Never Carbon Clean Your Car’s Engine

Never Carbon Clean Your Car’s Engine

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
explain the truth about carbon cleaning
your engine, now as I showed in previous
videos, it really doesn’t matter if the
outside of your engine is dirty, but it’s
important that the inside of your engine
is clean, so of course you want to change
your oil regularly to keep the engine
clean that way, but realize that when
gasoline burns in Earth’s atmosphere
inside your engine, that one of the
byproducts is carbon, and carbon can take
up space inside your engine, if you get a
lot of carbon buildup inside the
combustion chamber, the carbon takes up
space, that space will make the
compression ratio go higher, because you
have less space in the same area it’ll
make the compression higher compression,
it can lead to pre-ignition your engine
clanging when you’re driving around, it’s
not a good thing, now in conventional
gasoline engine like this Toyota Matrix,
the fuel injectors are on the intake so
when the air gets sucked into the engine,
the fuel injectors spray gasoline with
that and they go over the intake valves
as they’re sucked in, and if you know
anything about gasoline it’s very good
solvent, it’s a very good cleaner, so you
generally don’t get much carbon buildup
on the valves of a conventional engine
if you use good gasoline and change your
oil regularly, but if you have one of
these modern GDI gasoline direct
injection systems, an older Volkswagen
with one, they’re notorious for carboning
the engine, because the GDI injectors are
directly spraying fuel into the block,
they don’t spray it over the intake
valves, and with all this anti-pollution
equipment, the PCV system can take oil
deposits and stuff out of the engine and
burns it, but since it’s no longer mixed
with gasoline when it goes over the
intake, it can build up carbon on the
intake system, I guess you could say they
should have seen it coming when you’re
talking about the Volkswagen engineers,
but alas they didn’t see it coming
I’ve seen Volkswagen engines that were so
carboned up that you had to take the
intake off and you had to get a
sandblasting machine and instead of
putting sand in it,
you would put walnut shells because
they’re softer, and you would actually
have to bless the carbon off the inside
of the engine, now some of the really
modern engines that have GDI, like some
of the Toyotas, they actually have a GDI
system and then they also have the
regular fuel system on the intake system
and the computer alternates back and
forth, so the regular injectors on the
intake spray gasoline over the intake
valves to help clean them, and those engine
hey don’t have a problem with
them carboning up, as long as you use
good gasoline and change the oil
regularly, I see a lot of people are
trying to sell carbon cleaning to their
customers, they went out they bought a
machine, they want to pay for the machine
and make a profit, so they try to tell
everybody, Oh your engine needs carbon
cleaning, we got a carbon clean your
engine, and many times that’s not the
they don’t need carbon cleaning, now if
you want to see if your engine needs
carbon cleaning, you can use one of these
borescopes and look inside your engine, I
like this one cuz it’s a standalone unit
but I’ve even bought 14 dollar ones
on eBay that hookup to either your laptop
your phone and they work perfectly fine
too, so they don’t cause much anymore
we’ll just take off the beauty cover,
and take off this ignition coil, out it
comes, and remove the spark plug, then we
get the scope and look inside, and as we
can see inside here, this thing is pretty
clean there’s no clumps of carbon lying
around, which doesn’t surprise me at all
in this matrix engine, hey we don’t drive
drive it that much, I change the oil every
3,000 miles
and use a high quality synthetic oil and
use good gasoline, and both my wife and I
are pretty fast driver so we keep the
engine revved up which helps clean it out
yeah engines can carbon up if you don’t go
over 30 miles an hour, that’s where the
supposed myth of the Italian tune up
actually does work quite well in cars
that are driven too slow, the Italian
tune up being the slang for, getting on a
highway driving your car real fast, my wife
used to have a camry station wagon
and she drove it three miles a day back
and forth to work in city
traffic, one time we took it to San
Antonio which takes about four hours to
drive and the speed limit
someof the way was 75-80 miles an hour, and
we got back boy that thing ran even
better, it ran okay before but it idled
better smoother had more acceleration
cuz that help clean the carbon out of
the engine from it going too slow all
the time, but let’s say you looked inside
you saw a whole bunch of carbon and you
need to clean your engine out, maybe you
bought a used car, maybe it goes too slow,
there are lots of carbon cleaning
systems out there, but only a few of them
are actually safe, now one is using water
what’s water do when it gets really hot
it turns to steam, steam cleaning can clean
