Never Cleaned In 23 Years! Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Sienna Car Interior Ever!

Never Cleaned In 23 Years! Cleaning The Dirtiest Toyota Sienna Car Interior Ever!

Welcome back to stop her garage guys
today’s video is going to be another deep clean of a
customer’s van
That I’m going to be working on and this one is very similar to the van that I did way back of the landscaping truck
That needed some serious help and this one is no exception
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New deep cleans that I have coming out without further ado. Let’s roll the before shots
So from process standpoint, I’m gonna start with the carpets getting majority of the stains out
Usually after I do initial vacuums and if they don’t need stains
I usually just use my socks when I get into a car that way I’m not bringing in a lot of dirt for this job
Because there are so many stains. There’s really not much damage. My shoes are gonna be able to do at this point
So I’m gonna plan on getting all of the stains out first
Then get into the car and work on the other portions of it
and the reason being is I don’t want to work on the panel’s clean those all off protect them and
start from the top bottom and then pull out my drill brush and start drilling and getting that stuff flinging everywhere and then it just
Kind of makes a whole mess and have to restart everything
So if you get majority of it done upfront
Then I can start working my way on the rest of the stuff and then at the very end do a final
Vacuum and kind of do a final touch-up if you will from there
But get the carpets done go through the floor mats
And then we’re gonna kind of work on the seats
And then from there that’s like the biggest stuff the – and the dirt and stuff like that on the door panels
That’s pretty straightforward and pretty easy to get to where as this stuff is where the serious work needs to be done. So
Let’s get start with the carpet
So if you guys are interested in checking out any of the products or tools that I use in my videos
I have the links in the description
Box below for you to check them out in the first step with any detail is of course to get everything out of the vehicle
I usually use large Tupperware Vince
It usually makes it super easy to then return it to the owner
Have them clean out what they want to keep and then ditching the rest of it
But once you get everything out, you’ll get a really good idea of the damage to the carpet to the seats
Especially this one with car seats for kids. You’ll definitely get a better idea of what does underneath them once you get them out
Now that you have everything removed from vehicle
It is time to bust out your vacuum cleaner
One of the best parts about vacuuming your car is it usually gets you about 80% of the way there from a visual perspective?
It actually makes a big difference when you have a vacuum car at the appearance of the vehicle and the level of cleanliness you can
Tell here after all the vacuuming is done in the next several shots that it actually looks pretty dang good
After it’s been all cleaned out
also when I’m vacuuming
I like to use a hard bristle brush to kind of agitate the surface it usually gets a little bit of that dirt
That’s ingrained in the fibers out before you do a carpet cleaning
But you also see in these shots that I can actually remove a lot of dog hair using this tool
Instead of a dedicated tool that you see online a hard bristle brush also gets a job done really well
One thing I try to keep handy when I’m vacuuming is several different types of
attachments of different sizes because you’re not really sure what cracks and crevices and different spots are hard to get to like
Specifically here with these seat brackets if I didn’t have this smaller nozzle tool
It’d be really hard to get to it. If you don’t have all these different attachments you can use it
just a brush to kind of move the dirt out of that area and have your vacuum cleaner close by that way you can get
At it as well
But these tools definitely come in handy when you have smaller cars with glove boxes and center consoles that are really close to seats
So you can get in between those different groups
Now that we on the back of the vehicle done
it’s time to move to the front of the car and clear it out of all the different door panels get everything out of the
Vehicle as well. One thing I like to do since I’m already going to be vacuuming the carpets
Anyways is do a brief pass of the top of the floor mats
Even though I’m planning to pull them out of the vehicle and work on them outside
It’s easier to go ahead and get a layer of the dirt off while they’re in the car when you’re already starting the vacuuming process
Just to do that a first initial pass then pull out the floor mat and then continue with the rest of the carpet in those
different spots
It’s probably pretty obvious that this Center area is going to be my most
troublesome spot and usually it is in a center console and driver side area of a vehicle but with the products and tools that we’ll
Be using we’ll be able to get all of those stains out
Alright guys
so the vacuuming is now done looks ten times better than it did and it also has given a lot better idea of where the
Stains are how much it is this be in the center section between the seats definitely a lot of foot traffic
up front
You can see the huge coffee stains and there’s some underneath the seats and stuff like that
But majority of the carpet stains are kind of here. The rest of it will get extracted as well
But this will be where a lot of the work gets done. I’m going to plan on using the drill brush across the whole carpet
See how it comes out with just using that in the extractor and then we have you know
The seats need to be deep cleaned
You can tell that they are just they’re kind of getting worn out. But you know, they can definitely come back to life
They’ll definitely come back to a better color up here these cracks and stuff
I won’t be filling these but I’m definitely going to begin you can see all this discoloration and dirt in between
the seats compared to different parts
So this this will all come out and we should be able to get it to a similar color kind of kind of tough here
That’s kind of what I’m thinking. So the solution I’m using for cleaning the carpets today is LA’s totally awesome
I’ve tried it a couple times now. It actually does a really good job with getting out super heavy stains
So in this case, I’m using it diluted to a five to one ratio
To spray pretty liberally all over the carpet in a certain section and then I’ll be using my drill brush which these are the white
Bristle brushes, so they’re not super super aggressive in terms of stiffness
but they do a really good job at agitating the surface get in the dirt lifted with the solvent that we’ll be using and then
Allowing our extractor to remove that dirt from the surface and for the extractor
I’ll just be using hot water to inject into the surface to remove that solvent and then remove the dirt as well
And for all of you that like to see the carpet cleaning and the after water that comes out that’s full of
Farts and dirt and all that yummy stuff here is the shot for you
