My Life Before YouTube (Lost Footage)

My Life Before YouTube (Lost Footage)

rev up your engine
before I started my youtube channel
eleven years ago I used to do a TV gig I
did that on CBS TV for a couple of
decades and people are saying Scotty
never happened to those old videos you
did well I dug around on my messy garage
and found a bunch of these old videos so
here’s some old school Scotty I found a
problem with cars that make Stooges of
even good mechanics and here’s what it
now cars are just like people they have
to breathe in so make sure the filters
are clean but they also have to breathe
out your car breathes out through the
tailpipe if the exhaust system is
clogged up it won’t run right and in
modern day cars it’s usually the
catalytic converter that clogs up so I’m
going to show you how to check them
since the catalytic converter is on the
bottom of the car we’re jacking it up so
we can see it better well here’s the
catalytic converter but it’s a sealed
unit so how do you check it well I’m
gonna drill a hole and measure the
exhaust pressure with this little gauge
and it will tell us if it’s clogged up
first you drill a little quarter-inch
hole in the pipe well I’ve got these
little metal plugs to fill the holes up
and I’m done then you stick the gauge in
the hole to measure the pressure behind
the catalytic converter
we’ll start the engine and see what the
pressure is
so the pressure behind it is less than
one pound it’s in the green so it’s fine
behind now I’m gonna drill hole in front
of the cap measure the pressure there
now when I hope the hole is up in front
of the cat I’ll convert it as almost 15
pounds pressure that means that the
pressure is building up in front of the
catalytic converter because it’s clogged
up it needs a new catalytic converter
and here’s a couple of mechanic’s tips
if your car has less than 70,000 miles
on it or it’s less than seven years old
there’s a federal warranty covering the
catalytic converters you get one for
free if it’s older than that or you have
more mileage go to a discount mufflers
store and they can weld a universal
cation and save you a whole bunch of
money so don’t let your mechanic make a
simple job complicated now you know this
looks like a simple job for simple
people it only takes a couple minutes to
check a catalytic converter this is
Scotty Kilmer helping you crank it up to
of the same thing really should give you
the creeps like when you’re changing
your car’s oil filter you don’t want to
end up with two gaskets on top of it you
got that right Jack it’s not Jack it’s
Scotty you want to change your car’s oil
and filter once every 3,000 miles but
due to the insidious nature of many
engineers they hide the filters in very
strange places as you can barely see the
oil filter on this car is hidden you can
grab it with your hands so you can take
it off but you can’t see where the oil
filter contacts the engine block so the
old gasket might be stuck on now it’s a
very simple thing to check when you take
your old oil filter off make sure the
gasket is still on it because if it’s
not instead of looking like this it’ll
look like this there won’t be a gasket
inside and you’ll know it’s stuck on the
other side of the engine then when you
get your new filter when you screw it on
your engine there’s already a gasket on
the engine so you’ve double gasket it
and it might seal it for a while but
eventually the pressure will go and all
the oil will leak out and your engine
will blow now this double gasket is a
pretty common problem today more than it
used to be because of cheaper
manufacturing processes as you can see
this thing isn’t held in very good it
comes out real easy now they work
perfectly fine once they’re squeezed
then you only have to worry about them
coming off when you remove the filter so
a simple test when you take the old
filter off make sure the old gasket is
still in there because if it isn’t pull
it off with your hands before you put
the new filter out now to gaskets on
your oil filter can do some scary things
to your engine this is the Scotties
helping you crank it up are you having a
hard time getting a wiring system in
your car fixed well today’s your lucky
day because I’m gonna show you how to
find wiring shorts in your car all you
really need is a little eight dollar
test light and I’m so cheap when mine
broke I splice the wire back together if
you think you’ve got a short in your
car’s electrical system first make sure
the headlights are turned off and no
electrical accessories are turned on
then go to your battery loosen the
negative terminal and take it off then
get the test light take the alligator
clip and put it on the negative terminal
of the battery then take the pic end and
shove it into the negative terminal of
the battery and if you notice the light
is now on since the light came on that
means electricity is flowing and there’s