things really well, now it actually can
work but it has one main disadvantage, if
your tempted to do it yourself by
spraying it in or just pouring it in the
engine, you get too much water in you can
hide or lock the engine and bend the
Pistons and do all kinds of damage, now
professional mechanics have water
cleaning machines takes about 40 minutes
to do, you pay the mechanic to do it he
has a machine that’s setup for that but
it doesn’t do any damage it’s a
relatively complicated procedure
it’s not just sitting there guessing
spraying or pouring water in the intake
back in World War 2 some
fighter planes they had a system that if
they were being attacked and they had to
try to get away as fast as possible, they
could actually inject coolant of the
engine right into the engine, because not
only does it clean but of course it
gives a boost of power hydrogen h2o
oxygen, you get more power that way, it’s
not something you’re going to do all the time
sometimes the engines would blow up, but
I guess if someone’s behind you with 50
caliber machine guns blast away, you
really don’t think about damaging the
engine that much
the thing that seems to do the best cleaning
I tried out is ats chemical one, the 3c
induction cleaner, it hooks up to the
induction and what it does is there’s a
microprocessor and it has time to
release of chemicals that they’ve created
to clean all the different parts and do
it correctly without damaging the engine
now I remember a
while back when Ford came out with their
GDIs and they were having carboning up problems,
Ford put out a note that
said, do not use these carbon cleaning
chemicals, because if you do chunks might
come off and if you have a turbocharger
it can break the turbocharger, if you have
big enough chunks it could clog up the
catalytic converter, they were saying not
to use these cleaners, but this system
works differently, it took these guys years
to figure this out, out of Albuquerque New
Mexico, I guess there’s nothing else to
do in Albuquerque, so you might as well
invent something, modern fuels and
additives and oils and their additives, so
having a new system with special
chemicals run by a microprocessor it
only makes sense to me, so as far as I’m
concerned the ats cleaner seems to do
the best job of any of them out there
but as I said before, you have to decide
hey do you really need your engine
carbon cleaned in the first place, of
course you can test it like I showed
with the borescope, if you got an older
Volkswagen with the older GDI system, I
definitely would advise having that done
every once in a while because they have
a problem with building up, but if you
have a normal non GDI engine and you
drive at normal highway speeds a lot, you
probably don’t need any cleaning, but if
you drive like a turtle or let’s say you
just bought a used car from an estate
from an old person that hardly drove at
all, and maybe it has 15,000 miles and
it’s 18 years old, probably be a good
idea to have some carbon cleaning done to
that, but don’t be misled by the promises
of your cars going to run better, it’s
going to have more performance, it’s
going to get better gas mileage, if your car
runs perfectly fine now, you really don’t
need a carbon cleaned, because modern
gasoline configuration they keep
perfecting it, it burns much better than
gasoline when I was a kid, when my
grandfather was a young mechanic
those Model T Fords would carbon up all
the time, practically every winter you’d
have to tear the engine apart, clean the
carbon off the valves and pistons and
put it back together again, those days
are long gone, and since the fuel
injector systems are run by computers as
as is the ignition
modern cars are much more efficient,
you’re not gonna have the build-up of
carbon as much because of that reason,
but whatever you do, don’t just get a jug
of water and start pouring it down the
throttle in the engine, you can just
and engine doing that I’ve seen that
happen, and please don’t go to one of
those car washes and use one of their
wands that has the high-pressure steam and
do it, totally unregulated and you’ll
probably destroy your engine if you
start spraying that inside, so now you know
the truth about carbon cleaning your
engine, and realize for most people most
of the time, it’s an unnecessary process
the car just does need, because
unfortunately carbon cleaning that’s
become like some of the snake oil
products where people say, add this to
your engine oil then it’ll run better
and rebuild your engine while you drive
it’s all a bunch of nonsense too, the
additives in oil are fine, the additives in
modern gasoline are also fine, for
normal driving you don’t have to mess
around with carbon cleaning, but if you
are a worrywart hey pull out a spark
plug or two, look inside with a borescope,
if it’s clean inside ha peace of mind
knowing yeah you don’t have to do
anything, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Oh they saw it and many other things coming when designing their engines. Rear mounted timing chains come to mind as well.

