Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

Never Bring Your Car to Walmart

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about whether you should have your car
serviced at a Walmart car repair center
or not now in all honesty I go to Walmart
all the time and buy stuff because they
have great prices i buy my fantastic
blue paper towels there I often buy a
lot of oil there they got a good
selection and a very good price no you
have to realize that Walmart is not an
auto discount parts store they have a
very limited amount of car star
batteries tires oil cleaning supplies
stuff like that and they got good prices
on it hey buy your stuff there I got
nothing against that you always want a
comparison shop I was working on a
customer’s car a quality battery for at
Walmart cost $89 they had a cheaper one
it was 45 but it was a low cranking the
one that it was called for costed by 90
bucks any equivalent battery autozone
ORiley for over one hundred and fifty
nine dollars so sure but better Walmart
was a better price for a quality battery
there’s nothing wrong with doing that
but do you want to take your car there
my advice on that is you might think
twice first of all I only do limited
things oil changes putting tires
batteries in they’re not real mechanics
working there they can work on your car
and do serious stuff they call them
technicians but I didn’t research they
start them out at $11 an hour a
technician in an actual garage or
dealership they get paid between
twenty-five and fifty five dollars an
hour so as the saying goes if you pay
peanuts you get monkeys you’re not gonna
get highly trained highly skilled people
working for $11 an hour here in the
United States
I talked to guys that now work at
autozone that used to work at Walmart
and they pretty much said well the one
pro of the Walmart car repair places is
you can get a job they’re easy they will
hire anyone and that’s what almost all
of these guys said but in $11 an hour
they said some of them were they’re sick
years didn’t get any pay raises they’re
still making $11 an hour not too
motivational for the guys to learn to do
stuff and really hustle around and the
biggest complaint of people who do go
there to get their oil change list oh it
took forever one person said it was four
hours they’re gonna get their oil change
and that the people just ignore him and
they looked in the bay and the guys are
just standing around bs and smoking
cigarettes and stuff I have to say Sam
Walton the man was a hustler when he was
young he at five and nine store he drove
all night to the other side of Arkansas
so he could buy these women clothes
cheap then come back to his store and
before they opened at six o’clock in the
morning he had it all displayed so he
could undercut the guy across the street
and do more business by saving people
money for making a profit himself
if only Sam could see the laziness and
indifference of many of his workers he’d
be rolling over his grave seeing how
they treated his customers sure they’re
only doing simple things like changing the
putting tires on the car but any
batteries in but modern cars are a lot
more complex than they used to be to
give you a perfect example at a customer
went to Walmart later he comes to me
saying I’m having problems with this
battery I put my fancy load testing
machine on this $800 Medtronic’s said
the battery was bad sir he went back to
Walmart and he said all they did was get
a voltmeter and they measured the
voltage says no it’s got enough voltage
is nothing wrong with the battery and of
course anybody who knows anything about
batteries you don’t just measure the
voltage that’s where you start you do a
low test you got to see how many
cranking amps it is there are a bunch of
tests that can be done all I did
basically was testing the voltage and
the testing of the amps and showed that
the amp was low even though it was a new
battery it was just the defect and he
needed a new battery
they gave him another battery haha but
he had to jump through hoops to get
another battery
they cost one year as big as Walmart
they’re the largest single company from
number of employees they have and
they’re third in the world for anything
only the United States Defense
Department and the Chinese Defense
Department has more employees than
Walmart so it’s so big they’re certainly
ganna have a problem with quality
control a few years ago a guy came with
this new pickup it was about six months
old and he brought me a battery to test
so I tested it
said hey the batteries got reverse
polarity the positive and the negative
terminal were actually even though it
said positive one negative the other it
was built wrong so it was backwards the
positive was actually negative negative
was a positive
so when he hooked up to his truck boom
burnout a bunch of stuff about the
matter at Walmart and they said oh will
you put the battery wrong in your truck
it’s not our fault you just installed it
backwards well after I just as I said no
you installed it correctly it said it
was built wrong now I have to admit even
I probably would have done that because
when I buy a battery I know you’re
chilly stick ammeter to see if it’s made
right that the positive is positive
negative negative I’m assuming that plus
is plus and minus is minus and I put it
in carefully so the positive goes in a
positive terminal and negative a
negative but after that guy brought me
an ad for a few months I was checking
all the batteries with my meter to make
sure they were positive and not negative
and they weren’t built wrong but I never
did find another one that was built
wrong I do have to say they have
insurance and they had to pay a bunch of
money for it it was thousands of dollars
the damage it did to the new pickup
truck to the computer system but people
that are working there from my
experience here in Texas a lot of don’t
even care I went to Walmart wants to buy
big screen TV I was ignored I mean we
were talking about a thousand dollar TV
right they just ignore me so dad with us
I walked on I bought it on Amazon which
actually I liked better because they
delivered to our house free so I didn’t
care you have to carry the giant thing
Amazon ended up as a better deal
language but they lost the sale on that
one because of lazy unmotivated
employees now with the complexity of
modern-day cars even changing a battery
out can cause problems that’s why I
advise people to use one of these
batteries memory savers this plugs in
the OBD part then you just hook this up
to any 12-volt power supply so when you
disconnect the battery in place of
battery it doesn’t reset a bunch of
stuff a lot more than your idea won’t
work cuz you got to put in a special
code and if you don’t have the code and
they put a battery in and you got to run
through hoops to find out where the code
is from the dealer prove you own it get
the code and then input it it’s a lot
worse I had a customer the mini dead
battery changed at Walmart and they
brought to me it’s the Scotty my
sunroofs not working right the windows
aren’t working right so idle and kind of
funky and I said what did they
put one of these memory savers in they
said I don’t think so I had to reset my
clock and everything I said well then
they didn’t do this because I’m modern
cars like the many that’s basically BMW
technology you have to know what you’re
doing when you’re working on them and if
you just change the battery
you’re gonna have to reset a whole bunch
of stuff and often it requires a dealer
level scan tool when I get one of those
cars come in I’ve got to hook up my
$5,000 top-of-the-line scan tool and
start messing with resetting stuff
because just changing the battery can
cause a problem if you don’t put one of
these obd memory savers in before you
change the battery now they sell tires
have competitive prices on tires there’s
no arguing that if you’re gonna buy
tires you’ll buy from a place that knows
tires that has mechanics that can do
front-end alignments doesn’t know how to
balance them correctly you don’t just
want some guy was making $11 an hour
putting tires on your car and saying
okay it’s done when I send customers the
cotton brothers that’s my front end
alignment shop that’s half a mile over
there they look at everything first they
look at the old tires and they’ll see oh
well this is worn here the struts are
worn or the tow in is wrong and a front
end alignment they’re not just going to
throw tires I’m they’re gonna wear out
fast because there’s another problem
these places don’t have the trained
personnel to do that or the equipment to
do alignments to do it correctly even
though they got good prices hey I’m not
a fan of taking your car there and
having tires put on realize these days
with the complexity of modern cars
things are so complex you want somebody
who understands the whole car when
they’re working on it and yeah I
personally seen horror stories were
somebody went to Walmart to get their
oil changed and they screwed up the
drain plug and not was leaking and in
one case it was on all-wheel drive Isuzu
and it was like a $900 job replacing the
oil pan to fix it right you really want
to have to deal with that stuff man as a
kid I started changing it all cuz hey I
didn’t have much money
I wanted to keep the engine going but
I’m not gonna pay somebody to do a
simple job like that I do it myself and
I advise people to do it themselves but
if you don’t do it yourself have a
qualified guy doing it if you’re going
to any big-box store it doesn’t matter
if it’s Walmart or Lowe’s you do not go
there expecting any type of great
customer service they
just pay their employees too little one
of the biggest complaints I saw online
from employees of Walmart that worked on
their Auto Center was you didn’t get
promoted because you did a good job you
got promoted
if you nuzzled up to the manager and it
was more of a buddy system that it was a
merit system, great place to buy stuff
that has good prices but I would not
send people there to have their cars
worked on, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. That's overgeneralization. I got new tires installed at Walmart and they did a decent job. I took my car to a dealer for an oil change and they screwed it up. It all depends on which store you go to.

