Micro Brushed Motor Repair Full Disassembly and How To Fix Quadcopter Coreless Motors

Micro Brushed Motor Repair Full Disassembly and How To Fix Quadcopter Coreless Motors

how to repair your micro brushed motor and how to solder new wires to it doing a full disassembly micro motor to get your mini drone back flying again and let’s dig into it all the things you really need is a curved Stanley knife with a really sharp point to get the motor disassembled and remove the cap the most difficult step to get done the motors are not stuck and completely oke they are very strong 6mm motors spinning free but they are missing the motor wires but we like to repair them because they give 40 grams of thrust all four of them that’s 10 gram for each motor that’s pretty awesome for a 6mm brushed micro motor and let’s show you how to disassemble it it’s not going to be easy but there are four points where the outside case is holding the cap We have to destroy/remove those four points a little bit and we are just going to poke inside of it and push it out on all four sides if that doesn’t work you can always use a tiny pin to get in and wiggle it open when you have wiggle it open enuff you can try to use your Stanley knife to get in between the outer case and the cap and just get in between there and pull it out because the knife is curved your crabbing around the cap a lot more giving you more grip and you just go around, around, and around to slowly let it come out and keep on poking the four holes and the cap while release and the inner copper motor while come out This is a close-up of the cap and it’s two brushes that have to touch the axle of the inner copper motor when you assemble everything back together so it’s pretty important to have the axle straight in between those two brushes you see those two lines those are the brushes at the end and the axle sit’s in the middle when it’s assemble the copper motor is completely solid there are no extra pieces or parts on it it’s just copper wire and glue in with epoxy with the wires touching the axle on the top and probably also on the inside The outer case is just a metal case with a magnet on the inside it shows up really difficult but there you can see the magnet on the inside We are first going to solder the wires back into place before are going to assemble the motor let’s get on with it it’s a shame I got 3 red wires and one black wire that are super thin wires not every wire while fit thru those hole’s where we push the wire thru the hole and solder it to the brushes now it’s just a question of assembling the motor back in its place and i want to mention that the upper shaft is thinner than the axle at the bottom that is twice the size so there is no way you can place it wrong you just have to push it back into the hole so it surrounds the magnet on the inside now its just a question of the most micro job getting that axle sits in between the two brushes it shows up really bad on camera we are going to try ower best it’s smart to use some sort of glue the keep the cap in its place and stay in its place know we can supply it with power and test how good it works we have assembled the micromotors back into the quadcopter and now we are going to show you it works now I’ve shown you how to disassemble your micro brushed motor how to solder new wires to the brushes how to assemble it and making it work just like it did straight out of the box hope you like this video and give it the thumbs up and if you didn’t then give it the thumbs down Subscribe for my weekly video’s that coming out and I want to wish you happy flying and goodbye until next time

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  1. You fixed this motor and broke down the explanation very well 🙂 very good job on your video 🙂 I just subbed (#425) to your channel and will come back for more! Have a good day and it would be great to have your feedback on my channel some day 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Can you please help me .. i have an xk x100 and once i bind it with X7 transmitter it became really weak and slow .. and then i went back to the stock controller it didnt change it is still weak

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