Minority Report (4/9) Movie CLIP – Spider Robots (2002) HD

Minority Report (4/9) Movie CLIP – Spider Robots (2002) HD

We lost one. Roger that.
Maybe it was a cat jumping
through a window or something. That’s an awful big cat. Fletcher. I’ll go check it out. They’re crying
their eyes out.
You terrified them! If you don’t want
your kids to know terror,
keep ’em away from me. Wait a minute.
The big cat’s back. What do you guys think,
a drunk maybe
who can’t wake up? Or some guy who doesn’t
wanna get read.
[ woman shouting ]Folks, please be quiet.
Close your doors.
Go back inside. [ scanner beeping ] Be quiet and close the door. [ groaning ] We got an I.D.
It’s not him. – Standing down.
– Let’s eat. [ crow on tape ]
anderton, wait!

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  1. Disclaimer: I love John Williams music! However, John Williams is an expert at hearing other composers and "reshaping" their ideas to compose 'cues'. If one listens to Roger Sessions, "The Black Maskers" (1926), one can't help but wonder where JW got his musical idea from? Just saying:)

  2. Very good observation. But you remember the famous expression: "Good artists copy other people's work. Great artists steal." All artists are not as genuine or original as we make them out to be. You can trace anyone's work to another person's and realize we are all regurgitating the same stories and the same styles. However, it is how an artist utilizes the style of another that makes a difference.

  3. Good point! BTW, was that a quote from the great Stravinsky? You're absolutely correct. Listening to some early Beethoven, you certainly hear traces of Mozart and Haydn,Stravinsky from Tchaikovsky, Bernard Herrmann from Sibelius,Prokofiev & Howard Hanson, Hanson from Sibelius, Brahms from Beethoven, Bach from Corelli. John Williams from Tchaikovsky, etc., Yep, I guess when one REALLY looks at the whole scheme of things, everybody borrows from everybody! I guess I better get busy composing now.

  4. If they were intentionally designed that way, then maybe.* Otherwise, some sort of sensory system would have to be integrated into the building that the cops could access. The IR photons emitted by your body simply do not penetrate most building materials to reach their sensors.

    *The heating bill would be horrendous.

  5. A popping bubble would make more noise than all that ice (plus the tray) shifting around in the water?

  6. Well, the more we know – thank you 🙂
    That's what I call dedication !
    -And I agree. I'm not that much of a Tom Cruise fan, but this is the one movie of his I really like. As many futuristic films do, it has his flaws, but it is suspensful, and intellectually as well as ethically challenging – and that's what SF should be before all. A classic in my book!-

  7. That's a very interesting hypothesis for sure! Watching the movie I always felt was it the motion of the bubble, more than the noise it did, that gave him away (giving as he was careful to stay perfectly.motionless in that tube) …Which makes no sense at all, in retrospect, given how the robot has already shifted towards the door when it happens. But who knows? Perhaps it'd switched on a motion captor of sort when it is required to do a more extensive search…

  8. … Or perhaps the Drama Fairy is the only one to blame after all- even if it were the case, it tooks little away from the awesomeness of the scene. Doesn't it?

  9. What I don't get is, that scientist guy told Anderton not to take off the bandage for 12 hours, otherwise he'd go blind.When the spider did the retina scan, only 6 hours had passed so that should have made him blind in one eye,shouldn't it? But his eye seems fine in the rest of the movie.Can anyone explain?

  10. Thermal camera's CAN see through walls of average construction, it just requires VERY sensitive specialized cameras

  11. No they can't. A thermal camera can only detect you directly if your body is touching the wall and altering the temperature of an outside surface, or indirectly through the overall temperature of a certain room or building.

    Thermal cameras can see through certain plastics and tarps. That's it. Everything else does not allow the photons to pass. It's not a question of sensitivity any more than if you tried to see a flashlight through a brick wall.

  12. I was searching for this movie for the past month. I watched it as a kid and it stayed with me. I literally typed 'man runs from the government and hides in a bathtub while tiny robots scan eyes' into the search bar.

  13. One of my favourite scenes from any speilberg movie, this is right up there with the basement scene from War Of The Worlds and the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park

  14. Seems like a good idea if you ask me to have spider drones as part of law enforcement. something like that could potentially get to violent situations sooner than the police in my opinion.

  15. "accompany definition" (‘to climb’) ~ascendere
    Apep 'the Lord of Chaos'

  16. I remembered accidentally watching this when I was like 5, and I never forgot it. I had to search, ‘movie with eye harvesting spiders’ to find it. Fucked with me, ew.

  17. what everyone wants to see happen to Tom cruise….lol the best scene of the movie where the bots shock him over and over

  18. This is the first time I have ever heard of or seen any part of this movie. And the only thing I can think of is the cookie robots from despicable me

  19. Those little robots remind me of a hybrid of the little Dinos in Jurassic Park and War Of The World's robots. Both made by Spielberg, including this one.

  20. haven't watched the movey but what was the purpose of hiding underwater? seems like if i chilled at the couch they would not have tased me and they would have left earlier

  21. they are coming…. https://www.wired.com/story/boston-dynamics-robot-dog-spotmini-will-be-available-next-year?mbid=social_fb

  22. The great Leader of indigenous people of Biafra by person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his radio broadcast around the world today recommended that we his followers must watch this movie…Biafra is a country in need of referendum from UN,let the world support Biafra,we are Christians and are being slaughtered 🙏🙏

  23. Fun-fact: the sounds of the 🕷 walking at 01:01 (and i believe the rest, but especially then)was a sampling of large African 🐜 walking on the ground as seen in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls. The sound engineer placed his microphone on the ground listening as the ominous insects walked.

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