  3. I sell car parts. I saw their handiwork up close and personal. They put the tiedown for a battery on first then the battery on top of it. So it sat at an angle. Which caused it to eventually spurt acid like a geyser.

  4. I am a cashier at a Walmart, and I completely agree with you, it’s more of a buddy system then anything if you want to get something like a raise, I have received multiple compliments, and some have even told my manager, and I don’t get rewarded, or recognized.

  5. I had a bad experience with walmart car repair department. went there 'coz the price was dirt cheap for mounting a set of new rims to my tires. next thing I know, I had a lot of scratches and dents to my new rims. those crooks were denying its their fault. Good thing I noticed it before I drove off

  6. i had my oil changed at my local walmart and low and behold my 1995 ford f350 dually wound up getting the oil drained and none put back in they locked up my engine and said its my problem it had no oil put back in uhhhhh no i dont think its my problem that walmart drained my oil and didnt fill it back up with oil i got my lawyer and sued the heck outta my walmart here in wichita falls texas scotty i got a brand new crate 7.5L 460 v8 engine but will never ever have my cars or trucks serviced by them again ill do it myself or have a mechanic do it for me i was really unhappy they even made me pay 60 dollars for a oil change i refused and didnt pay for it when cops came to arrest me for theft as my walmart said i showed the officer and he said i was free to go and didnt have to pay them so i didnt

