’t meet the price most
of the time, and vice versa as long as
it’s the same exact part, so really what
it comes down to is how are you treated
at these stores, so now you know the truth
about autozone versus O’Reilly, so you
can make a wise choice next time you’re
buying car parts, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

100 Replies to “Never Go to This Auto Parts Store”

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  2. O'Reilly use to be Keagan auto parts here. Chief Auto parts turned into auto zone. In either case I preferred the other to the switch. I only have one old school store available which I go to most of the time. Same location since 1959. So for older classic parts they're a go too for everyone in the area. But there are some things they won't sell because of the quality of the remanufactured parts. And usually suggest I look elsewhere. Hey at least they're honest about it

  3. I pick and choose from AutoZone Napa advance or O'Reilly's…but online helps with price or research to find parts
    Quality parts is made in USA…. not Mexico or China

  4. Definitely price check, fuel pump for a 3 series BMW. Autozone $198-$276, online @FCP Euro for an OE pump $138.67 with a forever warranty. Did the parts store alternator game on the same car and found out after the first replacement the warranty drops to 90 days.

  5. Wait a minute! I want to know where I can buy one of those adjustable finger wrenches that showed us! Scotty you crack me up! Keep on keepin on😹👍

  6. My Mom's RX-8 had a clutch part go out a few years ago, slave cylinder, I think. Something obnoxious that you had to take the transmission apart to get at. Naturally, we decided to replace the clutch plates as well with a kit from O'Reilly. Horrible mistake. Within a few weeks, the new plates snapped in half and they needed to be replaced again. Seemed like a defective part, so we replaced them on warranty once or twice more until we got fed-up and went to a proper transmission shop with the remnants of the O'Reilly plates. I should point-out that these were the best replacement plates O'Reilly sold, and the folks at the transmission shop took a good look at 'em and told us they were some cheap, Chinese reproductions that were worth about as much as a screen door on a submarine. So, they sold us some proper plates that they had to order, and the real kicker was that these things weren't too much more expensive than the Chinesium garbage O'Reilly sold us.

    Granted, this is pretty much the only bad experience we've had with O'Reilly to my knowledge. My dad seems to prefer them, and we have a lot of cars, so he's had a lot of experience buying parts.

  7. Johnson Controls builds 80% of all the replacement batteries including Dura Last, Sears Die Hard, Interstate, Costco, Ford OEM, Mercedes OEM, Wal Mart (hot areas of Country) Optima, and on and on. Exide builds the batteries that last 1 1/2 years and you keep going back for the replacement or prorate, trapping you as a customer. About Walmart, they don't want just a single supplier so use JC batteries in the tough environments, Exide and Delco in the others. Delco mostly in the NE. Worked as a battery delivery driver for years. Oh by the way, batteries are the most recycled product on the planet! They also cost very little to make, with JC setting the price and the others pretty much falling in the high profit line.

  8. Just some low level legal advice, you may want to make sure to have some kind of discolsure on your channel that states that what you say is only your opinion when it comes to certain brands and things like that… some of what you say, "could" get someone upset and you may have legal troubles… Just a friendly notice from someone who has had that kind of issues.

  9. I have to replace camshaft sensors 3 times bought from autozone , each lasted 3 months and failed after 90 days . 4 th one i got still working fine after 4 yrs

  10. I went in the other day for a window motor. I asked for a voltmeter and the guy says he doesnt have one. I ask the guy right behind him and he pulls one right out that was right next to the first guy i asked… they've never been any help except finding a part on their computer. When i asked him what could it be window motor or regulator because it was only one stuck he told me to unplug the negative terminal and hit the switch while having a voltmeter on the battery. Autozone blows

  11. Branson rawr they saved my life at orileys. I was stranded 3 hours from home on street for 2 days I walked to orileyes they bought me food. And towed my car all 3 hours back home a tow truck would have costed me 700$. I had less then 45 $ in my account. They helped me free I work at sonic part time so I don’t earn much

  12. So since i just had a bad experience on your channel i should stop watching them? Word to the wise everyone that walks through your door is a customer! (Or runs across your you-tube channel)

  13. O Reilly’s will price match as best as they can but they can’t go as low and Walmart or Rock Auto because they can’t price match below what it costs the store to get but you’re also paying for the convenience of them having the part in stock or having the by the next day without paying for shipping

  14. Let me say first I haven't watched the video, second AutoZone is a four letter word to us mechanics, I, 90% of the time, use oreillys , better parts hands down, Advance has gotten better since Carquest took them over, I've been doing this roughly 40 years and would not put an AutoZone part on my bicycle

  15. i remember Charlies HI Lo i think the one i use to go to in Sharpstown was on Bissonette kinda by the high school !

  16. I love my autozone but I bought an alternator one time at their suggestion because they said my voltage meter failed and I still have it sitting in my trunk over a year and half later waiting for my old one to break.

  17. Has anybody decoded Scotty's gestures and hand signals? With whom is he communicating? Aliens? Terrorists? The 1919 Chicago White Sox?

