Mercedes CLA45 AMG Complete Full Car Interior Detailing!

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Complete Full Car Interior Detailing!

What’s up guys welcome back to stopper garage today’s detail is of my
2014 Mercedes cla45 AMG
Which is just a big mouthful there
But today’s video is your average detail that you guys can relate to that
You guys can follow along
follow the steps and the products that I use so that way you guys can get your car cleaned even though you guys like seeing
Those cars like roach motel which sitting back there have a few detailed videos planned for stick around enjoy today’s video
Leave a comment below of what type of car you guys own and let’s go ahead and get started
Alright so the first step with any detail obviously is get everything out of the vehicle
This is everything from the glovebox the center console underneath the seats and the trunk get all that removed from the vehicle
It always amazes me what you’ll find when you remove the floor mats
Especially like on a car you really don’t think that dirty
But once you remove the floor mats
And you start seeing that outline from where the floor mat cover the carpet
It gives you a better sense of exactly how much dirt is in the car
When it comes was back, I mean
I like to start in the back of the vehicle and kind of work my way up
So in this case with the be in the sedan
I’m starting in the trunk of the car and
I will say that Mercedes has this fiber that they use in the trunk
which makes it super super difficult to get any dirt off of it or any sticks or pieces of
Twigs anything you name it? It’s super difficult
So in this case, I’m using my standard nozzle for the vacuum. And then I’m using this harder bristle brush
That kind of helps me to kind of scratch the surface with a vacuum in front of it
So it kind of it kind of sucks up all the debris as I’m brushing it off
But if I did not have a brush with this tool it wouldn’t have got 90% of this stuff off
It’s something nice to have around if you deal with some of these carpets that are a little bit more difficult to get everything out
Now that the vacuum is done we’re going to start at the front passenger door
We’re gonna be using our all-purpose cleaner and a soft bristle brush. And in this case
This is a boars hairbrush
Which is very delicate and very soft
especially on some of these leather inserts that are on these door panels the main goal with these brushes is you’re trying to get into
those different little creases in those different folds of your panels and
Inside the buttons where you typically wouldn’t be able to get a towel into to kind of get that dirt
Agitated get it moving and get it off the surface
So that way you can use your towel to wipe them clean now that we’ve cleaned the surface
We’re going to be using Chemical Guys silk and shine as the topper coat
When I’m cleaning the tier I like to use different color microfiber towels for different things, so in this case I’m using a
specific color for the all-purpose cleaner, I’m using another for the
Chemical Guys silk and shine and then I’m using one for actual cleaning of the windows. It kind of helps me
Keep track of which towel is which instead of using one color so that way you’re not cross
Contaminating and maybe using like a topper coat on your windows, which is just going to leave a bunch of streaking and smears
For the doorframes, I’m just using a quick detailer spray to lubricate the surfaces
I’ll wipe away some of that dirt that’s collected on that area
So now it’s time to clean the leather seats and in this case, I have perforated leather
So because of that I’m trying not to use a ton of product
But I also want to make sure that I’m able to agitate and get inside of each one of those perforations
So I’m using my boars hair bristle brush
Which is very soft very delicate and not overly abrasive and I’m using the Lexile cleaner and conditioner as well. So
obviously you want to start with the cleaner put a little bit on to the brush itself and then
agitate one of the sections at a time
Complete that area wipe it off and then I’m following with my conditioner on a different brush to apply in that same sequence
For leather seats, I would recommend doing this probably twice a year
I would say maybe once in spring and once before winter
That would be a good timing in terms of protecting your seats and making sure that they’re ready
For one for summer when it gets super hot and then also for winters and that way don’t get any cracking or any
deterioration during those seasonal changes
Would say this is the most tedious
portion of this detail this probably took over an hour to
Complete just because there was so much quantity of leather and I could have gone a step above and done the door panel leather along
with the
Dashboard the steering wheel there is quite a bit of leather in this car and I could have taken it to that next step
but I felt that it wasn’t necessary and actually
Using the chemical guys soaked in giant as a topper coat for the leather on the dash and other portions of it or probably better
Suit it because of the UV protection
Was actually really impressed with how well the Lexx all products cleaned and then conditioned the seats that actually
Brought that richness back to the leather that I forgot was there
Now for the dashboard in some of these tighter areas that are hard to reach with just a towel and your finger