  7. Not all Walmarts Services are the same. Some of these young people that work there actually build race engines on their free time. It’s difficult to become a Technician. You either need experience and ASE just to be considered In hiring. I’m an Air Conditioning Technician and I work at Walmart. I’ve worked on engines and transmissions. ASE and experiences goes a long way in wether you’ll be hired any where as a Technician. I was burnt out doing R&R engines and transmission, head gaskets, A/C etc. I’ve worked at Honda, Midas, and Independent Shops. Good thing about Walmart 401K and health insurance. Independent shops didn’t provide that

  8. Last time I stop there to get an oil change They did not put the engine covers back on and some rock's put holes in my radiator. I didn't know it until I was going down the highway and the engine overheated with a blown head gasket. Because of that I am never going back to Walmart for any service to my car

  9. Lol I worked as a journeyman tech at a BMW dealer for 8 years…..$16 an hour flat rate. I dont work on cars anymore..

  10. As a former walmart auto care center employee I can firmly say this video is most likely a localized problem as the stores I worked at never ignored customers. And most "incidents" were few and far between usually performed by new people who were either fired or removed from the department depending on the severity

  11. I had a friend go to Walmart for an oil change. Their engine started making crazy noises. Found out the guys at Walmart forgot to put oil back in . .

  12. I once had to go there because my father bought a battery and it went bad within the warranty period. It took 3 hours and two supervisors to not get a new battery. And in between this time this Walmart had "tech" employees complaining about having to take a few bowel movements, complaining that it was now close to closing time and the same employee running around turning lights off in the office/cash register area and the supervisor turning the lights back on.

    The woman behind me left and said she's filing a complaint. Nothing changed and I don't recall if I ever got that battery. This was several years ago.

  13. I hate shopping at Walmart. It's crowded and there's long lines at the checkout area. There's always people in there that are standing around & taking up space so you can't move your cart around.

  14. One good thing about batteries with posts is the positive post is larger than the negative post, unfortunately I do not know of any way to visually determine if the + and – are backwards on a side terminal battery. Thank you for another great video.

  15. your info is either just old or your going to the wrong wal-mart store. the minimum pay for a wal-mart tech is $12.90 an hour, its actually pretty good pay for the job compared to the other oil change places like take 5 or Jiffy lube. some of what is said is true. how wal-mart wants the oil change done is meant to make it slow. software is a joke and yes to get promoted you have to play the politics.

  16. They stripped my dad's oil pan on his Lexus by putting drain plug on with impact wrench. They've messed up my car a few times too. Never again

  17. I love Wally World for the same things you do, but also agree DO NOT GET CAR SERVICE THERE. 
    Scotty, this is your funniest and most enjoyable video yet, Thanks!

  18. Ur a absolutely rt they can f up a wet dream had a bad experience getting my oil changed ended up costing me $350.00 buck to repair!!!!!

  19. I’ve got my oil changed at a local Walmart a couple of months ago, ever since my car engine start running really at high RPM even when my foot is off the gas pedal needless to mention that the car now burns way more gasoline than before.

  20. Hey Scotty, when you say “bring”, it kind of implies you work there. You should have said “take”. Just sayin’. 😉

  21. I took a car one time for an oil change at Walmart. My car was leaking oil after the change because they didnt screw it tight enough. I never took a car after that

  22. Nice Skewering of Walmart, they deserve every bit of it. Had a defective battery put in there. They wound up replacing it with other defective batteries several times. In the process a stock connector was ruined and the paint under the hood was stripped off. Only way to properly replace good stock connectors is to replace the entire cable. Had a muffler put on at Sam's club and they dented the muffler went bad soon after. Refused to fix it. Walmart is disgusting in so many ways. China Inc.

  23. just stop encouraging Walmart to fix your cars and go somewhere else they just might finally start getting the point

  24. It's been at least 4 yrs since I stepped foot inside a Walmart it's no more than bottom feeding shopping at best I won't even go in to use the restroom

  25. my 2.7L Ecoboost takes 6 quarts of oil and they decided to put 9 in…. my Cebrolet Sonic has a few messed up studs due to them cross threading… DO NOT GO TO WAL-MART!!!!

  26. As someone who was a technician at Toyota, I can say we definitely didn't get more than $15 an hour flat rate

  27. Co-worker got an oil change at wal-mart and got a new engine shortly after. They double stacked the filter o-rings and all the oil blew out. They tried to tell him his motor was making that knocking sound when he brought it in. 🤣

  28. There is a Walmart here in town that I let change my oil in the winter when I do not want to crawl under my car. It is under $21 with tax included. They do that fine but I would not have them do anything else.

