Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor – Auto Deploy

Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor – Auto Deploy

Hey folks Captain Blair Wiggins here
from Addictive Fishing Television. I wanna show you something brand new from Johnson Outdoors – the makers of Minn Kota trolling motors. If you recognize the remote, it looks like the same ol remote but
there’s three new buttons on here that you’re absolutely gonna fall in love
with. You know when they came out with spot
lock, I thought you know what to get any better in a trolling motor. Well
Minn Kota has done it. This is the new Ulterra. You press the
button twice when you get to your spot and it deploys all by itself. You don’t have
to get down to get your trolling motor down. You don’t have to yell at your buddies down there to put the trolling motor down so you
can get up to the spot. It deploys itself. I have a lot of people
ask me what happens if you’re trying to set the motor down and you’re in shallow water? Well the trim feature is these up and down buttons right here. I will bring it up to where I know no
matter where I stop I’m not gonna hit any shallow water, so I bring it up as
high as it can and what it’s going to do its gonna remember that position for when I go and redeploy it. So now when I want to bring it up, time to go home? Hit the but one time and its gonna basically self stow that is often feature. Unbelievable! Now when I’m ready to deploy it again, I hit the button twice and it’s going to
be right back down to the same position. Once it stops there. If I’m in deep water like I am right now, I hit the down on the trim button, and it
takes it right on down. And there’s two new versions of the
saltwater Ulterra – there’s an 80 pound thrust model which is a 24 volt and this one is a 36 volt 112 and a 112 pounds of thrust will hold
this 24-foot Skeeter in about a 7 knot current. I’ve had it do it. Works very very well in a current. So if you get a chance, make sure you
check out this new unit. Unbelievable! It’s the Ulterra from Minn Kota and it’s the saltwater version.

9 Replies to “Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor – Auto Deploy”

  1. I like this a lot.  I went over board on a cold day in January trying to deploy mine.  Needless to say the fishing trip came to a halt.  It is easy to loose your balance on the bow of a bay boat in rough water.

  2. When will they be available to the public. I'm in a wheelchair and would love to be able to use one.

  3. Hey dude! That tower on your boats looks so sweet. Did you build it your self? Would love me a skeeter with a tower. Is it stable? Cool show aswell. Kind regards from sweden!

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