Minn Kota Built-In MEGA Down Imaging Trolling Motors

Minn Kota Built-In MEGA Down Imaging Trolling Motors

When I’m fishing up at the bow I want
the clearest picture possible of what’s beneath me. And that’s exactly what I get
from Minn Kota’s new bow-mount trolling motors with fully integrated MEGA Down Imaging transducers. High frequency down imaging displays a picture like image of whatever happens to be beneath the transducer. With down imaging there’s
absolutely no guesswork. Rocks look like rocks and weeds look like weeds. The bright white spots, well those are fish and the big bright white spots well
those are the ones we’re all looking for and when it comes to the MEGA Imaging
frequency well that gives me the clearest, highest resolution, easiest to
interpret image available. By engineering the MEGA Down Imaging transducer right into the trolling motor I get a very clean installation with no extra cables
straps or anything else that might impact the motor or how I use it. This same integration also protects the transducer from impacts and it never has
to be realigned or re-positioned. Connection to my One-Boat Network is
seamless with the trolling motor and the fish finders working together in perfect
harmony. New bow mount trolling motors with fully integrated MEGA Down Imaging
transducers are another Minn Kota innovation that helps me find and catch
more fish on every trip.

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  1. I have had an Ultrex ordered since early August & Minn Kota still hasn't shipped it yet. You should tell people they are not available yet.

  2. Does this work with the Helix 5? That is just what I have on the bow of my boat, its just the chirp locator. They said mega imaging weren't available on bow of my boat, maybe its because of my outdated Fortex. For sure looking at the newest trolling motor available but don't like the looks of that one with visable wires you had there.

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