  18. anyone with a brain uses them all.. i hate auto zone because they seem to hire complete idiots.. rock auto is better than all of them combined.. but orilley 100%… you gotta get cool with the staff there.. you dont go in there telling them youve been working on cars for 50 years.. cars change every 10 years and that means nothing, with the money you make on youtube you would think you could at least clean that 1950s car port up a bit..

  19. The batteries currently sold by O'Reilly are made by East Penn manfacturing. They build far superior batteries than the other two majors, Exide, and Johnson Controls. East Penn is a family owned company that continues to build quality.

  20. I only go to auto zone when I need grape soda , fuzzy dice and furry seat covers for my $50.00 car with $5,000.00 , 36 inch , chrome , spinner wheels.

  21. i bought a $3.99 wire brush at oreilly Knowing i was buying the cheapest crap out there for a premium so didn't feel too good about this. I got home and it immediately started falling apart into the engine i was cleaning. Too lazy to return it but I always warn people about the china stuff these places sell. I too had 3 bad alternators in a row and disgruntled customer who took it upon himself to return the parts. Started guessing my judgement. But each alternator had a different symptom until we got one that worked. its just crap.

  22. Autozone corporate is corrupt and I’ve usually had worse service there but haven’t been back in years now. Advance actually has good sales on oil sometimes.

  23. Hey Scotty, I have a 2016 GMC Canyon Diesel. I love it and it is a great vehicle. What “Diesel” scan tool would you recommend…? Thx. Bill.

  24. I worked at orelly and many friends too also at autozone same city… both idiots lol.. I always went to napa or advance parts really knowledgeable individuals pepboys is trash

  25. I want a "warranty" that says I can put a shotgun barrel in the mouth of the person who sold me a defective product to begin with.

  26. Order online at Advanced and use code P20 for 20% many items. Pick up at store 30 minutes later.
    Or, Ebay for low prices and free shipping.
    Walmart is cheapest on Oil.

  27. I've done my business for the past few years thru O'Reilly. Did a couple things through Advanced such as tie rod end links. The second set didn't fit. First ones did. My experience thru NAPA was over priced. And auto zone was no one knew anything.

  28. My Dad told me that the worse battery he bought was a Sears Die Hard for his 69 charger. He went through 3 batteries in three years. The so called mechanics at Sears checked his charging system each time and found nothing wrong. He said screw Sears and he bought a Delco and never had problems after that.

  29. What I don't like is that it feels like when I pay cash both oreillys and auto zone doesn't put the purchase on my rewards card. (so I can accumulate points), but rather, it looks as though they put the points in their own PO Box number and phone number…. I've asked Napa & the other two companies but they claim it goes to my rewards account. But then that means it takes quite a bit to get any rewards built up..

  30. If I had it my way, I'd still be buying my parts at Chief auto parts. Or Kragen's auto parts. Too bad they're no longer around.

  31. No No NooReilly, auto parts 💤 Morristown Toyota in New Jersey sold parts 30% off , used to be over the phone mail order. I hope they still do online. Check it out Toyota owners. Scotty gets a discount anyway lol. He has a tax I.D. 😉

  32. I returned a 50 year old radiator to autozone off a 1972 buick skylark but i used my lifetime warranty lol so if it goes bad im screwed. I painted it black with spray paint and they actually took it back.

  33. Speaking of alternators. Royal Auto from years ago had crappy alternators. It was so bad that I kept a spare in the car so I could replace it when it went. I finally went to a junk yard and picked up a used one that lasted the rest of that car's life. I kept the Royal Auto alternator as an emergency extra after that. Just junk.

  34. So,once i was using my father in laws car as mine was being worked on The alternator quit on me the 1st day i used 300 thousand on this little Corolla and never an issue until the 1st day i use,now it quit wright across the street from O,O,O O'Reillys.i pushed it over,figured out it was a bad alternator,and bought a new one,hooked it all up..Great Wright!!, nope, 1st they gave me the wrong part..The car needed the one with the ac hook up so i took it back off and put the correct one on,2nd they made me take 1 tool at a time in and out..on top of all that it was 20 degrees outside..never been offense to lady's, but when you hire an 16 year old girl that has never touched anything with a motor,what can you expect…

  35. Dealer parts are the best parts but most expensive. Junkyard parts are a grey area, they might be bad and require rebuilding which takes More Parts. The auto part stores are all gone, all that’s left is chain stores like autozone and oreilys. They are a sad excuse and only a shadow of the real auto parts stores of old. Then there’s online parts….that’s hit or miss. It’s not easy fixing a car these days.

  36. Last week I bought an remanufactured Denso alternator for my wife's 2010 Camry at Autozone and as soon as i cranked the car the alternator made a loud screeching noise while throwing out sparks.

