Mapping the Motor City with Google Maps

Mapping the Motor City with Google Maps

TODD SCOTT: It’s not that we
were always the Motor City. We were Bike City for a while. The Dodge brothers made bikes
before they made cars. Henry Ford built his first
car out of bike parts. My name is Todd Scott. I work for the Michigan Trails
and Greenways Alliance. Our goal is to get more people
biking and walking throughout the entire city. We’re planning on adding 70 to
100 more miles of bike lanes and trails this year and
next year alone. A lot of folks were wondering
if the city of Detroit could produce a bike map, but the city
does not have a lot of resources to pull that off. And so I started using Google
Map Maker last year and began getting things updated. We’re constantly adding new
trails, and so it’s really easy to go in and update
Google Maps. And then the whole community
can benefit from that right away. Once you realize you can make
changes, you just start scanning the map and go, oh,
this needs to be tweaked, or this could be shown just
a little bit better so it’s more clear. And now, when I do my bike
directions, they’re pretty darn accurate. Detroit is developing into a
very bike friendly city. People can walk and bike
wherever they want to go and live a healthier, more
active lifestyle. It goes beyond map making. It’s a way to take back
your neighborhood.

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  1. I love google and everything about it just one thing. They need to make services world-wide because a lot of google features aren't avalible in Slovenia where i live like the offline maps or mapping or traffic or stuff like that.

  2. they should update the sattelite pictures because they are really outdated in my country (netherlands), like 5 years old, and a lot of new roads and buildings have been built. so that needs to be done first

  3. i know! Google must get it to the world or at least to Canada because we're RIGHT ABOVE THEM! yeah but even better!

  4. Interested to add bicycling information to the map in your hometown? Learn how with this video tutorial: / 8ULRF , and see if your country is available to edit with Map Maker here: / IYhBQ .

  5. 1. Every global business strategy starts somewhere.
    2. Don't get butt-hurt if you have to wait for a product.
    3. This product is actually available globally, so educate yourself before crying.

  6. I'm freaking tired of seeing this whole "there's more than the USA" stuff. No crap, but Google is a U.S. based company. So, no crap it's going to be in the USA for a long while before everywhere else.

  7. The power of Google and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)! The Google Maps team is usually pretty good on validating your mapping input in the US…

  8. It's a damn mess is what it is. There's a reason why you don't have every possible detail shown on Google Maps. After a point, it's no longer usable.

  9. How can I do it for Bogota (Colombia)? The option is disable. Any help, will be greatly appreciate!! Here, we have a lot of kms in bike paths!!

  10. Bikinh through Detroit it's like the movie Speed. If you go under 40mph, your life exspectancy drops to 12 seconds!!!

  11. They where really good at stealing every1s personnal info (incld passwords) when they mapped St view too. Prob reach court circa 2501……………

  12. your're right… i just skipped through the tutorials, but now i actually tried it and it doesn't work yet… bit confusing

  13. Google should map the Packard Automotive Plant. It is terrible,
    don't believe what you watch at this ironical video.

  14. YouTube:
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  15. This is the truth. Don't live in the ivory tower.
    Please, watch Life After People : Road to Nowhere.
    You would understand what the world is
    Keep your eyes open …

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  17. hah, i hear ya, but you better be sure to bring enough for everybody like Cheech Armstrong, cause as soon as you're out, you're gonna lose your bike.

  18. please make this available in germany. i miss so many routes with my bike and i'd like to share the information i have 🙂

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  21. Awesome video and way to go Google Mappers… Making the world a more complete environment through technology and volunteerism for all.. LOVE YOU GOOGLE TEAM!

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