– [RCSparks] Check it
out guys, hot topic today
the Primal RC Raminator,
80 pounds of monster truck.
One fifth scale, 49 CC gas power.
If you guys missed the unboxing
video on our first test
with the fifth scale Boss!
you definitley want to check
out the size of these tires.
This is a standard 355
milliliter can of beer.
Look at that, my hand easily covers this
but not the tire, crazy.
You can almost stick that
right inside the hub.
That’s a GoPro on top, you
guys can check that out,
look at this, giant monster truck.
So, I’m running a forty to one gas and oil
mixture in here, Castrol 927.
I’ve also adjusted the only
needle on the carburetor
which is a high speed adjustment.
I’ve turned it three quarters clockwise
which is giving me much
better performance.
And with a tank and a half
only through this engine
I expect to see even better performance.
But I went out today, built a few jumps
thought I could take it around
the track for the first time
see what you guys think,
see if it’s an improvement
over the last video we did.
(RC monster truck engine revving)
(engine roaring loudly)
(truck engine revving)
Now here’s a gap I made but it’s only like
you know maybe,
ten feet?
But (laughs) I made it into
a Superman on this side.
I think I definitely won’t make it
if I hit this side but
we should try anyway.
(truck engine revving)
There, from this angle
you can kinda see how
steep it is right here but
with that kind of weight
I’m hoping that I can clear it.
(truck engine revving)
So close!
(truck engine revving)
Clearly I didn’t make it.
(engine revving loudly)
(truck engine revving)
Come on baby!
(truck engine roaring)
You guys forget how big this thing is,
it’s amazing to watch in person.
Woohoo, ah end oh, saves it!
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving loudly)
See if I can drive it one handed
with that massive suspension,
very difficult to keep fast and on line.
(truck engine revving)
(laughs) Yeah!
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
Ah, she’s rippin’ nice now.
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
(truck engine revving)
Oh yeah, no catwalk but I’ll take it.
This is for all the monster truck fans
Yeah! (laughs)
(truck engine revving)
Yeah! Woohoo! (laughs)
Full pop, let’s do it!
And it just keeps on takin’ it.
There you go guys, the Primal Raminator
now three tanks, in.

100 Replies to “MAN and his GIANT TOY MEGA TRUCK! GAS POWER 49cc Engine – 80lb RAMINATOR | RC ADVENTURES”

  1. For all those who keep saying that the truck is under powered.
    Comparing this to an HPI or Losi 5, is like comparing Grave Digger to a stadium truck or a Baja racer.
    Different classes.
    Different trucks.
    Different power needs.
    This thing is more at home on top of the Losi or Baja, than beside them.

  2. Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work lol I know one of these days you're going to upgrade everything on just add turbo with a muffler 🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💪💪💪

  3. Have you ever owned traxx super maxx maybe you can add the aftermarket parts and just run them together so that everyone can see how huge and powerful it's a beast 🙏🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💪💪💪

  4. Super amazing! Love your channel. Check this out. It's also on my Xmas list. toodles debs from Texas

  5. your tune sounds way better.sry it only has high speed,but it did help to tune.with the gearing in the truck i dont think you could get mutch better.great job to you and primal. thx

  6. Its cool for its own purpose built thing.
    But for the size …it seems to slow.
    Perhaps a 125cc would be better or a cvt transmission would help it.

  7. The size is impressive, but it's performance is not. It's too heavy, it's slow, and it's very clumsy when going over jumps and landing. It's built very well but needs improvement.

  8. Der Monster Truck ist der Hammer und macht jede macht jede Menge Spaß. An alle RC CAR Modellbauer schaut euch den Monster Truck im Internet an Ihr würd begeistert sein größer und besser kann man ein RC CAR Monster Truck kaum noch machen. Wer sich den RC CAR Monster Truck immer kauft viel Spaß damit

  9. I just did my first brushless upgrade on my jjrc q39 and I used the tactic ttx300 transmitter and receiver. It bound with the brushless motor but not the steering servo. Any help would be appreciated! Also I'd just like to say awesome truck and YOUTUBE GOLD BABY!

  10. My favorites part of this video is the shot of the truck landing with you in the background for scale. It shows how massive this truck is, I needa see it in person!

  11. This truck is Awesome imo. Tons of potential. Only thing like all the mega bucks RCs. Is afordability. Deep pockets required. Nothing taken away from Primal. Imo love the truck.

  12. Dude man thay truck is amazing i actually have a 1980s rc truck its a big yellow one that i would like one day to update it with new up to date stuff. Any opinions

  13. This vedio is awesome i want this truck but that is gunna take years to get so i will wish yours was mine lol rock on brother

  14. ชอบอ่ะ.ขอได้ม่ะไม่มีเงินซื้อแต่ชอบ

  15. This truck is so badass; I wish I could afford one! To those that really want more speed… do you really want this 80 lbs beast coming right at you at 60mph? (There are plenty of other / better choices for speed like an xmaxx or 1/8 arrma.). This is built to be the ultimate basher!

  16. At 49cc, it should be WAY faster than that. My Yamaha moped scooter has the same, or maybe even quicker acceleration, and it's lugging it's own 200lbs, plus me.

  17. Man sweet truck, but I think you line up some rc's and drive over them monster truck style, maybe pile up some dirt on the side of your x-maxx and use it for a jump!!!! Monster Jam it!!!!! Keep pullin that trigger can't take it with ya!!!

  18. That truck hard handling them jumps like baby steps… Now all it needs is a 2 speed transmission 🔥💯👌🏾🤙🏾

  19. I feel like you could adjust the clutch via washer stacks or springs based off the clutch it has. Reminds me of the boys racing ktm 50's and those were all about clutch. Very adjustable where you want the hit……? Maybe not though, I'm unfamiliar with the truck. Just know it's super bad ass

  20. Sounds much better and that thing has some great speed for its size awesome truck I had the monster buggy but this truck is 2 times the size and a whole lot better built

  21. Ok i have a good question, why use pull cord starter over an electric motor starter? Wouldnt it be easier to start by electric over pull? And what are the pros and cons for each?

  22. I'm not going to lie I think I was having as much fun watching you drive this thing in the video is you were having actually driving it just looks fuckingawesome dude

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