a short somewhere in the system but we
don’t want to end up like curly
wondering where it is so under the hood
we go to the fuse box and take the cover
off then pull the fuses out one at a
time with the fuse pulled out see if the
light has gone out it hasn’t so we got
to pull another fuse keep pulling out
fuses until the light goes out
now the light’s gone out so that’s the
circuit that has the short in it then
you look on the top of the fuse box
that’s for the cigarette lighter so
let’s go inside the car if you use your
cigarette lighter all the time to
recharge your cell phone that can lead
to problems in your cigarette lighter
where you plug it in these outlets
weren’t made to be plugged in and out
thousands of times and eventually they
break which is what’s happened here okay
so it’s called a power outlet today but
it’s the same thing as a cigarette
lighter it’s just on screws and you can
buy a new base for it so if you’re
having a hard time finding electrical
shorts in your a car find your thing or
else now you know how to find them this
is Scotty Kilmer helping you crank it up
you may not know it but most modern-day
air conditioning systems and cars are
computer driven and like hell they can
turn against you and you won’t have any
cold air so this morning I’m going to
show you how to bypass your air
conditioning computer system with a
simple little thirty dollar thermostat
switch your air conditioning clutch is
turned on by an electric switch and if
computer isn’t working right it won’t
turn it on so here’s how you can bypass
all the computers on toward the switch
they get some wire and run wire from the
switch inside the vehicle
there’s a million halls in your car to
go through with this cable goes through
there’s a rubber outlet just push it
through with a screwdriver then on the
wire inside then out you pull the wire
through connect one end to a toggle
switch which you can mount anywhere that
you want just drill a little hole and
bolt it in then you get your thermostat
and connect the water to the end right
here now comes the hard part this
measures the temperature your evaporator
and the Ford the evaporator is right
here in this plastic case you drill a
tiny little hole now be careful when
you’re drilling a hole because you don’t
want to make a hole in the evaporator
you don’t need to drill about that deep
just find a nice part of plastic tubing
in then you get the end of the tube and
push it in the hole until it rubs
against the evaporator and it’s touching
it so it measures the temperature then
run a wire to the out to your battery
now when you connect it to the positive
terminal your battery make sure you use
a fuse assembly to make the whole thing
safe this is a 10mm fuse which is good
for the AC clutch now if your AC
computer goes bad and you want to fix it
the way it was designed sometimes you
have to spend seven or eight hundred
dollars this little thermostat hey it
only cost $30 now this particular
thermostat was designed for a Mazda but
they all work the same way they measure
the temperature in the evaporator and
you can set them colder or warmer by
turning these little screws now they may
not have them in stock but they can
order for you at any good auto parts
store they’re not that expensive and as
you can see they’re very simple to put
in that’s the way cars used to be when
things were simpler and cost less to fix
so if your car’s air-conditioning
computer hasn’t been working right
lately I know everything hasn’t been
quite right with me
but I can assure you now forget
space-age technology bother self one of
these $30 thermostats this is Scotty
Coomer helping you crank it up normally
you don’t have to worry about
machine-gun fire taking out your
headlights bubbles that come off gravel
trucks on the highway can do just as
much damage to your headlight you
wouldn’t believe it but some of these
headlight assemblies cost over two
hundred dollars but there’s a way to fix
some of these little holes now these
modern light headlight assemblies aren’t
sealed beams assembly these are just
covers inside is the bulb that’s sealed
by itself the glass just keeps water and
dirt from ruining the ball band making
it very now now here’s a cheap fix or
small holes just get a little of this
clear silicone sealer and squeeze it
into where their holes are now before
the sealant guys get a little razor
blade and scrape it flat your guy in
about 12 hours so you might do it in the
evening and let it dry a night while
you’re sleeping now if your headlight
filled with water because there’s a
crack in it you need to get rid of the
water now pulling the whole assembly out
and then draining it I turn it upside
down it’s really hard work it takes a
long time there’s an easier way just
reach inside loosen the collar and take
the bulb out of the way get a rolled-up
paper towel and stick it in the hole to
