Navarro: The US could be a powerhouse for manufacturing

Navarro: The US could be a powerhouse for manufacturing

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  1. A vehicle that costs 2000 to make will profit companies and the Fed over 750000 in its lifetime. Payments, re sale, insurence, taxes, licensing, repairs, maintenance, and fuel.

  2. Why you lie to America. Trump asked for this for sure. Truth is….Do many of you know Trump lies and what an amazing strong Economy Obama built. For Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, n Carolina and many more states to lose 10' of thousands of manufacturing jobs just shows Great job Obama. Trump shits with his mouth even lies to your faces Pennsylvania about jobs. Rich love Trump thats why hes raising good money. Only reason Trump is a steady 40% because of his mouth…

  3. Nancy Pelosi wants this economy to tank. The DIXIECRAT LIBTURDS feel that they simply must PUNISH "Bad Orange Man"… MAGA 2020. Don Jr. 2024 & 2028, hen Eric 2032 & 2036…

  4. Let's put it this way, America is eating too much, can't keep fit and moving ahead quickly, China is stressfully making big leaps but could loose breath at any time and get pushed out of track .

  5. Let's put it this way, America is eating too much, can't keep fit and moving ahead quickly, China is stressfully making big leaps but could loose breath at any time and get pushed out of track .

  6. Peter Navarro just good for nothing and I wonder if he understand manufacture chain ?? Take for example a apparel factory need coordinate with factories who supply thread , textiles , dyeing service , button and other accessories .. How American factories coming back to USA if their supply chain belong to the Chinese ..It show how stupid and naive this guy is…

  7. False narrative is you lying to the american people about just how bad the US economy is really doing. There is no way the US is going to nail 75K new jobs in the auto sector, its a lie. Manufacturing will never be driven out of China because of labor costs in the US, and if they do come back it will be to automation. You cannot force technology transfer, when a condition of doing business with China is they have access to your technology, that's the trade off with China because of cheap labor, so another lie.. Another lie regarding Tariffs, it was proven that 100% of Tariffs have been on the back of the american consumer, so yet another lie by thieving Navarro. Tired of spelling out the inconsistencies of Lying Navarro and his corrupt administration

  8. Speaker Pelosi, I am one of many who support our president, As a republican I once voted for Obama, I AM A UNION PLUMBER AND SERVED 22 YEARS IN THE MILITARY, TO ME IT WAS A PRIVILEGE TO SERVE, I won't bore you in every country I worked in and especially the humanitarian projects, but this is WHAT military does out side WAR, Afghanistan, 3 tours to Kuwait I never looked for recognition our a promotion but what I was told, MAKE IT BETTER, I TRIED.

  9. A fist full of Democrats are holding America’s economy over stupidity and these people are supposed to look out for the American interest, instead they are looking out for themselves and the hatred of our President Trump. This is beyond stupidity.

  10. Powerhouse is a past tense because we have so many lazy people joined the union! They are lazy and expensive to the owners of manufacturers plus the government policies are not friendly to businesses! Blame yourself for your own faults.

  11. Blah blah blah …….
    Hypocrite white Americunt m'fuckers are good just talking. It is easier if you have chinese dicks shove in your racist mouths.

  12. Did Peter just say he hopes the Communist Party of China barters in good faith? What are we going to do if they don't? Go to war over multiple private businesses going broke after China steals the formula to their products and mass produces them at a fraction of the cost because they have no democracy and force child labor whether we see it or not? I can see the dollar bill signs in our business execs and Wall streets eyes when they think of dipping into China's market, the problem is we have no real leverage to keep them from taking anything they want in the end. They think we are weak, spoiled, overweight, nondisciplined, basically soft and they wouldn't be wrong. Yes, we have a great country and plenty of great people but we are spoiled compared to the rest of the world. Whats to really stop China from going back on their agreements once they make the few people in the world wealthy to sell out the rest of our country? If we make any deals with any communist country thats not cash in hand trade for goods then we will lose. I am all for America, I love our country and hope it can wake up and realize that all of our policies, legislation is being pushed by a very small group of deep state bureaucrats out of California and New York. We have to stop dealing with China and cut our loses while we can and focus on building back up our economy. No deal with China.

  13. So that’s why Nancy won’t bring the USMCA to a vote. China won’t be our biggest manufacturer. The Democrats have been doing dirty business with China and getting rich off of them. No wonder why Nancy is trying to stop it. She needs to be investigated for her dirty work with China and with the Mexican cartels…..the reason she wants open borders is the $$$ deals she has with them!!

  14. Canada hasn't signed it either. And it's almost the exact same agreement as NAFTA was. The cost of administrating the new agreement is more than any gains the US may get.

  15. RD ; We need a major War , not some piddly little drag along proxy , and these new Regionalist Mega Cities gotta go !

  16. I hope the people aren't buying this, there's something…on..the wing, in a private privately privatised quarum of theft, behind closed doors , held up by that two headed snake Schiff, on a fake impeach 45 ploy to buy time, but for what..?

    KAG 2020!!!

  18. Trump Sanctions perpetuate corruption. This is even more so when the two nations have a long and profitable history of doing business. Trump gives out exceptions to companies that pay him under the table like candy but they come at the price of promoting corruption that could last generations. At this point Trump is spreading corruption around the world one business, one industry, one off shore bank account at a time.

  19. Robotic automation is the key in manufacturing, not labor wage, not Mexicans and Chinese. Navarro knows nothing in new economy of future, and that's why he talks about fairness in racial politics.

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