Motorcycle Locksmith: How to make keys to a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

Motorcycle Locksmith: How to make keys to a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

(dramatic music) – [Instructor] Kawasaki Ninja 250CC. They’ve lost the keys, the key. And on this has the, ignition, has the gas cap. And has the compartment, seat
belt, or seat compartment. Now the interesting thing with this is, we’re gonna use the Accu-Reader. Never, never impression these. These are the opposing wafers. So normally, we would use the
Accu-Reader on the ignition. The ignition is extremely
sloppy for some reason. So we are gonna do the gas cap and then we’ll do the fill. So we’ll get the gas cap and we’ll also fit that right away, the compartment lock. And then we’re gonna use a fill. We’ll use a fill program, and make a key to the ignition. We’re gonna use the
Accu-Reader to read it. Great tool, and the key on this one will be the KA33, Ilco, KA33. Is the FastFax book. Tells us exactly, Ninja 250. Gives us the key, the
codes, the cuts, the depths. Really, really good. And we use that the Black Hawk online. And we get the key depths, and then we do the fill. This is perfect. – [Instructor] So you put the
slide tool, in this, in here, So that it doesn’t trap wafers too soon. Should put it down. Put her all the way in. Okay, you move it, shake it, so that you release the wafer. The wafer goes into that that slot. Then you start measuring. So, you start with a three. And you see the three lines
up with the n, the no. Put the two in, the two
lines up with the n, the no. So you know that that was a one. So then you put in your slide tool, you move it up one wafer, you lock it in. Then you start with your three again. Three is no. The two is no, so you got another one. And you just move it
up a wafer every time. You always give it a
shake to seat the wafer. You have three, it’s not a three. This one’s a two. So the two lines up with the y, the yes. Your next one, again, you lock the wafer, you trap the wafer, you give it a shake. And this one depth is a three. So you got three, two, one, one so far. Move it up one more. I don’t know if it moved there, I’ll tell you in a second, yeah it did. So it’s not a three. It’s a two. So you got two, three, two, one, one. Two, three, two, one, one. So, it’s not a three. It’s not a two. So you got one, two, three, two, one, one. So you got six wafers in this key way. – We got six wafers in the gas cap. We have six wafers in the compartment. And we have eight wafers in the ignition. We’re having a hard time getting a read on this particular ignition. So we’re gonna use the Black
Hawk, it’s an online program. And we’ll just fill. And actually, with this code, it comes up with five potential keys. Normally the ignitions, this is actually our first
time doing the opposing wafers. And we couldn’t do the ignition. It was just very, very sloppy. We found it really easy
to read the gas cap lock. And again, that’s the Accu-Reader tool. Absolutely love it. And it’s made us some money here. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website. And you can see what online
locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. As well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. (dramatic music)

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  1. Very cool video. That's something they must have changed. I had a ninja 250 and it had one key for everything. Even had a helmet lock under neath the rear fender. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Wow alot easier then the method I use. I pick the gas cap and remove and disassemble it. How do you feel the Acureader compares to the EZ reader and Determinators and Lishi tools. I like Lishi and EZ reader but was not a fan of Determinators

  3. Great info! I'm the guy whos Kowi had the frozen gas tank lock. Everything you said to do worked and I got it open. I work on a lot of bikes, great tool. You the MAN !!!!!

  4. Do you have a better way to contact you? I'm doing maintenance at the apartments I live in and want to remove an older lock box with out damaging it simply because it's a neat antique box. It has a rotary dial on the front with letters instead of numbers.

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