  37. I dont buy alot from auto zone but the parts ive bought have held up good but I only buy batteries from napa I used to work for advance and still bought batteries from napa got 11+years out of my last napa battery advance batteries have gotten a little better since carquest bought them.i get 90%of my parts from advance which is now owned by carquest only because if you're a farmer like myself or have alot of different kinds or types of equipment they can get about anything if not then napa.its the persons opinion what store u use I used to buy alot from orileys until they stopped answering there phone or they didn't have what part I need within 75 miles of me after 4 or 5 times I got fed up but that's just 1 store can't speak for whole chain

  38. I've seen alot of comments saying they bought their oil at Wal-Mart my advance guy will price match walmart for same oil. I dont about y'all but my walmart sucks if u need oil u better get it as soon as they stock it on shelf they never have enough of anything but if walmart actually has it I get it there. Alot of auto parts stores make there money on oil and such that why they sell it higher

  39. Orielly has a minimum quality standard for the parts they sell. AZ doesn't. I don't give a damn about a lifetime guarantee if its likely to fail out on the road, especially something like a water pump. NAPA generally sells better parts. I get 80 month batteries for $80 from a heavy duty diesel electrical shop…much cheaper than "discount" places and they last at least 7 years!!! Wal-Mart Mobil1 oil is ALWAYS CHEAPER THAN AZ or Orielly. "REAL" parts guys aren't 19 year old girls that stare at computer screens. A grey hair white man in his 60's is your best bet for getting the right part the first time.

  40. I find that an autozone’s quality and value of service seems to depend on the location. Some are awful, some are very good and the people who work there are very helpful, but it depends. Ps: get the lifetime warranty at autozone for your brake rotors. As long as you change your brakes before the warranty expires, you have free brakes for life

  41. Bought a serpentine belt awhile back from O'Reilly. Too short. Went back and exchanged it. Same thing. Got a refund. Went to AutoZone and bought one at a lower price. Perfect fit. 👍

  42. Oriely is like the auto section of walmart, but bigger.
    If i need actual parts, catch me at advanced auto parts or online

  43. I go to NAPA and ADVANCE and dealership counter service desk. Never have problems with parts that work. The rest can suck it.

  44. They won't employ knowledgeable staff because they will embarrass the manager. They only employ uninterested folk.

  45. He's got a good point. Years back O'reilly bought out Western Auto which always seemed to have the dumbest people working there. They got so bad that I eventually would have to bring the old part with me to the store to make sure I was getting the right replacement. I usually go to Autozone or NAPA.

  46. Hey Scotty, you should scout around town, ever buy a new part and it was bad, every wonder why? Moon lighter mechanic's out back behind store or in parking lot. Yes, its a mechanics dream, all parts needed right there at store. Where trouble starts no guarantees on electrical parts, soon as you walk out the door you own it for life. Every electronic technician knows that sometimes when you swap out an electronic module for a new one to troubleshoot a problem and it doesnt fix the problem on car, you may have partially burnt something on that new part because of some other problem on car. Like a bad computer thats shorted taking out the distributor ignition module ie hall effect sensor. Because of this kind of stuff, If convenient I buy from Rock

    Auto. Just remember to have a look around store, you see a couple mechanic's with alot of tools on ground, yep, he's moon lighting and swapping parts out of store, and here your thinking your part is new and unused

  47. The best auto parts dealer is the guy who goes and steals the parts for you bwahahahaaaaa!
    Joking aside. Where I live in houston. Its a hit or miss with both stores. Also depends on who's working that day.

  48. My experience has been that good vs bad varies from store to store. I had a great experience at an Auto Zone more than 20 years back and kept buying there until I put myself through college and started working at an AZ. Corporate would give bonuses to the managers for cutting cost. The result? Employees paid for it by overworking for crap $. So I quit and went to Oreilly's. Loved it. But that was due to the manager. He was awesome. Never overworked and was paid like 50 cents an hour more.
    Another reason I loved Oreilly's more: Employee discounts! Way better than AZ. My manager just said not to abuse it and only buy parts for my own car. Two different cars max. So I bought parts for mine and my dad's truck. Sometimes 50% off!

  49. "Get in the Zone! AUTO ZONE!" Couldn't imagine "Get in the Shack! AUTO SHACK!"
    On the other side of things…. "No, No, No, NO REILLY's!!!!! Shitty Parts! Ow!"

  50. One thing to keep in mind about Autozone (and probably others) batteries, the warranty is from the original purchase date. If you buy a battery and it goes bad in 2 years, the replacement only has a 1-year warranty. Same with other parts you buy there.

  51. O'Reilly's advance and AutoZone they gave me a lot of crap on replacing parts under warranty it would come up and say it's only a one-time replacement I remember one time I was in one of those places a customer came in the part that didn't work and they gave him such a hard time he was getting angry at the guy in the parts store said he was going to call the police on the customer

  52. The only store near me is AutoZone, nice people but if Advance Auto was around, I'd go to them first, because they usually have most things "in stock", AutoZone usually has to order stuff so a job that would take a few hours ends up taking a few days.

  53. Oreily is 10x better than AZ. Duralast batteries are bad news and AZ Alternators are horrible ( i have to put another one in every 6 months). Oreily sells TOP QUALITY items that AZ doesnt handle like Drag racing hose clamps for instance. I bought some struts about 10 yrs ago at AZ and they rusted through after about a year, they were uinder warranty . Even thought I HAD THE RECEIPT, they would not honor it because they said that their recent computer changeover did not have the receipt info. Meier dept stores sell the best batteries as they are made by Dekka in Pennsylvania.

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