My Father’s Dream: Blind Mechanic Drives Car for the First Time in His Life

My Father’s Dream: Blind Mechanic Drives Car for the First Time in His Life

Hi, my name is Bart Hickey. I’m 57 years old and I’ve always had a passion for cars.
I like cars and like working on them. I’m an auto mechanic.
I think my father’s passion comes from my grandfather. He passed when my dad was
very young. And he always taught him how to work with his hands. So I think a lot
of that is attributed to my grandfather. Passion and feeling, a lot of that is
because it excites his senses and, you know, his abilities. He has driven cars too,
you know, not very far but, you know, in and out of the shop.
He has pulled cars in and out.
I always thought it’d be neat to drive. I have imagined driving, it’d be neat to be able
to take a car out on the Salt Flats in Utah
and just drive without hitting anything. Because there’s nothing in the way out there.
We live in Mount Greenwood, which is Southwest Chicago. It’s a very tight-knit community.
Very blue-collar, very hardworking people. So obviously, someone like my father – he’s
a very good fit for that community. He’s been living there since he was in high school.
So, he has been working on cars for a long time there.
Today is our annual car show.
We have one every year. We have our friends, family, customers out. We always
get some new faces, some new cars, so it’s always exciting.
My father has always loved cars. He’s always had that passion. Just the touch,
the smell, the feel of them. So he’s always loved them. But he’s never been able to
drive a car and get that real experience.
Today is definitely a way to say “thank you” to my father. If there’s anyone who’s that deserving, it’s him.
This is the number one thing on his bucket list.
I think he is definitely going to be smiling and excited and just really surprised.
In the past five years, trying to get this project done,
Here’s a card. Open it, open it up.
It’s been many nights staying up late, writing out emails, writing letters to different companies
and just trying to get someone’s attention to possibly give us this opportunity.
I need my daughter to help me. I can’t read Braille very well.
Dear Bart,
we heard about your lifelong dream of driving all by yourself. And we are more than happy
to make this happen. It would be you in this beautiful car in the endless desert
of Alvord Lake, Oregon. No boundaries, no speed limits, even better than the German Autobahn.
I don’t know about that!
Are you up for a ride?
Your fans at Mercedes-Benz –
no shit!
– and your loving son Brendan.
My father has been blind since birth, but nevertheless he has
always been a huge car guy. Just a total petrol head. And that is obviously
why he became a mechanic. He just loves cars and everything about them.
Open the hood!
Oh, it is right here.
I didn’t see it!
This is the handcrafted placard.
Wow! Oh my gosh!
Wow! I see where you’re gonna be driving, man.
The thing goes on forever.
I thought it was going to be a lot softer.
Get a feel for this: So that’s the silt that’s breaking down on the tyres.
The relationship between me and my father is definitely unique.
You see any people out here?
Not really.
How quiet it is out here.
Very quiet out here.
We’re definitely very close.
I kind of have more of a friendship with him than some of my friends and their fathers have.
What do you think? Do you like it?
It’s great!
Should be good!
You got dirt all over you.
Watch yourself. It’s a tight squeeze.
Let’s do it.
Fits like a glove in there.
A little bit more towards me, right, you’ll feel: here’s our gear shifter.
Alright? So that’s what’s gonna put us into drive. Then you’ll notice a small button.
You feel the ridges on the edge of this? Alright, so if you rotate that,
yeah, just go ahead and rotate it back and forth,
that’s gonna change our drive modes. Alright, and then I know you’ve already noticed these
before, you got some paddle shifters there at your fingertips.
So your left one’s gonna shift you down and your right one’s gonna shift you up.
Those are a ton of fun to play with.
So, what questions do you have for me?
When can we start?
Let’s go!
Let’s do it!
Okay, guys!
Alright. Are we ready?
Just go straight. Just keep it straight
for now.
Go. One more.
More. Keep going. Keep easing into it.
Now, it’s definitely cool.
Yes, this is awesome! You’re driving a car!
They got a drone out in front of us right now.
This is crazy.
How does it feel, guys?
Guys, it’s awesome!
Yes. You can have fun and just go.
How fast are we going?
We are going 90.
Keep going, keep going.
How fast?
Keep going!
You’re going 110 miles an hour, dude!
Guys, this is awesome!
What Brendan did for me, to realize my dream of being able to take a car out and
drive it – it was awesome. I mean, he talked to people and got things going
and here we are.

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  2. Mercedes shows how to use marketing properly and I do not mean that bad, they gave someone a moment for his life. 👍🐱‍🏍

  3. dear god, you better give the man some nice ride in the afterlife to made up what he loss here. don't forgot to make it an always-full-tank mode. thank you!

  4. The son looks so happy for his dad. Need more people like them on this Earth. Inspiration is what drives creativity and this is inspiring.

  5. Him – “pop the hood”
    Them- “it’s right there”
    Him- “I didn’t see it” *with a smile
    Whatta fukin guy this is 😂😂

  6. I don't know why but this brought back memories of my father, made me tear up. He used to love cars and was a mechanic for the army. Unfortunately, an IED led to him losing his fingers, sight and smell. This changed him, he became angry and towards his final time I didn't even recognise him. Watching this video reminded me of the old days when we used to just work on his car and laugh and joke and hed make fun of me for not being able to carry the heavy tools he used. Man RIP Pops. I will always remember him for the good, the bad will always fade

  7. Marketing 101 – make yourself seem like an angel, while making opposing comment look like a hate speech, all in reality manipulated by greed and corporate money.

    Too bad this hero of a mechanic is either defined as a tool for generosity, or objectively, defined as a tool for greed. I am the latter.

  8. I cannot recall how many times I have watched this video and every time I did, it left me in tears. Certainly one of the best videos I have ever watched on Youtube. Thank You Mercedes-AMG for this video and for making the lifelong dream of Bart Hickey come true.

  9. Appreciate much. Not to sound negative, but after some reflection, this son does not really need a manufacturer to help him to do the same feat to his dad, does it. ANYWAY. Still, nice job son. He deserve your love.

  10. So glad this popped up in my feed. Brought tears for sure. Thank you so much Mercedes-AMG for sharing this experience with us. Truly made me admire your brand more.

  11. I'm an Audi technician and of course there's a bit of rivalry between the German auto brands, but mad respect to Mercedes for doing something like this. No matter how much we disagree and fight over brands and horsepower numbers, we all share the same passion.

  12. Omg im so happy for him. I started to cry when he was allowed to drive for himself and just er be free out there. Thank you for making this video!!

  13. This is so amazing that I sent the video to all my blind friends.

    For real though, it is a beautiful story, and everyone who made this happen should be very proud.

  14. heartwarming guys, just heartwarming lots of respect to these two guys what they have achieved in life and thank god they have each other. and lots of respect to mercedes for making things like this happen its a miracle

  15. this is an advertisement style I can support, I loved this video it doesn't feel like an ad trying to sell the car but promotes the car through a video that helped someone achieve their goals.

  16. я наверное единственный русский здесь , видео смотрел с переводом . Тронуло до глубины души! очень трогательное видео.Цените и берегите своих родителей!!

  17. Это достойно 10000000 лайков!Но многие вещи в этой жизни нужно делать не ради лайков!А просто,чтобы чувствовать себя живым!

  18. I LOV MERCEDES for this one! My Dad always wants a Mercedes in his life, but he passt away this year!😔 so my Goal 4 life is to get a Mercedes and sew his Name on the passenger Seat! Im 34 now, sooooo See u Soon Mercedes Germany!😉🥺

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