Motor vs Engine – Difference Between Engine and Motor

Motor vs Engine – Difference Between Engine and Motor

The real difference is the fact that “motors”
run on electricity, while “engines” run on combustion. However, many people interchange the usage
of these words: So an engine is a specific type of motor. That’s why it is correct to speak of a motorboat,
or a motorcar, even if the boat or car is clearly powered by combustion. In this video I will go to show you difference
between Motor and Engine. Please click the subscribes bottom for more
videos and press the bell icon get fast notifications. A motor is a machine that converts other forms
of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion. An engine is a motor that converts thermal
energy to mechanical work. A motor is thing which moves other things. An Engine is a system or device that affects
a result. A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical
energy. An engine converts chemical energy into mechanical
energy. Motor is an arrangement of coil and rotor. Engine is generally a piston cylinder device. Efficiency of the motor is high. Efficiency of the engine is low. Motor doesn’t need lubrication for rotating. Engine needs lubrication for continuous running. Dear viewers Thanks for watching the video,
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  1. I think the main reason people call engines motors is because its just easier for your mouth to say motor. Plus, they don't really know the difference.

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