Motorized go-cart (How to)

Motorized go-cart (How to)

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! How do you like my excellent bargain! a go-cart.. but.. It doesn’t has cranks that doesn’t drive well but we might have an engine which might fit that’s convenient! a lot of you asked me Show us how to motorize a go-cart This has an engine Good! And we don’t need to mow the lawn for a while Soo.. that disassembles quick This is an ideal engine to put on a go-cart an advantage of this engine is that it has a horizontal crankshaft it’s like this many lawnmower have a vertical crankshaft it goes down, directly to the blade those are not that suitable to build on a go-cart you need a perpendicular transmission then that’s not good an other advantage of this engine it has a centrifugal clutch that means that this part doesn’t turn when the engine idles it starts turning when you accelerate so we don’t need to build an extra clutch so you just push the pedal and off you go ideal! and do you know what’s the best part of this engine? it runs! let’s see where to put it it’s good like this not bad this is nice it turns that way so the rotational direction is good it should go forward we know where to put the engine we can’t attach that to those wheels directly the engine doesn’t have enough torque therefore we need a transmission let’s calculate that I will measure the wheel diameter first let me see it’s 40cm here’s the engine It’s a Honda GX160 let’s calculate that and order some parts Before we start calculating I search for engine specs I have them here It does 3600rpm we take that for the calculation I’ve finished the calculation We want to know the rpm of the outgoing shaft we want to go 30km/h wheel diameter is 40cm that’s 0,4 meters I want to know the circumference 0,4 x pi circumference is 1,256 meters if we want to calculate the rpm we have 30km/h is 0,5km per minute is 500 meter per minute If we divide that 500 by the 1,256 of the wheel that wheel should do 398 turns per minute to go 30km/h The ingoing shaft makes 3600 rpm we saw that in the specs We can calculate the gear ratio now with this formula i=n1 / n2 n1 is rpm 1, that’s the rpm of the engine 3600 divide by 398 the gear ratio is 1 : 9,04 okay.. but then.. Overhere we have the entire happy oasis all together here’s the engine with exhaust with smoke coming out here we have 3600 rpm first chain transmission intermediate shaft another chain and here’s the wheel and the wheel should do 398 rpm the motor pinion was there already, it has 12 teeth I thought to take a gear with 40 teeth because I like that the gear ratio overthere is i=z1 / z2 that’s the number of teeth the amount of teeth of the big gearwheel is 40 divide by the teeth of the small gear, which is 12 we get a ratio of 1 : 3,33 Now we have to find out what this ratio should be therefore we will divide 9,04 by 3,33 That makes 2,71 this gear ratio is 1 : 2,71 I want to use a gear with 14 teeth overthere we have to calculate this gearwheel formula is i=z1/z2 the ratio is 2,71 the big unknown is divided by 14 (not the otherway around) we multiply that 2,71 by 14 we get 37,94 so we need a gearwheel with 37,94 teeth but that doesn’t excist.. so let’s take 38 teeth right.. enough talking let’s order parts, where shall I do that? I think by INDI Let me see! Drive technology chain drives chain wheels sheet metal gears simplex, single chain 1/2″ x 5/ 16″ look at that! 8 teeth! we don’t need that 14 teeth, that one 38 teeth and 40 I’ve added some chains and bearing order it and proceed building! Exciting! That’s nice! Cutting oil for the saw closing links for the chain now that’s an odd gearwheel gearwheels! bearings Oh no! This will never work anymore Diesel is getting neurotic too! Well.. let’s build something else then this one is broken it’s not that bad we weld it back together, okay? are you happy now? Ideal, now we can slide the engine because of those slotted holes we just made that way we can tension the chain That works! A sharp blade that works better Ow Dirk, what have you done? the steering wheel is gone how do we steer now? Not, we’re going straight only Oh yeah, that’s true That’s better then that flimsy plastic part what used to be there I think that too now you can hang on to it We’re looking at this for a moment.. it doesn’t fit.. we have an issue.. take a seat We don’t have cranks, but we need to make pedals and these pedals have to come where our steering mechanism is see; this one and this rod in particular those are in the way for the pedals that’s not handy I think we have to change that we have a few options we can cut the entire cart in half there extend it the pedals could go there but we don’t like that so we thought the next thing we cut these that as well we can move the complete mechanism below the frame and then we have enough space for the pedals excellent I guess I think so too welding cutting.. hatseflats, let’s make it it’s a shame, it worked so nice hey, it works ideal.. and look; room for the pedals steering rods mounted below brake pedal Let’s make a kill switch for safety that’s for pussy’s he wants to go for a ride I think it’s a good thing you think about safety there comes the kill switch can’t miss it we took a small, not too obvious button.. a surface-mounted light switch and overhere that the ignition breaker wire if you connect it with ground it will stall the engine we’ll attach it to that switch wire to ground if you activate the switch, it will stall we have a on off swich overhere as well it’s hard to reach we wanted to have one close to the steering wheel what a luxury and then… is it finished! let’s test it! nice! I wanted to have go-cart like this when I was a kid without cranks with engine awesome it’s ready for testing! it works! Let’s see how fast it goes 37km/h Not very comfortable I can say this is a success not very comfortable, but we didn’t build it therefore take a closer look engine transmission intermediate shaft, to the rear axle we have a accelerator overhere cable through a steel pipe, runs to the back to the engine and for braking we’ve used the original brakes of the go-cart two blocks which can be pressed agaist the tires overhere the original handbrake we reinstalled it but a foot pedal is also handy it pulls with a rod to the lever which is welded to the rod that rotates the blocks very simple, but it works well do you want to have such a go-cart? you’ve seen in this video how to build it all parts come from INDI I would say; good luck building! If you have an idea what I should build so you can see how to do it I would say; post it in the comments and who knows; maybe next time! Hey folks, thanks for watching! see you next time!