  3. Re Italian tune up. I've lived in rural Central Valley all my life. It was a slow easy going life. When Interstate 5 first opened up, there were few gas stations or repair shops along the route, so we started getting Los Angeles people coming into town. Man…were they all hyper and wound up. One guy came in and wanted his fuel pump changed. I asked him how he knew. He started the car and absolutely floored it. I thought it would throw a fan blade. The engine sputtered and cut out. We changed the pump. He did it again, except this time the engine maintained its wild scream…and then it threw a belt. He told him that a mechanic had told him to rev his engine up prior to a trip as proof that everything was ok. The flipped belt only reinforced his belief. Oh…did I say he was originally from Texas?

  4. Sea Foam spray into intake and 5 OZ of liquid Sea Foam into engine. Run it a few hours and change the oil.

  5. 04 Matrix xrs 193k miles: My oil gets pretty dirty pretty quickly….about 1500 miles and it's noticeably dirty. Not black, but getting pretty dark. Since buying the car about 5k miles ago (currently at 193k) I've started using a synthetic blend oil (valvoline maxlife). Do you think after enough oil changes it will start to clean up? (ie- is the "detergent" aspect of thatnool going to help?)

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  10. You can buy a media blaster and some walnut shells for 50$ at harbor freight. Couple hours of work and it’ll look good as new. I bought a camaro that had a ton of carbon buildup and the difference was night and day as far as acceleration and idle goes.

  11. Crazy a, must have forgot he made a video on you should clean your valves with crc gdi cleaner. One of many contradictory videos he has made.

  12. Hello Scotty, I appreciate your video's! Thank you! Question: 2006 Sentra well maintained one owner highway miles. Service engine light soon on. Mechanics say its a small emission leak don't worry about it…… Been driving it for 3 years now that way. No problems, just annoys me! Any idea what the problem is?

  13. Hey Scotty,

    Tremendous knowledge in your videos. I live in Australia and it's been a while since I haven't seen and met my dad for a while. He's overseas and don't think we can meet anytime near. But every time I see your videos, it reminds me of my dad. He worked so hard and has tremendous knowledge of cars. He lived through when the internet was not there so he isn't social media savvy but just a shout out to you for making the videos fun and engaging. My father will always put a smile on his face and do all fixes like it's good food. Keep helping and have fun !!!

  14. Hey Scotty, I have a VW Tiguan that built up a lot of carbon, and I had it cleaned once. I'd rather not pay to have that done again, what's your opinion on using seafoam or another cleaner regularly to keep the carbon buildup down?

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  16. Walnut blasting works just fine and easy to do. Make sure valves are closed and a vaccum running at the same time you are cleaning the valves and it comes out looking new.

  17. dear mr kilmer ive been having a problem with my 3rzfe toyota engine, its been suffering from reduced performance and at idling the rpm drops below 500 rpm and it feels like its going to die, so i used a carbon remover can the performance increased and the car actually changed all the symptoms were gone however, after two week the same symptoms started to come back, reduced performance esp when ive the steering wheel turned and im trying to accelerate there seems to be a hesitation and reduced performance, whats your take

  18. I have a 1992 toytoa cammry le 2.2 engine every one says its the throttle body and there are cleaner for that is it work cleaning or replacing

  19. When I was a young man. I bought a 2nd hand ford escort off a old lady.
    It always felt like the timing was a tooth off. I took it on a 150 mile trip, was on a counrty road, accelerating as fast as that car could. There was a sound like air being released from a valve, I looked in the rear view mirror. There was a hige cloud of black smoke. My little ford escort took off. Way better acceleration, and better gas milage. I know I blew out all of that carbon in the engine

  20. Simple. Change oil every 3,000 miles with Pennzoil synthetic and WIX XP filter. I'll get 500K miles out of it. I dont drive the hell out if it though I do have a heavy foot. Don't put engine cleaner in oil. MM oil in gas tank once a year. Forget carbon build up issues in cars built in past 20 years.

