Motorcycle Cup Holder – Does It Work?

Motorcycle Cup Holder

A drink holder for motorcycles. Is it just stupid? Or is it the most practical thing since electric starts time to test it out and see. Frickinjim here and this is an episode of the No BS Test series, where I make moto decisions and riding easier for you by testing moto products, techniques, and maintenance theories. , so I did think the idea of having a cup holder on a motorcycle was pretty silly, but I also thought, if this thing made it easy to go to a drive through and actually order a drink, it would be totally worth it! So let’s check this thing out. It was $5 USD on Amazon. It was advertised as being billet aluminum stainless steel, so it’s clearly Chinese. It’s actually just cheap aluminum, it came with a little piece of plastic to use as a shim for extra grip on the handlebar, and the seller included a little keychain which probably cost more to produce than the cup holder itself. It clamps to the handlebar using a single-bolt split clamp, and can be adjusted up and down for fuel tank clearance.

The cup holder is pretty big in diameter so it will unfortunately only grip larger sized drinks. However, after I installed it and filled this cup with water, it seemed that even this fat cup didn’t have enough grip in the cup holder. So in standard condition I wouldn’t even try to use the thing. But with an added zip-tie, it seemed really solid! So I took it out for a test spin with the cup full of water. The cup stayed in position really well while riding around on the street, but with the cup full of water, the wind was actually sucking water out of the straw, so I was getting sprayed whenever I got up to speed. So the cup just can’t be full, otherwise the drink will get everywhere. I also gave it a dirt-road test, and the cup stayed in the holder, but I didn’t have the holder tight enough on the handlebar, so it drooped when I hit bumps. After tightening up the cup holder.

I headed out for the real deal, ordering food and a drink at a drive through. Let’s see how it went. Alright, here we are making the order. Decently smooth, just had to coach them on how to not fill a drink to the top, and we’re off to the window. Paying with card to avoid the change, things are looking good, but oh no there is no center console to stash the receipt. The pressure’s on, and a snap decision to shove it in the headlight saves the day. Alright we’re about to get the order. Declined the bag, pocketed the burger, it’s all good, drink’s in the holder, but the bike won’t start, it’s cranking, and it’s good! But what about the straw wrapper? Forget it, just stick it in. Let’s get an instant replay on that, oh my, look at that accuracy. One handed, one shot, one kill. That’s a 10. on the road home, things are good, making passes, looking for the freeway, but OH NO it’s tipped, it’s frickin capsizing, but it looks like the zip-tie held, and it’s back upright. No spillage thanks to only running 75% capacity.


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