#MasteringTheMud: Hochleistungskunststoff für extreme Bedingungen | Evonik

#MasteringTheMud: Hochleistungskunststoff für extreme Bedingungen | Evonik

27 plastic experts
18 kilometers
1 watch
and tons of mud
What does it take to cover the distance and all the obstacles?
First, you need a good physical fitness, a good motivation
to overcome the obstacles, balance—and strength
that you wouldn’t need on another racetrack.
You must be open to new experiences,
and have trust in the obstacles because you can’t master them all on your own.
216 mud baths
27 jumps into the icy water
0 scratches
with TROGAMID® CX from Evonik.
The watch is comfortable to wear—even in these muddy conditions.
An 18-kilometer race with the whole team:
How do you feel and what does this mean to you personally?
It’s just awesome. Genius. We started 4.5 hours ago,
We helped each other and crossed the finishing line 4.5 hours later with all 27 colleagues.
Simply amazing. The colleagues came from all areas:
Research, Production, Marketing, Sales—they were all on the team! Just awesome!

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  1. Toller Film, schönes Event – Sieht nach viel Spaß aus! Klasse, dass es alle gemeinsam ins Ziel geschafft haben!Gratulation!

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