Mitsubishi Galant Transmission Mount Replacement (Motor Mount)

Mitsubishi Galant Transmission Mount Replacement (Motor Mount)

Ok so right now we’re going to replace the
driver’s side motor mount on a Mitsubishi Galant. This one’s a 1999. The driver’s
side motor mount is actually underneath the battery. You can see it tucked down in there;
the two little holes are the same two little holes that are right here. Your battery connection
might be a little bit different than mine. I just unscrewed these two little wing nuts
right here and then the whole contraption just lifts up and away from the battery. Disconnect
the battery terminals with the 10 millimeter bolt. Here on the ledge for the battery there
are two bolts here, and then two bolts down here. All those are 12 millimeters. And then
there are two 10 millimeter bolts right here on this little wire bracket thing. And that
takes off the little shelf for the battery bracket. Alright so this little guy is bolted
in directly on top of that bolt right there. 17 millimeter just took it right off. And
then I have my…on each of the four bolts down there…one here, one there, one there
and then one underneath in that little slot. They are 17 millimeters and so I just have
my breaker bar right there with the little extension piece 17 millimeter attachment.
I’m just breaking each of these loose. Alright so I took out the air filter box and basically
it’s just a bunch of those little 10 millimeter bolts that are sitting around the outside.
And then unplug this as well just by pressing that down and pulling it out. A little 10
millimeter screw right here as well. And then that will give me more access to work on my
motor mount underneath all these cables. These things are in the absolute worst position
possible. So if you look at the new motor mount there’s a hole through the center
of it. On this motor mount there’s a 17 millimeter bolt that sits right there going
through the motor mount. And then there’s the 17 millimeter nut on this end that I have
attached two wrenches to…two ratchets. One’s on this end, one’s on this end. And so as
I turn this one, the other one’s holding it still…holding the nut still so that this
will ratchet off. If I didn’t have both wrenches it would just turn and turn and turn
and never come off. And I would do this: loosen up the center bolt, before you take off all
4 of the base bolts. That way this doesn’t shake around while you’re undoing it. So
in order to have enough room to get then engine…to get that transition mount away from the engine,
you have to take off this huge bar underneath the engine. So these two bolts are 18 millimeters.
And these are the two bolts along the back side of the bar. This one and this one that
need to be taken off. And once you take this bar off, that will let you lower the engine
enough to give enough space between the engine and the frame to get that motor mount out.
And now there’s enough room for me to lift this up and out. So you can see the inside
of there is just all torn up and that’s what’s causing the vibrations in the car.
Anyway, keep those little pads because you’re going to install them on the next one as well.
With a little persuasion I got the new mount on the old bolts that are sticking up. Now
I’m going to lift the engine back up so that will fit back in the holes that it needs
to. And with a little more persuasion I got the bolt in through that eye of the mount
and it’s sticking through right over here. Basically I just took in there and kind of
wedged it down so that it would line up the other end of the bolt with the hole on this
side. And then I have this little cat’s paw right here that I can use to kind of pry
it up, just metal on metal, and kind of get the hole aligned just a little bit. Just make
sure you don’t hit the rubber or else it will break the mount again. Alright so everything’s
back in place. There are the two screws on the front of the bar…two bolts on the front
of the bar, two bolts on the back of the bar. We have the engine mount in place underneath
the battery. Battery’s back on. Battery’s tied down. Box is in place. Hoses are screwed
down. Wires are back together. That’s how you change the engine mount on a Mitsubishi
Galant. If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below. Don’t
forget to “like” if this video helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks
for watching.

46 Replies to “Mitsubishi Galant Transmission Mount Replacement (Motor Mount)”

  1. I'm in the process of replacing the transmission mount right now. Can I place the jack under the transmission instead of the support bar to lower the engine? I'll still remove the support bar while the transmission is jacked up in order to lower the engine.

  2. Wonderful video. Could this be why my Galant starts to idle rough when the transmission is in drive at a stop? Already cleaned idle air control valve.

  3. I tried to do it myself one day and was nearly able to do it without fooling with the crossmember, there is a way to actually get those 4 bolts that hold the mount in place to come out completely (certain technique to get that done) vs just the nuts, and then you have more than enough clearance to both take out the mount and put the new one in place and then insert the bolts back into place.   You familiar with that?

  4. Did everything except remove support bar underneath car and knew that's why my engine/transmission wouldn't drop lower so I couldn't remove mount. Had only a little window for time so put everything together watched this video and it helped 100 percent thanks

  5. Do you have any tips on replacing the front motor mount and right one as well. Can't find any videos of it

  6. Good Afternoon, i just want to add this tidbit…please please please be very aware of how much you drop the engine when lowering  it to access the mount. What you didn't see is that when you drop the frame that supports the engine and lower it, it places stress on the firewall mount and the main engine mount.

    Remember that even though the mount by the radiator and the transmission will follow you as you lower. The firewall mount and the main mount will remain static and if you cannot judge how much to lower the engine you will either tear, hurt or stretch the other mounts. If you can get the bolt out the fire wall mount while you're doing this GREAT. If not just take care. I had to replace my firewall mount on my 6a12  trying this….and been seeing other customers bring cars to me for similar problems.

    Be safe my ppl

    Nice tutorial JerryRigEverything

  7. @JerryRigEverything  I need some help with my 02 Galant, I have yet to inspect which mount it is though I have been told it's the front right. I wanna attempt to do it myself after I buy the piece but I am afraid to mess it up more than it is haha I have the vib at idel and I am just sick and tired of it (after 9 months with it) so yeah please some advice or a little more video? Thanks! @JerryRigEverything 

  8. Hi, my galant 2003 is shacking a lot when is stopped or parked with the engine on. It gets better with i put on neutral. Do you think replacing the transmission mount my solve (At least partially) the problem?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. i have a 2000 mitsubishi galant, how many tranmission mouts are, my car still shaking after we put all 3 new motor mounts (had 2 bad) but i did not know about this mount, the only way to stop the vibration is in parking or neutral, do you think is the transmission mount, thanks

  10. jerrry mabe you can help me i have problem with a idel motor for galand 32003 ,,,,,,the problem is when i stop the car for 34 hour or all night the car its difficulty to turn on its on but turn off like 3 or 4 times some friend tell its a idel me how i know if you can help me with that friend

  11. wats up man was wondering if you can help. i changed all my mounts and my galant still shakes when im at a stop and i have it in drive

  12. Are the motor mount and transmission mounts different? On my 2011, the rear engine mount is bad. So is the transmission mount.

  13. I know it has been over two years. But I have the same problem with my 04 galant. and looks like a similar setup to this 99 galant. My question is: how did you support the engine while during the whole process? is all what you did is what I see at 2:50? I am planning on doing it this Thursday.

  14. Can a bad transmission mount give you a low rpm shudder while already driving. When I'm already driving let's say 30mph and I'm barely giving any gas, I start to get a shudder so I give it some gas and it stops. I did hear a loud pop the other day when I was taking off. I pulled the batt and batt tray and looked at it but you cant really see much.

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