Mazda Rx8 Engine Starter Motor Replacement

Mazda Rx8 Engine Starter Motor Replacement

So in this video I’ll show you how to replace your starter engine, on your Mazda Rx8. Which can be one of the main causes of a slow startup.

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  1. I noticed the engine was warm on the first startup and cold on the second.they always start better when cold..Other than that great vid easy clear instructions

  2. Hey dbm! I'm not sure if you remember my comment from a recent video of yours, but today is the day I look at an RX-8 for purchase from a private owner. It's a 2007 RX-8 with 78k miles on her, he sent a video of a cold start and then a warm start and they were both perfect. Any last minute tips?

  3. Hey as for the sohn adapter do i refill the 2 stroke oil when its finish or just refill it whenever i;m getting fuel for the car ? =D

  4. I don't know if your remember I left a comment saying that a car can run on gasoline fumes. Do you think you can try and make the rx8 run on fumes.

  5. Question: You know how you often have to redline an Rx8 to keep it running at it's optimal form? Would you be able to be idle and red line an rx8 by just revving and produce the same type of warranty for the engine and catalytic converter if you do so?

  6. I do not want to be a bitch butthe before start was warm and the after start was cold.
    That probably made more difference then the starter.
    If the startup warm is still that much slower then cold you might wanna do a compression test.

  7. RX-8 is such a unique car. Wanted it for a long time, but I'm getting seduced by BMW 135i coupe. RX-8 handles better, but you can improve the bmw to be close to it. For bmw with power sky is the limit you can mod it into insane figures, but car costs 3x more than RX-8… Help 🙂

  8. You should consider doing a video on replacing the rotary engine , like how much it cost or rebuiding etc? 🙂

  9. I have a 2006 rx8 high power with 170 000km mileage it has been running smooth dis whole time except it making weird noise underneath I think like some thing is loose. I wanna know how much do u think the motor got left? with da mileage dat it has.

  10. first sry for my bad english .. i have installet the new starter works awsom on cold and hot start but not on the very hot start i drive my rx8 for 30 min rely hard 5-9 k rpm i shot it down with out slow driving so he was vary hot i try 2 start it after 2 min but he need 3 times 2 start its this normal ??

  11. @Driven_by_madness can you do an Aero Modifications video? I have an RX-8 and I'm having troubles shopping for spoilers and bumpers.

  12. If you diagnose the problem been the battary or the starter what other long term problems a slow start up can cause?

  13. Hello ! Any idea why the engine and shift gear slowly vibrates when the shifter is in null position. Noticed that this happens when the engine is warm, and the RPM goes under 1000.. somewhere at 900-800 RPM I think.

  14. I'm just wondering if the starter that you bought for your rx8 was the one from amazon. I usually try to avoid amazon or ebay when i get parts for my rx8 due to rumours of cheap products. And not in the good way.

  15. I have one more concern (I am DaDemon8er, I apologize for using old account and possible confusion) anyhow, looking at the part on amazon you posted for the 05 manual transmission rx8, it does note the part is for a 13b which I wish to own one day but for now am stuck with the r2 1308cc engine. Is the part still compatable?

  16. My Rx8 doesn’t start when it’s hot but my compression is good? It’s 2003 automatic would a new starter fix this?

  17. the engine is warm is where we have ths issue and you show us the after and you have the engine cold hahahaha i know it helps the new starter but pls dont fake ok it has to be warn the engine –_

  18. I went on amazon and it says it does not fit my RX8 but then that’s the one I see in the video. Is yours automatic or manual?

  19. So I'm debating upgrading my starter on my 2004 rx8 but have heard some people are having issues after upgrading unless you upgrade battery as well. Was wondering if this is common or if you had experienced this. If so what battery would need to replace the original.

  20. Hey man, I had been having cold start problems for months now. People blaming the ignition.
    I fitted RR D585s, new plugs etc… It didn't help one bit.
    One person said to replace the starter. So I did. Followed your instructions. You made it very easy to understand. And thank you for that man.
    The uprated starter made a huge difference!

  21. Some of the starters you have linked to buy are for a manual.. I have an Automatic will those starters still work for my RX8?

  22. Mine came without that metal sheath over the cogs. Mine just has an open cog but it for my model of RX8 so guessing its correct.

  23. Thanks bro…. 159,000 on my original motor and have been having this issue for about 6 months-luckily my only issue(well not luck -maintenance!), about to start it and see….

  24. Nice! automatic rx8 starters are more expensive than the manual versions. I called up a junkyard that had one for less than half the price of an aftermarket one. Series 2 oem starter with 80k miles on it..

  25. Hey, got a question. I've got a 6 speed manual RX8.
    Found a 2kw starter motor for cheap, but it came off a 5 speed manual. Would it work on my 6 speed fine? Cheers

  26. Hello from Serbia.
    I have been given a 2004 RX8, and your videos are great help for doing maintenance and basic upgrades to make it more reliable.
    One thing that I wanted to ask you (did not quite got that), is can you use starter for later models 2009+ with 14teeth? (your link:…) It is cheaper than 13 teeth and stronger 2.2>2.0KW.
    Tanks in advance.

  27. i put on a new starter, spark plugs, and a new battery. mine still won’t work. it’ll turn over but not work. i’ve checked the alternator. it’s fine. i’ve checked the fuel pump. it’s fine as well. idek anymore.

  28. Hello mate… Great video.. Your content is really good and I just wish that people knew how to look after these cars.. One question.. If you upgrade the starter do you need to upgrade battery and alternator?? Thanks

  29. Dude I've been watching those videos non stop honestly great content! I'm thinking of buying a friends 04 rx8 with 120,000 kms and wondering what should i be looking out for before buying like how do i check it and stuff cheers !

  30. My 05 rx8 grinds badly when starting up a lil after turning it of, lets say I turn it off and 15 minutes later try to start it up it grinds bad. Could it be the starter?

  31. Yo, nice video. Looks easy. I read, that some service points tell sth. about different spark plugs and ecu programmimg. But your car did fine. Did you put in the 2kw starter or 1.2kw?

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