Montat set motor si ambielaj Stihl Ms 250, 025, Ms 230, 023, Ms 210, 021

Montat set motor si ambielaj Stihl Ms 250, 025, Ms 230, 023, Ms 210, 021

Hello! In this video I will open this chainsaw Stihl Ms 250 or 025. It’s motor broke; we will open it to see what we will find inside. First of all, we have to open the exhaust screws in order to look at the piston and cylinder. The exhaust is fixed with 2 studs. The exhaust is new, it has been changed. It might be possible that because the old exhaust, the motor caught something and broke itself. You can see that something hit the piston; there are marks. In rest everything seems ok. We will open it so we can see if something is still there. We will open it in the admission side. Remove the lid, the air filter (it’s fixed with 2 studs) . To remove the carburettor (it should be removed easily) open the shocking and remove the acceleration leverage. To remove the acceleration leverage press on the trigger. Now it can be easily removed. Leave it here. Remove the plastic part. We will open its spark plug too but before open the shocking absorbers. Open them like this. After that, open the shocking absorber from the front side. It’s the same like before. Remove the other lid too. This shock absorber is opened. Now on the bottom part there are 2 studs too. Open them as well. The inlet gallery still holds us so we will open it. Be careful not to sting it. Open the other shock absorber. It is here and we just loosen it. You can use a screwdriver. Remember not to sting the shock absorber when you remove them. The only thing left that holds us is the spark plug. We will remove it so it will ease our job. It was best to open it before but I forgot about it. Remove the ignition wires. After these steps you should be able to remove it.(the plastic) This is the motor. Before we continue, we will clean it. Open the starter which is fixed with these studs. After all the studs are removed, it can be easily remove. Open the others shock absorbers too so we can remove the brake. Now we have removed the handle too. We have acces to the cylinder now but best clean it before. We will now unscrew the 4 screws. After there are all removed, the cylinder should be detached. Look! Open the ignition wire. The cylinder can be removed now. This is the cylinder. It doesn’t look bad but as you can see there is a lot of filings inside. We will open and clean it. This is the cylinder which is all right and here is the crankcase which is full of filings ; and the piston that was hit constantly and look how it looks on this side. We have a problem on the needle bearing. This one moves very hard. We will open to see what other problems we have here. After cleaning a little bit the chainsaw we will further open the safeties, the piston bolt and we will remove the piston so we can disassemble further more. I spoke with my client and we decided to change the crankshaft bearings. For this we have to open the flywheel and the side of the clutch. First, remove the piston. This one is very hard to remove because it dosn’t move anymore or it barely moves. This is the piston. It looks pretty bad. And the needle cage; it changed its color. Now we will open the side clutch. Open the lid. Open the safety, the flat washer and then the pot so we can make space. The pot has to be cleaned. The needle bearing is removed too and after this you can open the clutch. After that, remove the rear from the oil pump too. Open the flywheel and remove it ( i will remove it with the press). Open the ignition. Remove the flywheel.Now we can remove the lid from the cylinder and the crankshaft. Before reassembling clean it. After I opened the bearings from the crankshaft I found the problem: as you can see one of the bearing lost it’s balls and their protection and it broke the chainsaw. Clean the crankshaft, the cylinder and it’s cap so it won’t be any iron filing left. Then we will reasseamble first the bearing, then the seals and place them back on the chainsaw. After I cleaned the cylinder I changed the bearings and the seals as you can see. I choose some Italy-made bearings I cleaned the cylinder of the old masticul and rub some new one on the cylinder lid. I place the piston, the bearing and the other parts at their place. Now place the cylinder back to its place. The piston is already on the cylinder so it will be easier to place; close it . Tighten with the 4 screws. Place the flywheel; fix it with a nut . Then the ignition. Next, place the ignition. To adjust the ignition distance we will use a A4 paper sheet folded in 4. Turn to the clutch side. Place back the pot, needle cage, flat washer, safety and the lid. Place back the handle and the plastic cap. Fix them with the screws. Place carefully the inlet gallery. Place the starter and the 4 screws back; The carburettor ; The ignition; The acceleration leverage. The shock leverage. The spark plug The protection and the air filter. Tighten it with the studs. Place the plastic cap back and the exhaust. Fix them with the studs from before. Now we will check the compression. Open the spark plug and tighten the clock. The acceleration has to be on max. t’s 7 and something. Everything is ok. Remove and place the spark plug back and start it . Pull the shock, choose the first step. And that’s it! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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  1. Am un MS230 care are o problema : o pornesc si cand o accelerz se opreste , care ar putea fi problema ?

  2. Salut am și eu o problema cu drujba. Când o pornesc merge cam turata. ….După când vreau sa o pornesc din nou pornește foarte greu și ami uda și filtru de aer .carburatorul este nou și nu am umblat la el oare din ăsta e problema. .?

  3. Salut, am un stihl 230 ma ajuti sa schimb prezoanele de care prinzi lama,cum le desfac sunt prinse pe interior si trebuie sa demontez toata drujba sau ?

  4. Ajutama te rog am un stihl mai uzat sa sters placuta de aluniniu de sus si nu stiu ce model e sa pot cauta piese.Am desfacuto sa o curat si am gasit o serie 8048157 ai ideie unde sa caut sa aflu modelul.

  5. superbe tuto pour le démontage, mais ATTENTION, il grille des étapes au remontage.
    donc a bien repérer au démontage

  6. Salut !Am un stihl 230 si mi sa dus cilindrul /Vreau sa iau un set motor nou cilindru plus piston si segmenti de 250/se poate pune pe ambielajul de la 230 /

  7. Salut! Pot sa pun un cilindru de ms 210 pe piston și ambielaj de ms 230?
    Sau dacă știi o soluție la problema mea: s-a rupt suportul de prindere al prezonului care tine toba de pe cilindru😳😢

  8. am si io o intrebare , detin un stihl ms 251 de vreo 6 luni si am observat ca la pornirea la rece adica cand trag de sfoara se aude un carait asa cred ca de la clicheti, este ceva normal?

  9. Buna ziua , domnule zi-mi si mie , drujbele stihl se fac mai nou in CHINA ? Am vb cu cativa vanzatori de pe niste site-uri si mi-au confirmat , ca se fabrica in China , chiar si modelul ms 231 , , Am cautat si pe net si am gasit ca stihl are o fabrica in China , Asta chiar de prin 2013 .

  10. Salut! Ce rulmenti trebuie sa ii pun la 021. Clientul mi.a adus rulmenti tymken 6202. Dupa 5 min de mers la relanti deja facut joc. Cred ca incalzeste pentru ca nu rezista la turatie si cedeaza simeringurile

  11. Am reparat un ms 230 am pus Carter nou și nu am pus aerisitorul ala Ca o planie! Nu stătea la relanti și nu mergea reglata! Oare de aia?

  12. Salut!Am o drujba stihl ms 250 la care s-a uzat cilindrul as vrea sa-l schimb,in afara de meteor ce mi-ati recomanda

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