100 Replies to “Meet my new Robot TEMI!”

  1. A Blonde brain exercise. I am all for learning-robots but not when they have Amazon Alexa built-in to them. You are literally inviting a CIA/NSA spook into your home. Why does Bezos sell Alexa? The CIA has paid Bezos $620 Million to store CIA data. Bezos owns the Washington Post that he bought for a third of what CIA pays him. WashPost peddles every CIA talking point (lie) on Russia, Syria, Ukraine etc. That Alexa Stasi State bot is you living with the Deep State.

  2. we had Temi at my previous job, where it decided to go down the stairs, there is a video where you se it going towards the edge then waiting for a moment, and then just going full power down the stairs shattering in to a 1000 pieces, fun device tho

  3. Vhnfbn was the time of the time I was going out and about a few hours of playing time to see you I had some time to get to the house to see how you guys had been in that time of

  4. The next generation of this would be one in which this gets an arm with grasping capabilities as well as some abilities to help handicapped people get around. Imagine this concept extended to adding these AI capabilities to a wheelchair and allowing people who are otherwise immobile to be cared for. I have a disabled family member who would love one of these with those capabilities. I'd bet in the next 5 years we see an explosion of these sorts of technologies revolutionizing disabled and hospital care for patients and day to day life in general.

  5. "Ok Temi, I hope your ready for fun!" The wild eyed woman holding a giant combat blade says as she points it at the box.

    Horror movie or unboxing video?

  6. The dog was the most intelligent here…and without any moving parts (like interactive arms) this robot is useless..and why the surprised "open mouth look" all the time…the robot pretty much didnt do anything special… i would say the dog beats the robot a millions times….

  7. IJustine your videos never fail to entertain, you’re about the only youtuber I can watch a video of from start to finish and enjoy the whole thing

  8. Governments will use any means necessary to spy on you,& monitor your every move.Fit Bits,Google,Alexa,Siri,when will it all end?
    These so called smart devices are smart for who ? The Government.Smart phones,smart watches,smart tv,Why the hell
    does a fridge or washing machine need a wi fi or usb port?? For the love of Roman you wouldn't walk into a Cop Shop & ask for a monitoring bracelet.
    Yet people buy into this shit believing there lives will run smoother,just another thing that can be hacked by cyber criminals,like cctv & baby monitors,cars,automatic garage doors,
    the lights. Sorry NO SALE for this little black duck!!!!!

  9. ;)… but it cant walk upstairs…make a coffe , clean a a mess …. toy level so far , you cant tell him : " temi ,give me a 13 mm wrench" …. as personal assitant …. not yet , but future is by next "corner "

  10. This robot will kill you at night when you are sleeping …. they are produced to finally kill people … as many of them will be as the bloodline family is starting a special program and a great slaughter will begin

  11. anyone else thinks this looks like sheldons virtual presence device he had on bigbang quite A few years ago albeit a better version though .. honestly if i had the parts i could build one myself lol

  12. parts list

    small pc screen
    a mic
    decent battery
    solar panel


    5g wifi
    a small linux pc

    a base
    a stand from a hosptal drip

    and some custom ai software

    and some modern day witchtcraft to gel it all together

  13. For the pathetic people who want a tablet to follow them around everywhere because they have no legitimate life…get off your azz by getting outside to do stuff that's genuinely constructive!

  14. what an expensive useless piece of junk. A robot with a tablet that plays music. can it get me a beer out of the fridge? No. Can it cook my dinner? No. Its just an over priced remote controlled vehicle with a tablet. It looked like from the design it was going to do something cool and useful like vacuum the floors lol

  15. it's like an expensive version of my roomba! you tell it to go somewhere (clean) and it goes…but it has speakers and a tablet on top

  16. Temi also doubles as security. Nice. They should add security features if there already isn't one since this video has been out for a bit.

  17. Maybe fun for a while but I'm sure it would wear off in a month or two. Better if it would do something like make coffee and cook some eggs and bacon….And bring in some doughnuts, too!

  18. its basicly a riding tablet it isnt much of a robot since he cant do much more than ride around he doasnt even have arms 😂 its basicly the same as my phone but it has wheels well i can tel u my phone aint a robot and that thing also aint a robot i would only consider it a robot if it could actualy grap thing and perform actions like those of a humen lol

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