Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) 2019: Overview

Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) 2019: Overview

Over 30 Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicles have been built for the research of automobile safety systems. The ESF 2019 is a continuation of this series. It offers a comfort and safety concept for vehicles that can be operated both in manual and in automated driving mode. The ESF 2019 is another step towards our vision of accident-free driving. The virtual crumple zone enlarges the effective range of the vehicle’s safety systems. Many of them can already be activated before an accident occurs. The driver can activate the automated driving features by pressing a button. The vehicle gives a signal when it has taken over control. The steering wheel and pedals then retract. This gives the driver more space and confirms that the vehicle has taken over responsibility. If desired, the driver can move the seat to a defined comfort position. The self-driving mode is clearly visible from all sides by turquoise light elements. The holistic concept of the ESF gives an outlook to the future of vehicle safety.

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  2. I wonder what the police would make of those turquoise lights… they don't like civilian cars having lights that are any shade of blue. Green would be better.

  3. G class is completely made for me…
    I am 14 maybe one day can buy one of them…. My dream 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    ( I am studying hard)

  4. 0:48 Exactly as they predicted it in the movie "Demolution Man" with Sylvester Stallone back in 1993…the steering wheel and pedals retract when the car goes in self driving mode.

  5. It is still a vehicle, so it can have an error or something,
    It need an emergency break if the pedals are retract

  6. i want to say to you mercedes benz you are a nice and beatiful cars to sell and i want how much this vehicle cost ??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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