I actually use this bucket and I filled it up over the entire carpet cleaning all the way to the top with just
dirty yuck water
So I actually put it in this bucket
Took it down to my local car wash in essence
I could dump it in there reclaimed water bin and they allowed me to do that so they could recycle it for me
But it was just the nastiest water you could imagine that pulled out of this carpet by the end of this detail
And I know you’re all probably wondering why I’m just using a spray bottle and if my forearms are actually hurting
Yes, they indeed were and then I got really really smart and realized I have a commercial sprayer
Just sitting in my garage not even being used
so I pulled it out mixed my
LA’s totally awesome and water inside of that and it made it ten times easier to saturate the carpet with enough
solvent to then shampoo the carpets
Lot of the tools and products that you see Detailers use the main goal is to do a better job
but also to be more efficient and in this case by using the commercial sprayer, I
showcase just how much faster you can get the job done of
Spraying in the surface before you have to pull out your drill brush
It makes a huge impact on the amount of time that you spend doing a job
And in this case, the little green machine carpet cleaner I’m using is a perfect hobbyist tool
It’s perfect around the house if you’re doing small jobs, but in larger jobs
You definitely can start noticing some of the shortcomings to the volume of the tank and also to the suction power of the tool
So I’m actually super excited and big shout out to my wife my co-star if you’ve never seen her YouTube channel
Definitely go check her out if you’re into Mom and cleaning stuff
She does a really good job on her channel showing you all of those different types of videos, but for Father’s Day
She actually picked me up a new carpet cleaner. That is
Specific for detailing, it’s got a larger capacity
Fluid bin. It’s got a more high pressure vacuum, and I’m super excited to be using it in the next video
And for the center section
I just set these clips back to normal speed so that way you guys can see how much stuff I’m actually extracting
So for the drill brush kit that I use it came with several different sizes one was more of a cone shape that came with
Two larger circular ones and then it came with a smaller circular one
That was probably about two inches in diameter
Which really came in handy to get into some of those spots that were in the driver’s side wheel
Well, so if you guys want to check it out, I highly recommend it. It is one of my new favorite tools
I will have them linked in description box below if you want to check them out
Now for the floor mats
I used the same carpet cleaner and my drill brush to agitate those fibres to get that dirt
Moving and lifted to the surface and instead of using an extractor
I went ahead and used my pressure washer to rinse all of that dirt and debris out of the floor mats
And since I use a pressure washer to remove all of the cleaner and all of the dirt out of the fibers of the floor
Mats, I’m just using the shop back to extract the fluid from them before I leave them sitting out in the Sun to dry
Now that all the carpets inside the vehicle have been shampooed and cleaned
it is time to move to the front of the vehicle and begin doing the
cleaning of all the dashboard steering wheel and all the different components up front and the all-purpose cleaner that I’m using is diluted 20 to
1 and I’m just using it to spray onto the surface and I’m using my soft bristle brushes to agitate any of the dirt in
All the different cracks and crevices of the dashboard the air vents and all the different switches without over saturating the surface
And I’ll follow this process starting at the dashboard working through the passenger-side door panel
Then to the rear of the car and making sure I’m hitting every plastic component that needs to be wiped down
Depend on the level of dirt that you have on the door jambs and on the inside of the door panels
You can use your all-purpose cleaner in this area as well
Or you can use your steam cleaner
Which you’ve seen in my previous videos how good of a job it actually does but in this case these weren’t super dirty
So just an all-purpose cleaner and the microfiber towel was able to clean those areas off
For the windows. I like to crack the windows down halfway and clean that top edge before
I roll it back up to get the inside and the outside surfaces of the windows
Now after using my all-purpose cleaner on all the dashboard and plastic panels
I’ll be following up with my Chemical Guys silk and shine which is a UV protectant
But also gives you that matte new finish to the surface that I really enjoy
For events in particular one tool that I like to use are those soft foam brushes that you usually give your kids when they’re doing
Finger-painting. Those brushes are actually really useful just to spray your protectant on so that way you can get inside those different areas of
Dashboards inside your speaker grilles, they really come in handy just to pick up a small pack for like five bucks
Now for these leather seats since they were so dirty
I went ahead and just used my all-purpose cleaner and a hard bristle brush to scrub them pretty
Vigorously to get that dirt out of those different cracks without causing any ripping or any additional tearing
Once the seats were cleaned. I just use a conditioner to kind of add some moisture to the surface of the seats
But also bring back some of that shine
Whenever doing an interior detail one thing I like to do is not only do the inside glass
But do the outside as well because when you give it back to the customer
It’s gonna be really hard for them to see how good of a job you did if the outside glass is not cleaned
And like I’ve said in previous videos if you have the opportunity to remove the car seats from the vehicle whether it’s a
coupe a minivan that makes it super easy if you have
Stains and you have the ability to remove the seats it always makes it easier for you to do them outside the vehicle
So you have better access to some of the areas that you typically wouldn’t if it was inside
Now the back tailgate was one of those areas in the door jambs that were
Really really dirty and I took out my Steam Cleaner to tackle those spots
Used my bristle brush to kind of agitate any of the debris that was collected there
And in this case the mold that was in the very top
definitely need to be steam clean to kill the bacteria to kill the mold and
Also use the brush to agitate and get that area clean
The car turned out amazing, I turned this disaster into something that looked almost brand-new and the owners of the vehicle
I didn’t get their reactions in this video, but they were completely over the moon and blown away with the end results
Want you guys to leave a comment below of what video you want to see next to my channel and it wouldn’t mean a ton
to me
If you could give this video a big thumbs up and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new
Content that I put out and thank you guys so much for watching today, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye guys

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