Rick up the water that’s inside and you
can get most of the water out by wicking
it you might need a few pieces of paper
towel but hey they’re cheap and of
course every mechanic needs a hairdryer
10 to 15 minutes out of being off to dry
the rest of it out now if you don’t want
cracks in your glass in the first place
there’s something you can do there’s
many companies that make these Plexiglas
headlight covers they snap over the
headlights and keep the rocks from
breaking the headlights they’ll bounce
off the fiberglass and in a worst-case
scenario the plexiglass cover will crack
but they only cost about $30 a pair
versus $200 and more for one headlamp
now if you’ve got headlamp problems
taking the headlight assembly out is a
real pain but there is an easier way but
if you can watch out for the flying
shrapnel on the road
this is Scotty Kilmer helping you crank
it up are your tires letting you down
well you’re in luck cause this morning
I’m gonna show you how to fix a flat
tire Jack the car up in the air so you
can get the tire off now if you have a
hard time getting the lug nuts off
here’s a trick just step on it legs are
really strong they come right off then
now once you get it off the tire off and
look for the problem well this was easy
there’s a nail in the tread but if it’s
hard to find here’s a trick get some
liquid hand soap and squirt a little bit
in of juggle water then shake it up a
then you just pour the soapy water and
move the tire and when you get to where
it’s leakin all the little bubbles start
to come out then you just get one of
these little tire repair kits that cost
about 8 bucks then you have to get it
out which is the hardest part you want
to pull it out pretty straight then you
get the reaming tool and stick it in the
hole you want to remit around to make
the hole round now there’s a little
trick to getting the plug on you notice
this is small so you get a screwdriver
and open the prongs a little bit wider
then we stick the plug in La then you
get the rubber cement that it comes with
and squirt it all over so it’s coated
and it’ll stick good then just pull out
the old one plug in the new if it goes
you push it until it doesn’t push you
anywhere then you pull it out and of
course you don’t want this ugly end
sticking out so you get a pair of
clippers and you cut the ends off then
here’s your little soap to see if it’s
leaking it’s not leaking anymore it’s
oh forget the filling up with air so
it’s ready to go so now you know how to
fix your own tire things haven’t changed
that much with tire since James Dean’s
time this is Scotty Kilmer helping you
crank it up deal with electronic bugs in
your car well if you do you can zap them
with this electronic fly swatter ok so
this really isn’t an electronic fly
what it is is a sensor and it senses
electrical impulses on the new coil on
plug systems here’s how cars are
different from what they you
in older cars you’ve got a distributor
camp rotor and spark plug wires to send
spark to the spark plugs but in many
modern-day cars they don’t have a
distributor and they don’t even have
spark plug wires on this late model
Toyota Camry there’s no spark plug wires
they have what’s called coil on plug
each spark plug has its own ignition
coil that’s built right on top and
they’re really hard to figure out if
they work right that is until this tool
came up get it on something solid you
turn it on you take the end of the line
and you stick it on the coil when it’s
firing red like this it means it’s
firing correctly and if it’s green it
means it’s farming long enough to burn
all the fuel let’s check the ones in the
back and see what they’re doing going in
the back isn’t firing correctly so it
needs to be worked on hey we found out
what was wrong and I didn’t even get my
hands dirty we’re gonna get my hands
dirty when I take the coil out but hey
that’s a life of the mechanic, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. It's amazing Scotty. You were still talking the same way and look similar.
    The only difference, is that you were more serious before. Now you make a lot of jokes.

    It looks like a movie when you see the same person now and then in the past, but in this case it's real, it's the same person.

  3. So he is been hating the cars of 18th century which he now calls are the best? Maybe after this century, when he will be used to working on today's car he will be admiring them too.

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    May God bless u always Sir…
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  11. This video has made me admire scotty 10 times more.I use to be a mechanic and i loved it.
    Thanks scotty you are really killing it awesomely.

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    PS. Really like your channel. 🙂

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