  21. Use regular pennzoil and it’ll clean out the sludge. And you could use marvel mystery oil for one quart with four quarts oil.

  22. No carbon on the piston tops of a port-injected engine Scotty… Turn that camera onto the intake valves of a direct-injected engine.

  23. Just run a thin oil and change it and the filter 3 or 4 times at 300 miles each. and run a tank of premium gas that will clean it slowly

  24. This is helpful in case I ever get a piston engine again, but rotary engines are a whole different beast when it comes to carbon buildup; a redline a day keeps the carbon away!

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  26. Even in 1980 with carburetors, never had a problem because I had my foot in it whenever the engine was warmed up. Even a mechanic noted I did not have much carbon when I had a blown head gasket on a Mazda B2000. Just a little soot you could wipe with a rag. LOL.

  27. Same crap with turbo charged BMWs. Walnut blasted my 11 335 at 80k miles. I maintain the car meticulously so the build up was not bad. The N55 is actually less prone to build up than the 335s with the N54.

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  30. Very informative! I have a '14 SHO with 130,000 miles and still runs pretty darn good. I will however checkout one of those bore scopes and check inside!

  31. At a certain point all the technology and money spent to make a car more efficient costs more than the gas saved.

  32. Man, why do you have to tell everyone these things? There goes my commission….
    Everything you said is truth though. The truth sets us free I guess. Keep up the great work bro.

  33. You can buy / rent everything you need to walnut blast the valves at home for 200 bucks or less. Harbor freight sells a cheap blasting kit. Rent an air compressor from home depot. Then all you need is a shopvac and an adapter to fit the intake port. Take off the manifold and go. Takes half a day.

  34. At the stealer ship we sold these for $151.03 recommended every 45k. More than every other flush besides the trans flush and the least nesessary. Glad I don't work there anymore. And brakes flush recommended every 24k…

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    Scotty Kilmer is what the true nature of the internet should be.

  37. I make sure I stomp the pedal on my Jetta tdi with a stage 2 tune and a straight through exhaust, and egr valve. I can see the black leaving the car… quite awesome

  38. Greeting from Eastern Europe. I have a 2003 Audi diesel engine, a 1.9L pumpe-duse. My mechanic had it cleaned for me and I can definitely feel the difference, I have a manual shifter and I listen to the engine and drive it hard so I know the power output and responsiveness and what the engine usually does. I was skeptical about the carbon cleaning but it really made a difference, I have more power and responsiveness and it was definitely worth the $30 that I payed for it. Maybe Scotty is right about gasoline engines, but on an old VW diesel like this that was never cleaned before, it did make a big difference.

  39. Scotty, the water injection system used on various WW2 fighter aircraft allowed the use of a higher than full throttle stop position called Emergency War Setting, which pushed a much higher manifold pressure from the turbo super charger. The water cooled the combustion chamber to prevent detonation. The hydrogen in the water is not a factor. The manual warned that more than five minutes at that setting would damage the engine. It was intended to be used in dogfight situations to escape a bogey on your tail. Fighter pilots had a saying "Speed is Life." Designers therefore pushed piston engine power to it's absolute limits before jet turbines became practical. There were also various water / methanol mixes tried to improve absolute power in emergencies. Sincerely, Larry

  40. Some WW2 aircraft, like the P-47 injected small amount of water to cool engine at emergency full throttle to allow a more advanced timing while eliminating hot pre-ingnition pinging. The more advanced timing allowed for a few more horsepower.

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