Marty the robot rolls through the Giant Food Store

Marty the robot rolls through the Giant Food Store

“It was, I saw him and I was like, is that
something that cleans the floor? Or no. And I saw the google eyes and thought ‘that’s
pretty nifty.'” “Many times people are ambivalent to him and
just walk right by. And then there’s a large majority of people
that are very excited to see a robot in the store. They get very excited about it and they tend
to take pictures of it, video of it, and selfies with the robot. It’s very cool. Marty’s scanning the floor to look for any
type of slips or trip hazards and if he finds anything, he’ll stop and he’ll page for assistance
to have it cleaned up, and he’ll be creating a safer environment for customers and associates. Marty’s going to be able to look at out-of-stocks
on the shelf and report back to us what those items are and if they’re located in the building,
he’ll generate a report for an associate to come out to replenish those items. He’ll also be looking at unit price tags and
he’ll be reconciling the price on the shelf versus the scanning system at the front end,
and if there’s an error found, he’ll generate a report for us to get that corrected.”

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  1. Was shopping with my mom, and when she saw him she said "…Uh, what the hell am I looking at?!"
    Marty is a good boy. I gave him a hug. 10/10, would give many headpats.

  2. for clean sweeps and detecting hazards people sometimes dont catch my work is getting one soon and it should be interesting

  3. I stood in front of one and it stopped and went around me. Next time, I'll put something on the floor to see how it reacts. It looks like Gumby without the slant head. Without arms, it can't do too much.

  4. Its also placing a digital ping of your face and basic biometrics with any info it can collect from your cellular device.walk away from these and stop using the self checkout….they would prefer less human employees its a replacement and a spy device

  5. If BI-LO was still owned by Ahold today, Marty the Robot would have visited the Charlotte and Greenville-Spartanburg area stores, including Kannapolis and Concord, had they not closed down.

  6. Lmao I was in storm with my brother, sister, mom and dad and the robot almost crashed into the cart when we was going past

  7. I am employed at a Giant in Pennsylvania and this is cool. Our GIANT normally is crowded so I don't know if Marty would be here any time soon. I know it will have to be programmed to say excuse me about every 5 seconds to customers though.

  8. I spilled a water the other day. Marty came over, rolled on top of it, rolled around in it, and left leaving tracks and the mess. Great job Marty!

  9. Not all Giants are union. Lots of workers didn’t get any kind of raise and lots of people lost possessions and took pay cuts. Then this thing pops up.

  10. I saw him today, I felt uncomfortable because I thought he was following me and recording me but now he is cute as a small cute pet to me because I just realized he was doing his job

  11. Imagine how much the prices will go up when YOUR store gets one of these!!! – i bet it costs a million dollars! They got money for that, but none to finish the UGLY "ceiling"?
    I reFUSE to shop in any supermarket or non hope imporvement big box store with unfinished ceilings! Some even have horrible hope depot ugly slate floors! arrgh!
    Hail KMART for proper floors & ceilings!!

  12. Safety, schmafety. Marty is a spy! An employee at a Giant near me said "I'm not saying what it is, but the same day we got it, they cut off the old security feed."

  13. If you don't want to deal with the robot go shopping past 9 pm at least at the giant I work at. That is when it stops scanning and has to recharge. Might not be true for all stores but if you don't like it it's worth trying.

  14. I went food shopping and Martin's the other day and their robot raped me it's mouth was and it went after my penis then it started to approach my children that's when I grabbed my children and ran out in fear

  15. Patrick Maturo – Manager Store Optimization — i.e. one of the idiots who brought in the WalMart check out carousels —- also in charge of eliminating jobs with expensive equipment

  16. The upside is…Fewer illegal aliens for the local Chamber OF commerce to sneak in.

    And the ONLY excuse theya re using for these are isle spills? Folks, is that really a frequent problem to justify this? OR IS IT ANOTHER SNEAKY WAY TO GET CUSTOMER DATA? THEY ARE FILMING YOU. ASK THEM

  17. Most know him as “Marty.” But the most powerful of us all know him only as “He Who Watches.”

  18. these sons of bitches are scary and useless, making a stressful crowded grocery store even worse. this grade A idiot bot, designed to spy on workers while being far more useless than a pair of human eyes, rammed into a woman's cart in the dairy section today and then screamed over the PA misidentifying the cart as a spill in need of cleanup.

  19. Great job of wasting money instead of taking care of the human worker. Izzy has already rolled around in his grave enough times to probably cave in the cemetery. 👍

  20. We can't replace our crappy refrigeration systems with something that doesn't break down every 5 seconds and ruin everyone's day, but we CAN spend 60 grand on a useless novelty robot that we force on our employees without asking them that already have it hard enough, that only children 10-and-under like (Because THAT'S a grocery store's aimed demographic, right?), that constantly gets in the way, does nothing, annoys the ever loving CRAP out of everyone, including the paying customers, and stops at the stupidest little skin-flake on the ground, but by-passes ACTUAL messes! Marty The Robot! The greatest thing since sliced bread! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I just love how it stays in my department all the time, and harasses my department's staff! Especially during "corn season" where corn shucks are BOUND to fall on the ground! So great! Happy we just make the stupid children happy, and piss EVERYONE ELSE OFF! 😀

    Giant! A wonderful company that never makes the dumbest mistakes I've ever seen a company do! Won't be surprised if Giant doesn't last another 50 years…

  21. 4king robot called me a Hazard & keep following me😆… i cursed it out then it stop following me but was bawling out "danger"

  22. I saw it before and I got scard of it beacues I thot is was gonna follow me so I say hi and ran it keeps following me

  23. Do you want Cylons? Because this is how you get Cylons. It starts off simple enough and then eventually escalates into a whole machine apocalypse. This has all happened before. This will all happen again. And it always begins with a Marty.

  24. How many jobs is this thing taking away from people who need it? WTF. Classic corporate America, so desparate to not have to pay someone to do a simple job.

    Does anyone know why in the HELLL Giant uses these extremely annoying plastic containers
    for pre-cut fruit slices in their produce department ? This zip lock "tamper proof" plastic container
    is extremely annoying to try and open. And they are also a pain in the butt to try and close.
    The idiots at are apparently so proud
    of this design they have a patent on it. I have stopped buying pre-cut pineapples, cantaloupe
    and watermelon at Giant because these rectangular containers are so annoying. They are
    not reusable because the top fits the container so poorly and that means every one they sell
    probably goes into the trash or residential recycling after 1 use.
    Why can't they just use the round containers they use at most deli markets
    and put a plastic strip around the lip of a deli container ?
    Deli containers are easy to open and they are reusable.
    I question the intelligence of the person at Giant who approved these containers.

  26. It was following my wife around in the store. Made me think of Creepy Joe. As well the constant high pitch beeping was sending a shriek through my hearing aids. I had to find another place to shop.

  27. I like how the idea is to make the job easier for the human associated but not actually take their jobs away. I think he needs a hat

  28. All the stuff the manager is saying it's supposed to do, they don't really do! At the moment all these robots can do is alert the store about spills and trash on the floor… Um. Cool?

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