  29. I go there for tires and batterys….not that hard to do …better than overpriced mechanics. I change my own oil with synthetic

  30. Idk if it has anything to do with their oil or not, I’m no mechanic. But every time I got an oil change there with different used cars I always got an oil leak.

  31. What about Sam Club or Costco? I think Costco has tire rotation for the life of the tires if you buy it from them

  32. “Smoking cigarettes and stuff” puts up picture of a dab pen 😂😂💯 probably are getin high workin at Walmart tho

  33. Seems that virtually every aspect of our country is in a state of decline. After seeing
    the level of many of the comments posted here, there is little doubt.

  34. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, LOL.
    And I already learned my lesson with Walmart. One time they greased up one of my brake rotors, hahaha.
    They paid for it though.

  35. it's weird cause when I applied to a walmart store in Buffalo, NY they told me I needed an ASE certification to work there. Someone I knew that worked as a auto tech at walmart told me that he never got a certification to work at walmart auto center and they were BSing me cause at some tire repair shops none of the employees were certified either other than places like Pepboys or Firestone employees where you need to be certified to work there but they were only making flat rate not hourly. I decided to say F*** walmart and their crappy greedy corporation and realized being a mechanic in America is pointless now.

  36. Haha…yep I learned early to never take it to walmart. Had new tires put on along with a oil change, figured why not..yeah that burned me. Not only did I have to replace all lugs I had to replace the oil plug. Thats been 13yrs ago and ive never been back.

  37. I heard a horror story of somebody bringing their Dodge Viper to a Walmart to do an oil change. Well the dimwit who did it, didn't put the oil drain plug back in and roached the 50k or more motor. Needless to say the worker got fired. But the Viper owner needs a slap in the face reality check for bringing his expensive sports car to a Walmart. lol

  38. In my country, I was paid around 5 Malaysian ringgits an hour when i was working at burger king, in collage. Which is equivalent to 1.20$ /h….
    So 11$/h doesn’t sound that bad….

    But thats not the point of this video. Lmao

  39. As a former Walmart "Auto Care Center" employee all I can say is, "I love you Scotty."  Walmart is a horrible place to work.  They have good prices on tires, but the employees are unknowledgeable and unmotivated and yes it is all based on brown-nosing.  Also, their tire changing machines are outdated and unmaintained, junk equipment!!!

  40. I would also hope that Sam Walton would not treat his employees as they are treated now, which is pretty horrible and deliberately punitive. You get what you pay for.

  41. Don't support Walmart by any means. You're shooting yourself in the foot and supporting slave labor. Soon all of us will be slaves.

  42. Went to Wallyworld to get a battery. The one they tried to sell me was smaller than the bad one. Went inside, got the correct battery and it fit perfect, even with them saying it was too big.
    Had an oil change done once. Paid for the mid range oil change. I got the economy model. Never again.

  43. I was at Wal Crap and this woman asked for her oil to br changed…. The employee said " oh, it's going to take a out 2 hours." I was like " seriously?"

  44. Fact is garages have apprenticeships… they do all the pick-and-shovel work… the actual technician is the overseer… he just checks up on The Apprentice work!

  45. You never talked about Pep Boys…. you don't know what kind of mechanic is lurking… just like hair salons you never know when going to walk out with a bad haircut!

  46. Here in Canada I don't think I've ever seen a Walmart with an actual automotive centre before. Their prices for oil, filters, and other misc parts are not even competitive at all! You'd be better off going to NAPA or literally any other auto parts store. Last time I went they wanted like $35 for a gallon of cheap dino 5W-30 oil whereas you could get equivalent stuff at any other store for $16! Walmart is like the people who like to hang out there. Trashy and honestly a bit scary sometimes.

  47. Had Goodyear tires installed at Wal-Mart in 2008 and lasted 6 years at 50K miles (went bald and had metal stints that were exposed on 1 tire, but didn't blow). I've seen videos that Wal-Mart added oil in the transmission fluid (caps were the same) and caused $5,000 worth of damage to the transmission. Even the 1999 GMC Safari that lost the transmission at 70K in 2002 and the Chevy stealership didn't bother adding the drain plug back on and the transmission burnt out and lost all 10 quarts of fluid. Boy, was my mom pissed off.

  48. Tires are inexpensive and they rotate them for free…However, when they change your oil, they use a "Fram Core Filter". It shows up on the receipt as a $2.00 and change filter. So upgrade the filter. I know the service mgr and he's been there 11 years and he only does my car. But I also go to a local mechanic… THE batteries are horrible. We call the "Everstart" batteries, "Neverstart".

  49. I went to a Walmart for a new engine air filter. They said they couldn’t get me into the shop for several hours. I went to a oil change shop across the street and they had me in and out in 15 minutes.

  50. Hilarious that you see a picture of Elon Musk smoking weed on The JRE Podcast flashed on the screen as Scotty says "nothing wrong with that".

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