Motorcycle Riding Basics – Fast Cornering


We got our slow turns down. We’re not actually going to turn the same way by counter weight, with our counter weight out this way. We’re, cause if we do this, it’s going to drop our bike too low on a corner. The objective is to keep our bike more straight up with our weight still pulling that bike over to that corner. The way we’re going to achieve that, is we’re just going to start off with working our shoulders. At kind of normal turns, like everyday turns in traffic and stuff like that, what you’re going to want to do, is you’re actually going to want to just lean your shoulders off to that one side. If you’re going to turn left, you’re going to lean your shoulders off that same side. So, you’re going to lean off left a little bit and, you do the same thing, if you turn right, you’re just going to lean those shoulders off a little a bit right. Now, when you’re turning, you want to actually push down on that handle if you’re turning to the left, you’re going to push on that left hand side.

We don’t want to turn our wheels to the left, because that’s going to actually make us lean the opposite direction. So, you always want to push down on that same side that you’re trying to turn, push and lean down on the side. Same thing with the right, we’re going to push down and lean to the right and, that’s going to go ahead and get us our lean to go into the corners, because again, we don’t turn our bike, a motorcycle like a bicycle. We turn our motorcycle like an actual motorcycle. Now, when we get into faster riding around corners and stuff like that, we’re going to go ahead and lean, and then we’re going to go ahead and scoot a little bit off the side. We’re going to still hang on with our leg over here on this right side, when we’re leaning to the left. So, we’re going to lean to that left and just scoot off a little bit, same thing with the right hand turns. You’re going to scoot off a little bit, get your weight over on the opposite, on the same side of your turn, you’re going to push down on that side, and you’re going to lean. So, for a right hand turn, you lean off to the right, left hand turn, you lean off to the left. Remember we’re trying to get our bike to stay more straight up, than so far down.


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