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  2. Even een rekenfoutje: het tandwiel waarvan het aantal tanden nog berekend van moest worden is, zou niet 38 tanden moeten hebben, maar 5.
    Reken maar na: 14/38 is zeker geen 2,71. 14:5 is wel nagenoeg 2,71

  3. Ik heb er ook een gebouwd maar als ik boven de 40 a 50 km/u gaan de wielen slingeren en bij de 60 a 70 km/u word ie onhandelbaar
    Weet iemand een oplossing zonder de hele stuurinrichting te veranderen?

  4. Heel leuk en geslaagd project. Maar wel linke remmen. Die rem plaatjes zijn te kort en de rand zou kunnen happen als je hard remt met iets te zachte banden. Dan slaat hij in de band ipv erover glijden. Geeft een klapband

  5. Mag ik dat karretje plzzz hebben? Of in ieder geval eentje ( liefst twee kan ik racen met vrienden) Ik wil suuuuuuper graag zo'n karretje ik vind dat soort dingen super leuk

  6. Hi folks loving the channel now ive found it . Great fun builds . Im asking where can i get master milo stickers for my ford ka hope u guys all gd . Pls take care have fun hopefully chat soon . Jm in near aberdeen scotland thanks .

  7. ik heb wel een gaaf project dat waarschijnlijk wel echt een uitdaging word, een Sd Kfz 234/2 (een Duits 2de wereldoorlogs panterwagen met 8 wielen die allemaal sturen, je zou het kanon misschien op luchtdruk kunnen doen net als het machinegeweer als je die er ook in wilt zetten)

  8. Awwwwwsome, just the way i want it . Perfekt for offroad and not too fast for the kids 😬👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Hoi mastermilo kan je ook een motor blok van een kettingzaag gebruiken om op een skelter te bouwen groetjes benjamin

  10. My lawn mower goes significantly faster, I don't understand why he was having fun. Are Europeans just not used to fast go-cart type things? They're fairly common over here

  11. Ik had een 250 CC kart motor op een blauwe skelter.
    Die motor had zoveel compressie dat je het touw stuk trok, hier voor hadden we maar een staalkabel gebruikt en een aantal zelf gemaakte pakkingen extra tussen de kop gemonteerd, ik kreeg hem toen zelf bijna amper aan. (ik was jaar of 13/14)
    De overbrenging, wat ik mij zo kan herinneren was een 12 tand van de vrijloop direct naar een 38 tand op de as.
    Dat ding Ging loei hard, nooit echt geprobeerd om de volle snelheid te behalen, kwart gas met het pedaal ging al te snel.
    Ik heb hier jammer genoeg geen foto's of video's van, dit was toen nog niet zo in om alles en niks vast te leggen om camera's.

  12. ik heb een vraagje is de skelter in het filmpje ook tekoop ik ga uit van niet maar zowel ik ben wel geintreseert, en zelf bouwen lijkt me wel leuk maar ik heb niet echt de plaats en spullen om zo´n ding temaken en een werkplaats af huren kost baken vol geld dus vandaar

  13. Maak een home made quad,buggy,traktor,kart,golf4 of 5 r32 motor in een scirocco 2009 ofzo of in een golf6 of de polo van dirk

  14. Heb wel iets leuks als ik daar dan mee mag helpen de audi a4 2.6 v6 1996 van me moeder ombouwen engine swap ofzo r32 motor er in en 4 maken

  15. Jo Milo supervet zo’n ding. Mijn broer en ik zouden dit graag willen maken alleen hebben we de faciliteiten ervoor niet. Als die skelter nog weg moet zouden wij interesse hebben om hem tegen een goede prijs te kopen.
    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Ruben Middendorp

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