NASA’s New Flying Robots Will Be Busy Bees

NASA’s New Flying Robots Will Be Busy Bees

(Music) NASA’s new class of flying robots will be busy bees when they get to work on the Space Station. Called Astrobee, these next-generation robots use electric fans to fly. They will help researchers develop and test new technology in zero gravity. The three cube-shaped robots are named Honey, Bumble, and Queen. Designed for use inside Station, Astrobees navigate, dock and recharge themselves. The robots can perform many routine chores and tasks. They can operate on their own or be controlled by astronauts in space and researchers on the ground. Designed to be modular, Astrobee can test new attachments and software applications. Astrobee will replace NASA’s SPHERES robots that have been working on the Space Station for over a decade. This technology is useful for future missions to the Moon, Mars and other deep space destinations. (Music)

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  2. It's a good thing they slowed it down. Because I am highly allergic to any bees that move so fast it can take your head off. Pretty sure no amount of adrenaline is going to save anyone.

    Now lets all hope they don't get Africanized.

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