Mi GoKart en un carro/chango de SUPERMERCADO | Parte 1 (motor zanella)

Mi GoKart en un carro/chango de SUPERMERCADO | Parte 1 (motor zanella)

What are we going to do? let’s separate the top part of the monkey
with the bottom part because if we do That way we’re going to kill each other, – Because? let’s make a base of 30mm iron
below this part of here and the part of down we’re going to discard it because it does not work
for nothing and the height it has is prone to literally kill us so the
let’s take out Today is the fifth day I think I’m with the
karting is raining 5 days ago and not I can follow it, I have it here because
I can not work under the rain. What I did these days when I stopped a little
the rain, I’m getting rusty as I’m going to have to polish it later for
remove all the rust but I could put the engine what would remain now when it stops raining
here it would be to place another axis here with a chain and then another to the original axis of the karting this
it’s because I can not put a direct chain up there because it hits me with the bell. Finally stop raining let’s see if we can
take advantage of the day to finish it to do as much as we can to see if we can solve
the issue of transmission today and maybe the address tomorrow that with that already would be
I made this piece to put it here, let the chain come to
first pinion and the second pinion already at central axis, I think it’s going to be pretty
caught pretty good, let’s put it with an iron to grab this holder ruleman
improvised and I think it will look good Well what I did was finish putting the
2 chains as you see here I’m pretty much this Well, everything turns well, what if I stayed
especially this chain I’m very loose as you can see, it pulls down so
I’m going to have to put a chain tensioner like this but I have to get one more
big because this is a moped and does not enter, the chain is larger and collides with the
walls and does not get to enter the wheel, what I would also miss the changes
that I thought the best way would be to put the iron
above or below the axis, below of the chair and put the lever as here
or to the side but we would have to see how we do. Another thing that I put was the address that
already came the tip of the shaft that I bought it so it was very easy to just solder
here a piece of pipe, I need to press it a little bit, inflate the wheel and then I’ll
reinforce the welds a bit so that they do not is going to leave. Then I will film when I put the column
with the rods and pins with the whole address that that would go in the video of the second part.
and finally if I do not forget anything it would be place the brake that obviously afterwards
to put the wires to everything but that’s easy. I thought to put 2 welded iron to the base
and then pass 2 screws one down and one up through the holes that he has and
It would look good, I do not think it would inconvenience me, I’m going to start doing that now. I wanted to put the leak and I could not put
because it makes me stop with this, although maybe I manage to put it but I do not want to break anything. You’re going to have to stay up because you do not
I think that in a different way, let’s look all the possibilities aver which is better,
leave me in the comments as you would like that is what you think is the best
way and I’ll prove it. Until here comes the video today, be alert
to the channel for when I upload more videos and I finished it, I need very little

100 Replies to “Mi GoKart en un carro/chango de SUPERMERCADO | Parte 1 (motor zanella)”

  1. No soy todo un experto pero te recomiendo usar gafas cuando contes el metal,
    Y del go kart jajajaja en mi puta vida me ubiera imaginado hacer uno en un carrito como esos
    Saludos desde mexico (y)

  2. Mira bro nose como llege a tu canal pero espero mucho de ese Gokart :v…… tengo uno con la armason y todo pero con tu video me e dado unas ideas :v

  3. Che estaba viendo que soldaste con soldador el茅ctrico ,c贸mo est谩 en movimiento se va a partir la soldadura . Tendr铆as q haber soldado con alogena. suerte馃

  4. Hola. Donde vives, amigo? Aqu铆 en Espa帽a si te ve la policia con uno de tus inventos te pone tal multa que tienes que vender la casa para pagarla. Si no la vendes, ya te la embargan ellos.

  5. Hola! Muy buen proyecto y concepto, pero a ese chasis le falta rigidez estructural y esos "palieres" por un tiempo prolongado a mas de 40km/h se te van a romper. Te recomendaria que utilices alguna planchuela de 7mm de espesor para eso. Saludos

  6. Saludos a todos los que les gustan este tipo de proyectos, los invito a ver mi canal donde tengo una bicicleta chopper con motor Honda 160cc y estare subiendo nuevos proyectos

  7. Una mi vecina hizo lo mismo solo que para vender tacos y no me refiero al go kart sino que se robo una carrera para vender tacos jajajajajaja super proyecto amigo

  8. Robarce carritos del supermercado de los chinos de los de la vuelta de tu casa es legal
    Alguien lo chequea
    Yo lo quiero hacer

  9. Por que no haces unos videos de construcci贸n del chasis de un auto deportivo por ejemplo lamborghini aventador

  10. 脡se carro es igual a uno que v铆 en una pel铆cula, en la peli hay un ni帽o llamado alfalfa, no me acuerdo bien pero el carro es id茅ntico a uno que construyeron ellos, buen contenido"馃挭

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