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  1. well it does look good but the pellets still look wet and when they are sitting in the bin how do you keep them from getting moldy.but if they are good how much do you sell them for?? Thanks Tina

  2. @orannis4 The pellets may look wet but that is not the case. The pellets have a surface shine due to the high lignin content of the wood. This is a small pellet plant in the UK, currently in 15kg bags the retail price is roughly £230 per tonne.

  3. @cezarius29 Typically for a 250 kg/h wood pellet plant the basic cost is currently £77,000. A drying system will add roughly £40,000 to the cost. Please email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions on the pellet plant.

  4. would te pellets from this machine fulfill the requirements for the rhi, and iso how doe one go about getting acreditation for your own pellets?

  5. Our pellet mills can produce pellets up to all the European required standards, including ENplus. In terms of the RHI and self-accreditation we do not currently have any information, I’m sure if you contact Ofgem they should be able to clarify.

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