MSc Automotive Engineering at the University of Bath

MSc Automotive Engineering at the University of Bath

I’m Jamie Turner, I’m professor of
engines and energy systems here. Before I
joined about, three years ago, I was at
Jaguar Land Rover for a couple of years,
and before that I was at Lotus for 21
years, where I was head of the powertrain

The MSC in automotive engineering covers aspects of vehicle
engineering and also powertrain
engineering, within that we do advanced
engine technology, transmission
technology, but also as part of a group
activity we undertake work on
electro-motive traction for battery
electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles
as well.

So technical subjects to deepen
your experience and your knowledge of
automotive engineering, but also covers
leadership and management, and team working skills that you’ll need to effectively
compete in today’s automotive industry.
So I chose to study the MSC in automotive
engineering at Bath because as the
university has very good reputation
specifically for engineering, and my
previous University I formed the student
team and we always knew Bath was one of the top in the UK.

Students tend to
study automotive engineering at Bath for
a number of reasons. It is an excellent
University with the world-class
automotive engineering research and

I’m most looking forward to
starting my dissertation especially
because I can use the design skills I’ve
learnt and transfer it into the
automotive industry,
I’ll be learning about engines and
I think it’s quite interesting the diverse range of people you have here, not only is that people from all over the world, it’s also people
with different backgrounds in terms of
whether they’ve had industry experience, or
like myself, just coming straight from

The lecturers here are very
warm, friendly, and easy to approach. The
style here is very modern, the lecturers
are really up-to-date with what’s going
on with engineering applications and

Students will be taught by
people who are doing research with
vehicle manufacturers right now, trying
to solve the problems that the
manufactures have. That feedback from people working now
with manufacturers is straight into the
class room where people are taught.
With project management we’ve had a number of lecturers come in from industry. That
gave a good real-world perspective
towards our assignments.

Graduates from
our MSC program will go on to have a
range of careers, some of them more
focused on the technical side, some of
them on the more commercial side, and
some of the more on the research and
development side – both in the automotive
industry and in research institutions
here at Bath and around the world.
People who should study the MSC are anyone who’s interested in automotive industry,
but also anybody who is interested in a
challenge to solve the big problems that
we have in society with regard to air
quality for instance, how do we solve
that? Also looking into the future, what
autonomy might bring to society and how
the industry changes in that direction.
These are big questions which engineers
in the industry will be required to

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