I’m actually using these foam brushes that I’ll have in the length and description box below
They’re really really useful with just spraying the tip of them
Using it to get inside the different dash vents itself to get the dust out of the air vents
But then also to get around a lot of these creases that you’ll see me using it for here on the dashboard between each panel
The nice thing about those foam applicators is they’re actually super super cheap
I think you can get like a 50 pack for 10 bucks off at Amazon
They’re super economical and if you break one, you kind of just throw it away and move to the next one
But I usually use two or three on each detail and they’re super super helpful with getting inside of air vents where there’s a lot
Of dust that can build up that you typically can’t get to with just a towel
Now for the floor mats
They’re not super dirty and they are black
So they are going to hide a lot of the dirt and grime that you’ll accumulate over winter and over summer
But in this case, I’m actually using the same method that I’ve used in all my other videos. I’m just using an all-purpose cleaner
Spraying the surface using my drill brush with my drill brush pads to agitate the surface get that dirt moving get those fibers
Releasing that dirt and then I’m using my carpet extractor to just extract that dirt
For these Floor Mats, I’m actually using a white bristled scrub brush. These are actually very soft fibers
they’re softer than the ones that I’ve used in the past and some of the more heavier detailed jobs because
these floor mats
I didn’t want to tear him up too bad especially around the lettering
but I also wanted to make sure that they were enough to agitate get some of that dirt out of them and
Allowing the extractor to remove any dirt that might be in those white fibers
This trunk carpet was actually a pain in the butt and the fibers hold that dirt and hold that debris
So I actually just jumped right into using the drill brush and some all-purpose cleaner to try to get that stuff released before
following up with the vacuum cleaner
So now that the floor mats are clean and deodorized I want to do a
Deodorizing of the interior of the car and this was something that you guys commented in the roach motel
Car that I did was to get an ozone generator off of Amazon and this one in particular I picked up for a hundred bucks
To deodorize the inside of the car. And in this case, this one is very simple to use
You have a timer that you can set on it
But what you want to do is you want to set it into the center of your car
Run the electrical cord out a door frame and set the timer for about thirty minutes and make sure you have the air
conditioning unit turned on
with the
recirculation so that way that the
Ozone is being sucked in through the recirc pumped through the air vents and then back and around the vehicle itself
After the ozone generator is done with its thirty minutes go ahead and unplug it and let the doors
Stay close the windows stay up and just let that car sit there for another thirty minutes or so
So you’re looking about a 60 minute time frame?
But once that time frames done roll down the windows open the doors I in this case
I’m using a fan to blow fresh air through the car itself and I completely removed the cigar smell that’s been lingering for the last
two years
So I’m super excited to use it in the roach motel car to see if I can get rid of that horrid smell
That’s still lingering and completely deodorize and kill any bacteria that might be in the doorframes door vents or any of the panel’s itself
So I hope you guys enjoy these before and after shots
Like I said, this car wasn’t super dirty
but the dirt and dust that was in it was actually
Hindering the car from looking as good as it should be
Which you guys can follow all these steps to do the exact same thing with your car as well
So if you enjoyed today’s video make sure you hit the thumbs up button
Leave a comment below of what type of car you guys own and I will see you guys in the next video. Thanks guys

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  4. I just bought a mk2 Audi TT, absolutely beautiful car and the interior comes up spotless however there is a horrible smell coming off the seatbelts and after 3 different washing methods I can’t get the smell out, any advice? I’ve tried hot soapy water, APC, and white vinegar and an odour remover, they haven’t budged it!

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  14. My daily is a Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG, the hatch version of the CLA 45 you don’t get in the States, so I can relate to and appreciate this video. For the leather, I use ‘Colorlock’ of European Leather Care once a year. I do a similar routine of dusting and vacuuming the interior of the car, perhaps, once a month, but I have in my arsenal the OEM rubber mats and boot lining, so I don’t ever have to scrub the carpeted mats (which sits under the rubber mats) or the trunk, like you did here, effectively saving me time. It’s so much easier to wash the rubber mats and trunk lining, I’ve never understood why people don’t have these accessories in the car before they drive it off, or make it a point of getting them as part of the condition of the purchase. You really want to contain whatever crap people bring with them when they step into your car on those rubber mats, I tell ya!

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